Day 2 of the GamePress Giveaway - And How Things Have Gone So Far

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Article by Brian Schwarz
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Review So Far


We've got our winners for day 2 of the GamePress Giveaway and I just wanted to give everyone an idea on HOW CLOSE this whole contest has been and what's happened so far! So before we get into the winners, let's talk what happened so far!

If you don't know what we're talking about, be sure to check out the below article because we've got three days left and it's gonna get intense!!!

On Day 1, we waited a bit to post the secret password. 

It was posted at 4pm EST - and we started sending out clues at 5PM est. We buried the password beneath the image below in our guide on Dracoceratops counters.

pw day 1

Our first winner came in about 5 minutes after our second clue. Our top 10 winners, however, didn't finish until right up to the wire. Overall we had 22 people find the first password and 12 winners total (11 for the drawing because two people sent the password at the exact same moment in time).

All in all, every person who found the password came within 33 minutes (or less) of winning. It was CLOSE.

day 2

Believe it or not, day 2 was even closer!

Even though our winner found the password about 3 minutes after the FIRST clue which we sent out at 3pm EST... that was TWO FULL HOURS after we actually hid the image. That's right. The password was sitting out there for hours.

We had 34 people find it on Day 2 -- and of those 34, the 11th place finisher to the 34th place finisher spanned a distance of 11 minutes... yup. 11 minutes.

So if your name is NOT on this list below? You were SO SO SO CLOSE.

All of this to say, Day 3 starts tomorrow from 1PM EST to 6PM EST and it'll continue to be crazy. You just never know when we're going to post that password and when someone is going to find it. 

So keep a keen eye on our social media. Seriously. Can't stress that enough. And get ready for tomorrow.

Day 2 Winners

The winner of Day 2 was DadJokes!

The following individuals were runners up and will be entered into a drawing on Friday for an additional $20 giveaway! 











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