Jurassic World Alive Announces Stat-Boost Week with 4 Stat Boost Strikes

Featured Dinos This Week
  • Most stat boost strikes we've ever seen in a week
  • 50 free Speed Boosts, 25 free health boosts, 25 free damage boosts in strike towers
  • Nullifying creatures featured this week

Jurassic World Alive Announces Stat-Boost Week with 4 Stat Boost Strikes


This week in Jurassic World Alive, we're getting another real treat. There are 3 stat boost towers on Monday, more than we've ever seen at one time before.

This is incredibly helpful for free to play players, particularly because stat boosts have been on sale a few times in the last few weeks, and it can take some time to catch up (or hit the bottleneck). 

And this strike bonanza is in ADDITION to the normal Wednesday stat strike we usually get. So there's going to be the opportunity to rack up:

  • 25 Health Boosts
  • 25 Damage Boosts
  • and 50 Speed Boosts

And it's all completely free. You just need to beat the strike tower to get the free boosts.

Check out our beginners guide on dealing with stat boosts and limited resources in Jurassic World Alive:

In addition to the stat boost week, we're getting Nullifying creatures this week as featured creatures. Here's a few tips for navigating this week.

Focus your attention on Dilophosaurus Gen 2 and Tanycolagreus for creating strong Unique hybrids in Tenontorex and Quetzorion. 

For the Rares, Proceratosaurus is hard to turn down as a dino that doesn't spawn in the wild and one that makes an incredibly powerful Epic hybrid in Proceratomimus. The legendary distracting dino Diplovenator is also halfway decent in the upper arenas (though it gets replaced at the highest levels by things with a more varied skillset), so using attempts on Diplocaulus Gen 2 isn't a bad call either. And plenty of people are still having success using the tyrant-tier Dilorachierus - so catching some Dilophosaurus can't hurt either.

For the Epics, hard to argue with Monolophosaurus. As we work through the battle simulator results, we've noticed some real changes to how matchups work with Monostegotops. It's beastly. But you could also focus attempts on Pteranodon, as Quetzorion remains to be pretty underrated and pretty awesome as a varied skillset creature.

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