Harry Potter Wizards Unite Devs Drop New Trailer & New Details

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  • New Details Emerge for Harry Potter Wizards Unite
  • Developers Break Silence on Beta Period 
  • New Trailer For HPWU

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Devs Drop New Trailer & New Details

Attention Wizards and Witches,

As the global release draws near for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, some players who are not located in New Zealand or Australia have expressed some frustration with the fact that those with early access have seen it all. There are countless YouTube videos where prospective players from non-covered regions can watch all the secrets of the Wizarding World, which might be frustrating for those who were looking forward to entering the game with a fresh slate.

But Niantic, developers of Pokemon Go and HPWU, have spoken up on the subject to reassure those who did not have access. 

From their website -

Many of you on the ground in New Zealand and Australia have done an incredible job of guiding us during this process. We’ve been receiving some amazing feedback and deeply appreciate all of your help. In addition to making adjustments to the game during this beta phase, we’ve also been putting the finishing touches on additional features that will be revealed once the wider game launch rollout begins. If you haven’t had a chance to read up on what’s been revealed about the game so far, be sure to check out our first look reveal from March.

So while it may be a little frustrating for some wizards and witches anxious to get into the game, it appears Niantic has some new never-before-seen features up their sleeves.

In addition to the announcement (read the full announcement here) we also got a taste via a brand new trailer on the backstory of the Calamity and what events are leading us into this game (seen above). 

It secures for us the timeline (post He Who Shall Not Be Named) and shows us how the recent disappearance of the London 5 is triggering our entrance into this new storyline.

All in all, we're extremely excited to see what WU has to offer and can't wait for the global release. We'll keep you up to date here. 

Be sure to also check out the tools we've already been building for Wizards Unite on our sub-page using the button below.

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