Ceratopsians in 1.9: Not as bad as we think?

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Update 1.9 dropped after a long wait and it brought some big changes with it. Immune creatures got buffed, a TON of new moves and abilities, awesome new hybrids, the new and awesome Campaign move. But then people saw the Ceratopsian rework and all hell broke loose. Monostegotops was immediately deemed unworthy of being on anyone’s team and don’t even get started on Einiasuchus. However, we at GamePress believe that people were too quick to pull the trigger on this case. The new Ceratopsian rework opened the door to some absolutely awesome situations in all arenas. How? Read on to find out!

How did they get reworked?

 The Ceratopsians got quite the rework. In exchange for a nerf in most of their stats (which in some cases was quite severe, we admit), they received two new moves. These moves are Dig In and Swap In Stunning Strike. You can see the images and what they do in the pictures below.

stun strike
dig in

Most Ceratopsians lost Greater Stunning Impact for these new moves, except Monostegotops, who lost Nullifying Impact. Most people were immediately outraged by the fact that they lost their Stunning move for an in their eyes inferior move. However, when you take a closer look at it, you might want to reconsider your opinion on this, as these two moves give the Ceratopsians a completely different playstyle! How? Let’s find out!

How do they work now?

So to start off, we’re going to go over how the rework affected the playstyle of the Ceratopsians. With this rework, Ceratopsians became much more Swap-oriented creatures. They act like mini-Dracoceratops’ if you think of it. Especially if you factor in Dig In. Dig Ins Cleansing helps you to get out on T2 and preserve the SI Stun Strike for later! So, see Ceratopsians as mini-Dracoceratops/Dracorex G2 and try and work something out there!

However. Unlike Dracoceratops and Dracorex G2, most Ceratopsians don’t mind staying in if they can’t get out easily. They often have a two-turn combo involving Slowing and Stunning that should allow them to rack up some serious damage. Of course, it isn’t as much as it was before, but damage is still damage, no matter how much it is. Using that two-turn combo of Decelerating Strike and another attack also removes the bound effect they have from using their Swap In Stunning Strike! So they won’t be sitting ducks after they swapped in!

What are good partners for Ceratopsians?

Seeing as the use of Ceratopsians has altered, the team members they shine with are also altered. Now, Ceratopsians work best in a team with some Hit and Runners and Swap In Effects. So in the early game, you can think of dinosaurs like:

  • Dracorex G2
  • Erlikosaurus G1
  • Other Ceratopsians
  • Gallimimus and Ornithomimus
  • All Pterosaurs

And that’s just naming off a couple dinosaurs that would work well with Ceratopsians. There are a lot of dinosaurs with Hit and Run moves and Swap in Effects. If you’re a bit further along in the game, these dinosaurs will pair greatly with Ceratopsians like Monostegotops and Stegoceratops:

  • Dracoceratops
  • Stygidaryx
  • Pterovexus
  • Erlidominus
  • Diloracheirus
  • Phorusaura

And once again: that isn’t even the full list. There are a lot of dinosaurs that will work amazing with Ceratopsians. Check out our Dinodex to see for yourself!

Video coverage

Now that we know some dinosaurs that pair well with Ceratopsians, let’s put them to action. We’ve got a nice video for you with footage provided by a member of our Discord server: UniqueN4me#2755! We’d like to thank them for providing us with this awesome footage of them using Monostegotops paired with some of the creatures mentioned above to put these new moves to good use!

Parting words

We hope that this article made you love Ceratopsians again! At first, we were also a bit disappointed when we saw the patch notes, but now we believe that Ceratopsians have a genuine use in this meta. If you’ve found this article useful, let us know on our Discord server! We’ve got a lot of dinosaur enthusiasts on there and we hope to see you on it too! Keep battling Explorers!

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