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Explorers! It’s that time again: April Fools! Some veterans of the game might remember that Ludia did an event last year on April Fools, featuring the almighty Lord Lythronax! This year, Ludia decided to step it up a notch, introducing an even more fierce opponent. It’s the one true enemy of all creatures in the game… the goat.

Yep, you read right: Ludia has made us face a GOAT for April Fools! Normally we’d see this thing get devoured in Sanctuaries, but this time it has decided to strike back! With four different rarities of Goats, we have quite a number of Goats to take down, and each of them has their own gimmick, where they really excel at! Fair warning: these Strike Events aren’t easy. Almost every goat is able to deal hefty amounts of damage, and if they aren’t, they’ll apply passive damage to you. There are two Strike Events: One with the Rare, Epic and Legendary Goats that will go live the second half of the day, and one with just the Common Goat which is live now. Let’s quickly go over these Strike Events and see how to tackle them one by one.

Common Goat Strike

The lowest Rarity Goat is arguably the easier Strike of the two, but I will immediately say this: This Strike Event will be impossible if you go in unprepared, even for the most experienced player. This is mainly due to these two moves: ‘ScapeGoat’ and ‘It Just Goat Real’. ScapeGoat is a Rampage move that bypasses Evasive, applies Vulnerability to you for three turns and applies a 75% Distraction on you for two turns that has 1 cooldown. If you thought Cautious Strike was bad, think again! The second move is ‘It Just Goat Real’, which is a 100% Rending move with a 1 turn delay and 1 turn cooldown. So your only real shot at doing anything is on T1, where the Goat goes for Cleansing Strike. Because ScapeGoat has no delay, it can be used on T1. Chances are the best for you if it uses Cleansing Strike on T1!!!This will be your one shot of doing real damage to it. And this is also where we are going to be focussing on to do the most damage on T1 and T2!

Common Goat Strike Infographic by Orange Goat/Rex
Some Tips and Tricks

We can suggest a couple of things to do the most damage to it. It isn’t Immune to Deceleration, so you should make the most use of that. 

One: Use Thylacotator on T1. Use Superiority Strike and Rending Takedown to take away a whopping 60% of its Health! Note: This strategy works only if the Goat doesn't use ScapeGoat on T1!

Two: Use either Geminititan and/or Ardentismaxima! With their high Health and Attack stats they should be able to at least chunk the Common Goat with a combination of their Decelerating moves and their Defense Shattering moves! Always use the Decelerating move first, unless the Goat is in range of a knock out.

Three: If you know the next move is going to be It Just Goat Real, I would suggest using a Speedster with a Rampage or a Defense Shattering move like Erlidominus, Magnapyritor or Erlikospyx that is faster than the Common Goat. You will need to have used some Speed Boosts then. Just do big damage with the Defense Shattering Move/Rampage. If you feel lucky and are using Erlidominus, you could risk the Cloak dodge, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

An actual Strategy to beat it?

With the combination of the three tips and tricks mentioned above, we can actually present you a good strategy against the Common Goat! Again, this won't work every time, and you might have to re-enter it a couple of times to get the move order you need. Here is what you will need:

  • A level 15 or 19 Thylacotator (19 will guaranteed survive the Cleansing Strike, 15 will die to a Critical Hit)
  • A Geminititan and Ardentismaxima that will live a ScapeGoat, so more than 4558 Health. Both will survive at creation level, but more Health is always better - Ardentismaxima is preferred due to higher damage.
  • If you don’t have either Geminititan or Ardentismaxima you will need a speedster capable of doing Defense Shattering damage and that is faster than the Goat. This will be the most important thing and the thing most people will struggle with to get. The best speedster to bring is Magnapyritor because of the Nullifying Impact and Defense Shattering Rampage.

So this is how you will tackle this Strike Event:

T1: You send out Thylacotator first. Goat will use Cleansing Strike, you will use Superiority Strike.

T2: You use Rending Takedown. Goat should now be at 3414 Health, lower if you have landed a Critical Hit. On T2, the Goat will take you out. You’ll want the move to take you out to be It Just Goat Real so it can’t use it on the next turn.If it takes you out with ScapeGoat, skip the next three steps for that strategy. You do NOT want to get taken out by Cleansing Strike, as that will just be a guessing game on T3.

T3: Send in Ardentismaxima/Geminititan and use your Decelerating Impact/Rampage. Goat will most likely go for ScapeGoat, which both will live (if it doesn’t crit).

T4: Use your Defense Shattering Rampage/Definite Shield Advantage. Goat will take you out with either Cleansing Strike or It Just Goat Real. Goat should be left on 768 Health if you had Ardentismaxima, and 894 Health if you had Geminititan. Both don’t take into account crits from both the Sauropods and Thylacotator. Goat is Slowed down.

T5: Send in your finisher to take it down. Preferably a speedster above 148 or even faster like 167, which will make sure that it can outspeed it even after it used Horrible Bleating for a Speedup. Make sure that your Speedster can take out a lot of damage! If you have brought Magnapyritor, it only has to be above 138 Speed due to Nullifying Impact removing all positive effects, and then it is capable of hitting the Goat with a Defense Shattering Rampage afterwards. And that should be one Goat down!

If the Goat finishes you with ScapeGoat, then the strategy needs to be altered a bit starting from T3.

T3: Send in your Speedster and use your best Attack to damage it, as long as it does more than 894 damage you will be fine. Magnapyritor can do the most damage with its Defense Shattering Strike. Goat will kill you with It Just Goat Real.

T4: Send in your Ardentismaxima/Geminititan and do your Decelerating Impact/Rampage. Goat will use ScapeGoat, which you will live.

T5: Use your Defense Shattering Rampage/Definite Shield Advantage to win!

So as you can see, this Strike Event is actually quite possible if you have some decent progress in the game! Sure, it’s not a low level strategy like we try to give you, but frankly it is quite impossible to give one in this matter.

Rare, Epic and Legendary Goat Strike (ONLY SECOND HALF OF APRIL 1ST!)

This one is probably the harder of the two, mostly because of that Legendary Goat being extremely powerful. However, we will try to help you out as much as possible! So let’s go over the creatures really quick to see how we can defeat them (if possible)!

Goat Strike

The Goat Strike Infographic created by our awesome Artist OrangeGoat/Rex!

Rare Goat

This is the lowest levelled Goat this Strike Event, and it specializes in DoT application. It has the lowest amount of Health, but the highest amount of Armor, being a whopping 90%! I would definitely advise you to bring an Armor Piercer and Shield Breaker here, preferably an Immune one! Seeing as the Rare Goat is Immune, DoT won’t work on it. Seeing this Strike is quite the obstacle, I will be using Uniques to counter this. So in this case, if you have a Defense Shatterer faster than 140 Speed like a boosted Magnapyritor or Tryostronix or one that can live a hit like Geminititan, I would definitely bring that one! You’ll really want your Immune creatures this Strike, so be sure to bring as many as possible!

Epic Goat

The second Goat this Strike Event specializes in Stunning with a splash of Decelerating Counterattacking. Like I said with the Rare Goat, bringing Immunes like Magnapyritor, Tryostronix, Ardentismaxima or Geminititan will be your best bet here. Seeing as it is 120 Speed, you can get away with less Speed boosted creatures here, but it’s generally preferred if you have creatures faster than the Rare Goat. You’ll take a bit more damage on this one, as it has more Health, most likely making it survive at least one hit. But the worst is yet to come…

Legendary Goat

This Goat is what makes this Strike Event so terrifying. Look at that Health Stat!!! 14286 Health is absolutely ridiculous, and it will take tons of strategy to take this one out. It specializes in Damage Output, having a VERY high Critical Hit Chance of 90%, a move to make that 100%, a Ferocious basic attack that pierces Armor and destroys Shields, Mutual Fury to boost it up some more, a Precise Shattering Counter and to top if off: if you try and switch out on it, it’ll unleash its On Escape Ferocious Impact, destroying anything in its path. So yeah. This will be the one Goat that will make you lose this Strike Event if you come in unprepared. We have found a strategy that might work against it, but it’s very reliant on you still having no deaths in your team, and having a Ferocity/Ready to Crush Boosted Tryostronix on your team when it gets out, and that Tryostronix NEEDS to have Defense Shattering Rampage out, which needs to do about 5k damage. So it’s quite end-game worthy stuff. Let’s get over it.

Strategy for taking down the Legendary Goat

Our strategy involves said Tryostronix and two Rending Counterattackers: Carnotarkus and Purutaurus. We have selected these two because of their Greater Rending Counterattacks, being able to chunk 33% off its Health once they survive. This can be achieved by using Instant Distraction. So when the Goat attacks, it will lose 33% of its Health every counterattack! Calculating the damage of the counterattack shows that every Counterattack the Goat will lose 4714 Health! Make that double, and it will lose 9428 damage purely because of the Rending Counterattacks! This leaves you to do 4858 damage in one turn, and that’s where your Tryostronix comes in. If you have a Ferocious Tryostronix that has a 1620+ base damage, you will deal over 4858 damage to it.

So quick summary: Use Tryostronix to remove over 4858 Health from the goat, let Tryostronix die, and then make use of the Counterattacking Purutaurus and Carnotarkus to get rid of the other two. If the Legendary Goat enters the battle as the first one, make sure your Tryostronix survives at least a Critical Hit of the Basic Attack, which would be around 3571 damage. Then, use Ready to Crush to avoid the Counterattack and then hit them as hard as possible with the Defense Shattering Rampage!

This strategy works ONLY if you have no deaths on your team when the Legendary Goat comes out, so be sure you accomplish this! We will be hard at work on our Discord server to think of other strategies to beat it, so be sure to join us if you haven’t already!

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Help your fellow JWA players!

If you are struggling with these Strike Events or if you have another strategy to beat these Strike Events, be sure to hop on over to our Discord! We will be discussing more ways to beat both Strike Events, and perhaps you can contribute to help our members as well! Be sure to check it out if you want some tips and tricks for beating these Strike Events, but also future Strike Events and other Battle-Related JWA things! We hope to see you on there!

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