Ankylosaurus Strike Guide

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Introduction + Infographic

Explorers! Welcome to the Strike Guides, where we cover the most difficult Strike Events of the week! This time we’re up against three ankylosaurids, and they’re high levelled! So our usual disclaimer is still applied:

These strikes with 3 level 30's are extremely challenging for low level players. If your highest rarity creature is an epic, you are going to really struggle to beat this strike, particularly because any set of three level 30's is going to mean you need to survive a long time to win and teams of lower level creatures generally can't kick out the damage necessary to do so.

However, to make you feel a bit better, these dinosaurs don’t have that high of an attack stat. So your dinosaurs could survive for some turns if you play well. AND we’ve got a Low Level Strategy involving DoT for you! So let’s dive into the Guide and see how we can beat them, starting with this awesome infographic from our artist Orange Rex!

As you can see, the damage in this Strike is quite low at first glance. However, there’s an issue. All of these three dinosaurs have Vulnerability Strike, which makes their next move do 1.5x the original damage! So these ankylosaurs are able to rack up damage quickly when they’re using Vulnerability Strike over and over again! The combined Health pool to drain is also over 15.000 Health! So you’d better get a quick think about what to do if you want to win! Let’s get into the dinosaurs themselves and how to counter them!

Ankylosaurus G2

Ankylosaurus G2 is the Daily Common on Tuesday, and it’s quite the defensive powerhouse. With a big Health pool 25% Armor and Long Protection it cananky2 easily take a lot of hits. And with Vulnerability Strike it can rack up big damage, even with its low Attack stat and lack of damage multipliers. But even with Vulnerability Strike, Ankylosaurus still is really vulnerable (sorry, I had to) to DoT and Defense Shattering attacks. If you’re lower level, try using DoT. When you’re a bit higher levelled try using powerful tyrannosaurids to chomp the Health away.


nodoNodosaurus is the Rare of this Strike, and it has the highest Damage out of all of them. As well as being the only one with a damage multiplier. Decelerating Impact also gives it the ability to outspeed its opponents, which is quite problematic for us. Short Defense and its big Health and Armor stats also allow it to survive many big hits. However, just like Anky G2, Nodosaurus is also weak to DoT and Defense Shattering attacks. Do bring your Bleeders, your chompers, anything helps! It’s even better if they’re Immune, so they don’t get slowed!


The star of the show this time around, Ankylosaurus is the definition of a defensive powerhouse. With a big Health pool, 30% Armor and TWO Shielding moves


in its kit, Ankylosaurus is a big wall to get through. Long Protection allows it to tank non-Shield breaking hits for 4 turns, and don’t think about Cloaking, because it has an Instant Invincibility to throw out to counter those big Armor Piercing attacks! Vulnerability Strike also allows it to rack up damage quickly. Ankylosaurus might be the star of the show, but you dispatch it in the same way as the others. DoT and Defense Shattering attacks are your friend here. The Health pool is quite big for low level players, so try using DoT when you’re able to and use a big chomper to finish it off!


As I’ve previously mentioned, DoT and Shield breaking moves should be used a lot in this Strike Event. Use DoT when you’re lower levelled, as that’s the best idea to deplete the big Health pool these dinosaurs have. If you’ve got a solid set of boosted Defense Shatterers, that’s also a good bring, but that one’s better if you’ve got some higher levelled dinosaurs, like level 15+. Let’s get into some strats that might help you out.

DoT Strategy

This is one of the best strategies to take these dinosaurs out, but it’ll take some serious knowledge of the Strike. The dinosaurs you’ll need are at minimum levels, higher is even better.

  • Suchotator L6

  • Dimodactylus L11

  • Alanqa L11

  • Spinosaurus G2 L11

These dinosaurs are all relatively obtainable, especially knowing that three of the creatures were featured last week in the Wounding event, and Alanqa is an Arena Exclusive that’s available in the first Arena. So you should be able to obtain these quite easily. There’s an easy solution to each of these three ankylosaurids. The problem is that the lead dinosaur isn’t always known, which kinda makes the situation a bit difficult. However, we can work around that. Let’s go over each step of the way to help you visualize the problem.

Step 1: T1: Lead with Suchotator. If Nodosaurus comes out, it’s perfect. Lethal Wound your opponent. The  will drop in three turns. Suchotator can survive a Short Defense or Long Protection, but not a Decelerating Impact. If you want to survive a Decelerating Impact from Nodosaurus with Suchotator, level it to level 9. T2 you Instant Distract the opponent and on T3 you sack your Suchotator. 

Step 2: T4: Send in Spinosaurus G2 and Lethal Wound the opponent. The opponent will drop in three turns again. Spinosaurus G2 can’t survive another hit, so swap into Alanqa to activate the SI-Invincibility. Use Long Invincibility if you’re still alive and wait until the opponent drops. Most likely on T6. Wait until the Lockdown effect on Alanqa wears off and then continue to the next step.

Step 3: T7: Swap in your Dimodactylus to activate Swap-in Wound. This will inflict 25% Bleed for 2 turns. Dimodactylus should live any hit it gets thrown at it that isn’t a Decelerating Impact, but with a bit of luck, Nodosaurus has already died. Lethal Wound your opponent on T8 and let Dimodactylus die. On T9 you’ll swap in Alanqa and put up your Long Invincibility to let your opponent bleed out. 

You should win with this strat as long as Dimodactylus doesn’t face a Decelerating Impacting Nodosaurus when it swaps in. That’s the only way this strat won’t work, or when the opponent lands a crit.

If you don’t like all the DoT trickery, you can attempt to beat this Strike Event using raw chomping power. We’d recommend to do this when you’re a bit higher levelled though, as you’ll need to chomp away 15.000+ Health.

Additional Options

According to our Battle Simulator there are a couple of other dinos you might use to take down this mighty trio. In addition to the Suchotator mentioned above, Purrolyth and Purutaurus can take out Anky Gen2 and nodosaurus and Sarcorixis can take out Anky and Anky Gen 2. Most of these creatures need to be at or around lvl 20 to be successful though so keep that in mind. If you don't have very high level creatures the DoT strategy above will probably be best. 


If you beat this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with an Ankylosaurus Epic Incubator. It contains 200 guaranteed Ankylosaurus DNA on top of the regular Epic Incubator rewards, which are loads of DNA and coins that vary on your player level. 

This Strike is one of the easier ones seeing as the damage luckily isn’t as high, so you can employ a DoT strategy on it! If you were successful using this strat, let me know in the Discord server we have! It’s an awesome place where you can talk to nearly 6500 JWA enthusiasts about the game! With teasers getting shown, we’re all about the 1.9 update talk now! Join in on the conversation now by clicking the button down below! We hope to see you on there!

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