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So, I've been doing quite a few articles recently, and I guess Y'all are complaining that I'm complaining too much. So I'm going to mix it up a bit. I saw this yesterday and decided to give it a go. I took a couple creatures (20 to be exact) that were struggling and decided to buff them up. How did I settle on these creatures? Well, I prayed to the gods of Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Mo and they bestowed this list upon me. I then took these creatures and buffed them to better fit within their current rarity. Some are just minor buffs that will make it so they are worth considering while others are a bit more extreme. So, with that out of the way, let's get into it.


Let's kick things off with a pretty minor change. Dimetrodon gen 2 is outclassed by Ophiacodon, so I have given it a slight boost in hp and pin resistance. You can almost see how much effort I put into this one. It bleeds critical thinking.

Iguanodon is the worst creature in the game, and I hate flocks. So, let's kill 2 birds with one stone and make it kill the best common in the game. With this kit, it can not only kill Coelurosaurvus, but also not get shut down by Triceratops gen 2 so easily. And on top of that, it can also go toe to toe with rare flocks too. Sorry Archaeotherium.


Devastation is a good move.... on a creature with enough bulk to last that long. Bajadasaurus is not that, so I've given it more immediate damage that it can take advantage of. I also think it will get more use out of dig in than bellow. Now it can better fight flocks while also dealing decent damage with all the vulnerability. 

Deinotherium has a bit of a messy kit, so I decided to make a group attack version of superiority strike and give Deinotherium more attack to go with it. And to pair with its impact, I have given it a counter that slows down the opponent. Perfect for dealing with those pesky flocks.

Inostherium was a bit of an interesting one. I made it more cunning fierce and also again hate flocks. I gave it Albertocevia's precise revenge. I also changed up its moveset. Instant distraction is a better priority move. Also, mutual fury is only good for specific speed tiers, and Inostherium is too fast. So, I gave it a way around some resilients and flocks.

Now Kaprosuchus was really nerfed in 2.0, so I made it a swapper once again. When looking at this kit, it doesn't look that special. However, you can swap in and kill Dreadnoughtus with this new Kaprosuchus every time! To compensate for the big buff, I removed a bit of speed.

Our last rare is Scaphognathus. This rare has gone from bad to the bleed king. If you're not immune to bleed, good luck because you'll need it. And even when you think you can't bleed out any more, this new Scaphognathus will prove you wrong. Also, as a swooper, I think this rare needs some pin immunity.


Fun fact about me in this game: Argenteryx is my least favorite creature ever. Dilorach currently is a close second, but I hate Argenteryx. So I spent a long time at the drawing board, thinking of ways to absolutely slaughter the darn thing without making anything too crazy. Pulmunoscorpios can 2 tap it, but I hate that thing too. So, how to 2 shot Argenteryx? I was looking at the given epics, and then, it hit me. I remember that one of the creatures known for output is Andrewtodon. And I also know that another creature had led the legendary tanks in phasing out flocks: Tragodistis. And, what better candidate to also have dispersed superior vulnerability than Ankylosaurus! Now, with these changes, Ankylosaurus will always 2 shot Argenteryx. Meanwhile, creatures like Panthera, Giganotosaurus, Dimodactylus will still be bothersome. I also felt that 2 priority shield moves to block damage was a bit much, do I changed one up to better represent the grit of Ankylosaurs.

Every flock has had some competitive viability in their rarity throughout the game's history. Well, almost every flock. The most famous flock creature is also the worst flock ever made (based on rarity). I decided to help out the Dodos and give them a bit of a damage buff. I also decided that they should get alert roost like Rodrigues. And I decided that a bit of love in the resistances department could be a good thing. Then I decided to rework its signature move. I wanted it to be useful when threatened, so I added all those effects on. Oh yeah, and seeing as pulm is a bit of a problem, I decided to make this a group attack. Now, it gets one shot by alert decoy. I also decided to take off some hp in as this was a lot to begin with.

It's time to fear the deer! I decided to make Eucladoceros like old 2.9 a way. It does lack the big output and all that bulk, but it does have access to a bunch of healing moves and now it has a group attack, because flocks are the worst. I also gave it a bit of distraction resistance because why not? As for its hp, well they did the original 2 nonhybrid deer dirty, so I gave it a nice boost and also gave it a bit of attack too.

The move strike needs to be phased out, and Scaphognathus was one of the last creatures with this move. Another creature with strike is Spinotahraptor. This epic needed a bit of love, so that's what I've done. I have given it no escape, because it should've had it to begin with as both its parent and superhybrid have it. I also gave it lethal wound, more hp, some resistances, and a small counter that helps around vulnerability. Now it can work around creatures like Diplodocus and Antarctopelta. 

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Our first legendary is the worst continental. This guy needed some love, so I decided to just ditch the whole critical rampage thing because it's just not working. Instead, I had an idea. While looking at this thing, I was requesting Albertosaurus DNA, and then it hit me. I made a resilient version of killer instinct! Now Glyptoceras can just 2 shot Panthera B no problem. I also gave it debilitating strike to help vs Rexy and group resilient impact because I hate flocks. Now, you can spam 3 priority moves back to back.

Up next we have Kaprosuchus's super hybrid Megalosuchus. This thing was a bit of a mess ever since 2.0, so I'm here to fix that. I looked at it and realized that its ferocity move absolutely sucked, so I fixed that. Now it can play like a normal ferocity creature. I also wanted something to help combat Spinoceratops, hence the bigger heal, the new resistances, and the new basic attack, making this decent for low hp Panthera B as well. I also buffed the armor up a bit because if you read the description, that sounds like something with armor.

This one was super easy. I just gave Ovilophomoloch a bunch of resistances that it should've gained from Ovilophosaurus. The only difference here is that Ovilophomoloch lost some rend resistance for pin resistance as it is a runner.

Now Parasaurolophus Lux is just sad compared to the other 2 nonhybrid legendaries, so I decided that it should get some love. First up, I gave it a lot of healing moves. Why? Because I can, that's why. I also wanted it to be a more offensive version of Fukuimimus, hence resilient devastation. So, if it is set up, you can one shot Panthera B. However, Panthera B wins if you aren't ready to go. And finally, I gave it hostile glow. Why? Well, look at the darn thing. How does it not have this move? It still gets its rear handed to it by fierce, but it now can actually play against the cunnings and resilients out there. I also gave it a group attack for flocks, as well as some speed to now outspeed Ankylodactylus when sped up.


Ardentismaxima kicks off our uniques in need with it gaining a bit of attack and some distraction resistance. I also decided to change up a few moves. First up, Ardentismaxima is always outclassed by Geminititan as their shattering moves are just not comparable, especially with definite shield advantage having no delay now. So I decided Ardentismaxima could use some love, but this time I gave it a revenge option. Now it has priority on its rampage to help against pesky creatures like Atrocidistis. I also gave it a move similar to Alankylosaurus that allows it to heal up while also throwing up a shield. And, I decided that it could use a bit of speed and attack to help with all this. So to compensate, I removed some bleed resistance and the crit reduction immunity.

This was the hardest one to come up with. I literally set Grypolyth off to the side and worked on other uniques trying to come up with some ideas. Creatures like this that are too passive are just falling out of style. Fukuimimus is a perfect example of that. I had people give me suggestions, so I took one idea. I gave it devour heal, which pairs nicely with its ferocity. I also decided that it could use some full stun immunity while also being a better trapper. And, because it's a big crocodile, I think bask suits this old unique. I also wanted to make it a safer swapper, hence why it gained invincibility. Now those pesky Geminideus better watch out.

Pterovexus is one I had in my head for a long time. All it needed was a turn 1 distraction option to pair with its counter, so I swapped the rampage and the impact around. Swoop as a move is also outdated, so it gained cleansing swoop and armored wound, becoming a unique Dimodactylus in a way. And since its counter already pins stuff, I gave it a more defensive option with evasive strike. Now it is an excellent pivot that can annoy creatures like Atrocidistis. 

The last unique is another bleeder. Spinoconstrictor has been struggling ever since Dilorach was buffed, and this new version will still lose to Dilorach, but it can handle a lot more now. First up, it finally gained on escape rampage once again, allowing it to be a better trapper. It also now has a sidestep move like Phorurex. Let's be honest, 50% dodge was garbage. This now fixes that issue while also applying bleed damage. And why stop there? Now it can bleed with its basic attack too! And to make sure you can't avoid it, it has stun immunity. And on top of all this, I deceided that it could use a bit of hp and vulnerability resistance. Dilorach will still walk all over it, as will creatures like Erlikospyx, Erlidominus, and even Magnapyritor.


Our last creature is the first fusible apex. Arctovasilas has been pretty meh for quite some time. So, I decided that this apex could use some love. For starters, I gave it decel immunity like Testacornibus as well as armor reduction immunity. I then gave it a different swap in move to help pair with its other reworked move. Like the Dodos, I updated this signature move to be more in line with the current times. Sure while threatened you get to reduce armor, so I decided that while secure, you can buff your own armor! Now this bear can sit there with 50% shields, 60% armor, and a counter power heal. I still realized that Geminideus will be a problem, so I reworked its big move to be more anti-resilient. Now, instead of bypassing dodge and putting up a shield, this bear bypasses armor and shields as well as absorb. So if Dsungascorpios thinks it can come in on you with devastation ready, you can just wipe them off the face of the earth. To compensate for all of this, I decided to remove the pin resistance. That way creatures like Giganyx, Tyrannometrodon, and Pyrorixis can keep it put and take it down.

Parting Words

Thank you all for reading. These took some time and I appreciate you making it this far. So, what was your favorite of these buffs. I personally like my Ankylosaurus buff because it slaughters those birds as if it's Thanksgiving. Let me know what your favorite one was, or don't. That's cool. But once again, thank you for reading and happy playing!

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