Battle Basics: Understanding Distraction and Shields

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Welcome to Jurassic World Alive. If you're a brand new player and want to know more about the Arena, this is the place to start -- our Battle Basics Guides. We've got a bunch of them here at GamePress and you can check out the full suite of them below alongside with our Beginners Guides.

In this article, I want to go over the next two Move Effects: Distraction and Shields. These are the two ways that creatures can use to reduce the damage taken from the opponent. So it’s very important to understand them well! Let’s go over both of them in full detail and see how they work!


Distraction Icon

Distraction is a move effect that’s most commonly found on Raptors, amphibians and small Theropods. You can identify a Distraction move with the red Icon with claw marks with an arrow pointing downwards.  The only exceptions to this rule are the moves Precise Pounce and Pounce, found on Raptors and Smilodon and it’s hybrid Smilocephalosaurus. This is a move effect that reduces the damage by a set amount of percent. Mostly 50%, but some Distraction moves even reduce damage 75% or even 90%! You can find the percentage of the Distraction in the move menu. Below I’ll show you how it looks.

Distracting Rampage info in the Arena

When a Distraction effect is applied on the opponent, red lines go downwards on it. In the picture below I’ll show you how it looks like in the arena.

Arena Distraction effect

What’s great about Distraction: just like DoT (see the previous Beginners Guide for more info) it can be stacked. So if you play right, you can reduce the opponents damage to zero! This is especially helpful against a powerful dinosaur like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. With the Distraction stacking, you can reduce its powerful Defense Shattering Impact or Rampage to 0 damage! How cool is that!

0 damage

Now that you know how Distraction works, let’s go over how to use it. To use it at its maximum capacity, use it against either Tyrannosaurids or Counterattackers. Those two dinosaur types are most often the weakest to Distraction effects. You can also use it against other dinosaurs, but those two are hit the hardest by Distraction. You don’t want to use Distraction against anything that either has Immunity or can Cleanse the Distraction. The most common move to Cleanse Distraction is Superiority Strike, which is found on most Stegosaurids and Hadrosaurs. So unless you know they aren’t going to use Superiority Strike or a Cleansing move, you don’t want to Distract them. Immunity is also a no-go for Distraction, as they aren’t affected by it at all!

So remember: Use Distraction against Tyrannosaurids and Counterattackers, and avoid anything with Superiority Strike, Cleansing or Immunity!


Shield icon

Shields are another way of reducing damage taken. They are most often found on Ankylosaurids and on Counterattackers. Once a Shield it put up, it reduces damage from almost all Attacks directed at it. Depending on the percentage that gets reduced, it’s either 50% or even 100% damage reduced with a Shield! You can find on the move menu how strong the Shield damage reduction is and how long it’ll last. Below I’ll show the move menu for a Shielding move.

Long Protection move info

It’s quite obvious when a Shield is put up. A big Shield made out of hexagons appears in front of your dinosaur. It looks like this:

Purrolyth Shield

Shields, unlike Distraction and DoT, cannot be stacked. So putting up one Shield together with another Shield will not reduce the damage even more. However, Shields tend to stay up longer than Distraction does, up to 4 turns!

Shields can be removed from the game with these following moves: Nullifying, Defense Shattering, Rending and Definite Attacks. Using one of these moves against a Shield will cause the Shield to break, and it can only be put up again when another Shielding move has been used. When a Shield is broken, you’ll hear a sound of glass shattering in-game and the Shield will disappear. So you don’t want to use Shields against dinosaurs with these moves available! It’s best to use them against faster creatures that don’t have Shield breaking moves like Raptors and the Erlikosaurus line.

And that’s basically it for this Beginners Guide on Distraction and Shields! I hope you’ve found it useful! If you did, consider hanging around, as there are more of these Guides coming on the other move effects! If you’re new to GamePress, consider following us on our social media platforms. You can find links to them at the top of the page! Next time, I will be covering two move types that will increase damage instead of reducing damage! So be on the lookout for that!

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