Dinosaur Battle Profile - Dimodactylus

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Explorers! Welcome to the Dinosaur Battle Profiles. In this series we will go over a dinosaur and give you all the battle-related info you want to know about. Matchups, stats, moves, team members, how to counter/use it; you name it, we got it!

This article was written by our Discord member and Dimodactylus expert Mathew#teamDimodactylus! Thank you for submitting this piece!

For this dinosaur battle profile, we’re covering Dimodactylus! The pterosaur hybrid of patch 1.5! It is mixed with the Common Dimorphodon and the Rare Tupandactylus, but before we talk about the powers of this double pterosauria hybrid, let’s take a look at the profile:


As you see, this pterosauria hybrid is designed to Bleed with Lethal Wound and Pin with Instant Pinning Strike. It also has the ability to put up a Shield with Shielding Strike and can hit an opponent with an Impact and then fly away to the next creature, so how does this pterosaur perform? Let’s take a closer look at it!

How does the creature function?

How to effectively use it

The way I would see Dimodactylus being used is by saving it for later and then swap into it on a creature like Trykosaurus and Thoradolosaur or anything that doesn’t have immunity or isn’t immune to Damage Over Time or Swap Prevention. If it’s a Trykosaurus or anything that is slower, I’d go for lethal wound to do as much damage as I can do before I die, and if it comes to a Thoradolosaur which has a instant damaging move or anything else, I would go for Instant Pinning Strike to waste the Instant Charge and then I can set up something like Tryostronix or Gorgosuchus, best part is that I don’t have to worry because the Thoradolosaur is pinned so it cannot get out on my Tryostronix or Gorgosuchus.

Good matchups

Like I said, Dimodactylus is amazing to swap into against things that aren’t immune to Damage Over Time or Swap Prevention like Trykosaurus and Thoradolosaur, all you need to do against these two is have Dimodactylus (make sure it can survive a Thoradolosaur Defense Shattering Impact or a Trykosaurus Defense Shattering Strike) swap in, go for Lethal Wound or Instant Pinning Strike to make your opponent heavily wounded or cannot swap on a setup. I wouldn’t consider Dimodactylus a stand up fighter like Procerathomimus or Indominus Rex Gen 2 since it doesn’t have a lot of damage and it’s not immune to anything, making it not a really good stand up and fighter to me.

Bad Matchups

Pretty much any creature that is immune to DoT or Swap Prevention (mostly Damage Over Time) would not make a suitable matchup for Dimodactylus, if any creature has Immune to Damage Over time or has the ability to cleanse, then it’s pretty much over for Dimodactylus. Also, because it has low damage and lacks the counter attack of it’s Tupandactylus parent, it will not really hurt any immune creature too badly since it solely relies on it’s Damage Over Time power.

Team mates

I personally like to have a creature with a swap in move beside Dimodactylus, that way, I can go for Lethal Wound and then Impact and Run to the next creature so I can either hurt my opponent even more or give myself a benefit. Ideally I would like to have something with either swap in wound (Dimorphodon, Scaphotator, Suchomimus, etc) to pummel my opponent even more Damage over Time or something with Swap in Stun/Stunning Strike (Monostegotops or Phorusaura) to make my opponent bleed out even more by my previous move Lethal Wound, and if I use Swap in Stunning Strike I can do more damage on my opponent and possibly taking it down while with Phorusaura I can come in to stun my opponent and then Instant Rampage for the win. I can also consider Dimodactylus being helpful against cunning creatures like Monolophosaurus and Pyroraptor to help out creatures like Allosinosaurus or Thoradolosaur who struggle against these fast and cunning creatures, and don’t forget like I said in the beginning, you can swap into it, then go for Instant Pinning Strike so that way you can setup something like Gorgosuchus or Tryostronix without worrying too much.

Parting words

Dimodactylus is an extremely powerful bleeder and it works really well against things that aren’t immune to Damage Over Time and Swap Prevention, but it does really poorly against creatures that are immune to the two effects listed. Don’t forget you can also use Shielding Strike to minimize damage and Impact and Run into something with a Swap In Ability.

We hope you enjoyed this Dinosaur Battle Profile and now understand a bit more of Dimodactylus' appeal! Thank you once again to Mathew for writing this article for us! Be sure to join our Discord server and follow us on Twitter to be notified of our next articles, as one of them will include the 1.14 TIER LIST! Yes, we finished it and it will go live soon! Stay tuned!

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