Indivisible: Game Field & Battle Controls (PC)


Make sure you set up your controls when starting the game!

Read on to find more details about Basic Field Controls and Battle Controls for Indivisible.

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First Step: Setting Up Controls

  • When first entering the game, make sure to set up your controls! Press the "Start" button (Options on PS4; Enter on Keyboard) to access the menu.
  • A controller is highly suggested. Using Keyboard and Mouse can be difficult with how the game is configured by default.
  • Select Controls > Controller Setup to set up controls. You may immediately press the key indicated on the screen to assign each button.

Press Start to access the menu (Options on PS4, Enter on keyboard by default).

Basic Field Controls

Image Action Controller Input
Shows a map on stages in which a map is available.

Also used to enter buildings or interact with NPCs.
↑ (Hold)
Walk ← or →
Can cancel dash any time with an Attack, another Dash, or other "While Dashing" movement options.
or →
or →

Also ←← or →→
Dash Jump
While Dashing:
Greater horizontal distance compared to a normal jump.
Dash -
Dash -
Can be done while dashing.
or ↓
or ↓

or ↓ While Dashing
Save: Focus and press Down to save the game near a Save Bell.

Inner Realm: Focus and press Up to enter the Inner Realm (unlocked early game).

Influence jump direction mid-jump by pressing left or right.

Jump a shorter height by letting go of the jump button earlier.


Attack Followup
Jump Attack -
Wall Cling Jump towards Wall
Wall Jump

When near a wall

Basic Battle Controls

  • Battles generally start in "Attacking Phase".
    • All characters on the field can freely attack so long as their action meter is full.
    • Action meter recovers during this phase.
  • When an enemy queues its attack, the "Enemy Phase" begins.
    • Characters can only guard during this phase.
    • Action meters will pause during this phase.
    • When this phase ends, it returns to the Attacking Phase.
Image Action Controller Input
One character corresponds to each button.

* Special attacks (direction+Button) depend on character.
* Can only be done when an enemy is not attacking.
One character corresponds to each button.

* Can only be done while an enemy is attacking.
All Guard
Green Guard
A well-timed guard. Reduces incoming damage by a great amount.
Guard immediately before hit
Purple Guard
A successful but less well-timed guard. Does not reduce as much damage.
Guard before hit
Iddhi Meter (Super)
Uses the corresponding character's super move.
* Only possible with a full Iddhi Meter.



Special Moves

  • Special Moves: Each character has special moves with special prooperties unique to each of them! They are unlocked as the story progresses.


  • Combos & Juggling enemies are a central part of engaging in combat effectively in Indivisible. More will be added as information is obtained.
  • Have any combos you would like to submit? Join our Community and post your combos!
    • We will feature the top submitted combos in an upcoming article!

More Information on the Official Discord

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