Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – Weekly Event Digest #6.5

  • Barbatos 6th Form and Gusion Rebake!
  • Shiro Amada and Rosamia Badam!
  • Event Multiplier Bonuses for the Nadleeh Event!
  • [002] Premium Materials Campaign Begins


Welcome back for what I’m considering the “Confirmation Edition” that shows up only when we go into the spoilers early.  On Thursday, we got a shot of the upcoming Banners that would be hitting the game, including the Event that will reward us with Coins to buy the Gundam Nadleeh Event Parts.  It looks like our standard for Events are going to sit in a 1000% bonus cap for “Coin Events” (Events that occur during the Featured Banners weekly) and 600% bonus cap for “Point Events” (Events that occur during the Sokai Banners that we see at the end of the month).

With the confirmation of Barbatos 6th Form and Gusion Rebake from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, we also had it revealed that this month begins the [002] Premium Materials Campaign.  This will again allow you to make a 4* Part selection from the Standard Pool as it appears on November 26th for a degree of regular play during Events, as well as a few logins for each week (the actual amount may change from last event).

A few weeks ago I spoke about how beneficial and reasonable it would be to make these Premium Material Campaigns repeat, and that this was further backed by a substantial amount of evidence.  This is amazingly huge news for everyone, and even bigger for the free-to-play players, as they will be able to build with certain goals in mind and get the parts that they need in order to get there. 

We’re going to see 3 more banners before the Exchange Store opens for the [002] Premium Materials we need to earn this month, so definitely be thinking about you decisions!  Not to be undersold, though, this is your opportunity to obtain Sanakapool if you did not last month, or boost the EX Skill levels as part of the Sanakapool Master Race.

sk master race



We’re just going to recap that this week will feature Nadleeh from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and could see an Event Gunpla packing something like a variation of Trans-Am from the Back Part.  We’ve noticed that with the reveal of the Event modifier bonuses, we can see that Nadleeh comes complete with a GN Beam Rifle, GN Beam Saber, and GN Shield. I can only hope we get some quality Parts here, and I’m eager to give these an in-depth look as soon as they come out.

Event bonuses are as follows:

Gundam Barbatos [6th Form] (all parts incl. Wrench Mace), Shiro Amada (Pilot): 600% UP

Gundam Gusion Rebake (all parts incl. Shield [Gusion Rebake], Halberd, 120mm Long-Range Rifle): 400% UP

Gundam Exia (all parts incl. GN Shield [Exia], GN Sword, GN Sword Rifle Mode), Gundam Dynames (all parts incl. GN Sniper Rifle): 30% UP

Gundam Nadleeh (all parts incl. GN Shield [Nadleeh], GN Beam Saber [Nadleeh], GN Beam Rifle [Nadleeh]), Gundam Heavyarms (all parts incl. Beam Gatling Gun [with Shield]), Rosamia Badam (Pilot), Patrick Colasour (Pilot): 15% UP

GN Archer (all parts), GN-X (all parts incl. GN Shield [GN-X], GN Beam Saber [GN-X], GN Beam Rifle [GN-X], GN Beam Rifle [GN-X/Long Barrel]), GN-XIII (all parts incl. GN Shield, GN Beam Saber, GN Lance, GN Beam Rifle, GN Lance [Rifle Mode], GN Beam Rifle [GN-XIII/Long Barrel], GN Bazooka [GN-XIII], Sergei Smirnov (Pilot): 10% UP

It’s always important to note that these bonuses are applied on a per-part basis, so if you have 6 GN-X parts, you’ll incur a 60% bonus from the unit equipped with these parts.  It’s great to see that the Pilots are going to stay bonuses moving forward; in so much as we are currently aware.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited to give my Gundams beautiful flowing hair from Nadleeh Parts.



We touched on these guys last time, but there are a few important things to note that we picked out of the Event modifiers list.  Barbatos 6th Form is going to feature the Wrench Mace, an absolute beast of a weapon that I am really hoping I yank out of a 10x come Tuesday.  There isn’t much to say beyond that from the Banner image or the Part listing,  as we won’t see stats until the actual update.

am hoping that this Gunpla ends up synergizing really well with Mikazuki Augus with some Defender bonuses, or maybe some cooldown reduction here and there to go along with his Part Trait.  I know Bandai isn’t going to give me something like that, but a guy can dream.

What I’m really excited about with this drop of official news is the Parts that Gusion Rebake is being released with.  Look at those things!  The Halberd; an absolute monster and a gentle nod to our need for some good Axe weapons… Then there’s the hope that Rebake comes with a spicy Shield [Gusion Rebake] to add to the gift of a Shield that was Unicorn's this week. 

Finally, and what I wasn’t sure would happen or not, is the 120mm Long-Range Rifle which I can only imagine is going to be a Long Shooters dream when it hits.  Then again, it’s more of a hope than anything, because Bandai has always thrown me curves when I predict Parts or Pilots…. How about… Bandai, you’re going to release the 120mm Long-Range Rifle as a Close Combat Word Tag 4000 m. attack rifle for absolutely no reason.  Shots fired, buddy.

Either way, I bet there are going to be some great Parts from this Banner to look forward to with our [002] Premium Material Campaign selection.



Man, Shiro, you’re going to come into this with arms flailing and a 600% Bonus modifier for the Nadleeh Event.  Shiro Amada is our 4* Pilot entry this week as we saw on the leak, and last time I wanted to mention something I thought was funny that didn’t make it in… Shiro is the commander for the 08th MS Team, and is known by such illustrious titles as “Commander Newbie” and “Spy Guy”, and was even called “The worst soldier I’ve ever met” by his second-in-command.  That’s your 4* Pilot this week, everyone! 

He piloted the RX-79, which we haven’t seen hide-nor-hair of in the game, just yet, but you can bet we’ll probably see that periscope-headed Gundam eventually.  I want to say Long Shooter, or Supporter… but you know as well as I do that Shiro is going to be a hot-headed In-Fighter (Supporter) out for blood (out to be super awesome and buff your squad!  Don’t let Bandai fool you .

Rosamia Badam shores up our 3* Pilot selection, and I think that there choices for these lower-rarity Pilots are crazy.  She piloted the Psyco Gundam Mk-II for crying out loud!  That has to count for something, right?  Wrong!  The real issue I have with these is that the stat ranges we see in 3* Pilots are so all-over-the-place that it just doesn’t make sense most times (looking at you, Marida), and at the best times are well under being on par with some of even the mid-tier 4* Pilots. 

There are exceptions to every rule, and this one is no exception (HAH), but come on… Psyco Gundam Mk-II is super crazy.  She’s going to be an In-Fighter too; you know it.  Everyone’s an In-Fighter!  (No, really, make her a Shooter or something that has shot attack for one).

All right Pilots; I’m out clever quips and phrases, so I’m just going to leave you all with an extremely, extremely important bit of advice…


You can check your current amount of [002] Premium Materials from your Item List, found in your Upgrade Menu.

Really sorry about the caps cruise control there but… I cannot stress this enough. I have heard so many horror stories throughout the course of the end of this Campaign and I would hate for any of those to repeat.  Every Monday in America (Tuesday in Japan), you should be ending the week with 2x [002] Premium Materials or you will miss your full eight.

Last thing: how badly do you want to see an in-depth evaluation of Event Gunpla each week? Sound off in the comments!


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