Dinosaur Battle Profile: Diorajasaur!

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Introduction and Infographic

Explorers! Welcome to the Dinosaur Battle Profiles. In this series we will go over a dinosaur and give you all the battle-related info you want to know about. Matchups, stats, moves, team members, how to counter/use it; you name it, we got it! The best thing about this series is that the dinosaur is picked by the members of our Discord server! So if you aren’t on there, what are you waiting for! There will be a link to join at the bottom of the article, and then you can decide too on what dinosaurs will be covered!

This week we will be covering Diorajasaur! This powerful Unique Counterattacker is often compared with Trykosaurus due to having similar Stats and Moves. There has been a debate for a long time on which one is better. Diorajasaur is often called a ‘budget Trykosaurus’, but is this really the case? Let’s find out together!

Diorajasaur stats

A full detail profile of Diorajasaur!

As you can see in our infographic made by our incredible artist Orange Rex, Diorajasaur has incredible stats and moves for Counterattacking. Precise Shattering counter make sure that it hits its Counterattack no matter what, and its high Armor and Health make sure that it survives to get a couple of hits off as well. Before we start with the actual article, I want to give a massive shoutout to Praisebigboy from our Discord server! They provided a lot of Diorajasaur information for this article! Also, if you haven't seen it already, be sure to check out our Challenger Series! You can find a link to it down below!

How does the dinosaur function?

How to effectively use it

Diorajasaur has more of a Stalling role. It boasts a very strong Counterattack, which can be boosted by Ferocious Strike to allow it to do 1.5k damage on every Counterattack. Instant Distraction and Instant Invincibility allow it to get safe Counterattacks while taking little damage and Superiority Strike allows it to Cleanse Distraction and make sure that the Counterattacks always do full damage.

Because of this more Stall-based playstyle, we think Diorajasaur works best as a lead. If the opponent leads something Diorajasaur can do well against, it takes it down. Otherwise Dioraja will still get a hefty amount of damage in and allow one of your team mates to revenge kill the opponent. Because people hold their big Chompers to the end of the match, it is generally not advised to keep Diorajasaur for late in the game. Chompers dispatch of Diorajasaur pretty easily, so it is for the better if you start early with it. This will result in maximum early-game benefits.

Good matchups

Due to its bulk Diorajasaur makes for an excellent counter (yes that pun was intended) to fast dinosaurs, especially with the Speed control it has in Superiority Strike. Some dinosaurs it will do well against are: Erlidominus, Utarinex, Diloracheirus and Quetzorion. However, Diorajasaur is also an excellent Anti-Tank dinosaur. Because of its Precise Shattering Counter, it pierces Armor and Shields. So tankier dinosaurs like Tragodistis and Stegodeus aren’t safe against it! Predict their Rampages to chip them down while taking little damage. Another amazing use of Diorajasaur is against Dracoceratops. When you predict it coming in, give it a taste of its own medicine by swapping in Diorajasaur to finish off that low Health Dracoceratops!

Bad matchups

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way: Ardentismaxima and Tryostronix absolutely destroy Diorajasaur. Tryostronix can even use Ready to Crush against it to avoid the Counterattack. Run away if you get the chance. In general Diorajasaur doesn’t do so well against Immunity. Magnapyritor and both Indoraptors do very well against Diorajasaur. DoT is also a bad thing for Diorajasaur as it lacks a way to Cleanse itself. Suchotator, Spinotasuchus and Thylacotator do very well against it. Another bad matchup is chompers. Trykosaurus, Thoradolosaur and Tenontorex do very well against Diorajasaur, especially when brought in to revenge kill it. You will unfortunately run into this situation quite a lot when using Diorajasaur.  

Team mates for Diorajasaur

Diorajasaur provides excellent support for its team by providing set-up opportunities for them. Diorajasaur won’t always get a kill off, however it will almost always leave the opponent at low enough Health for another dinosaur to set up. Diloracheirus, Tryostronix, Erlidominus, Erlikospyx and the chompers are all excellent revengekillers Diorajasaur can support. Another use of Diorajasaur is how it lures in its counters. As you might have seen, Diorajasaurs counters are generally very slow creatures like Thoradolosaur and Ardentismaxima. Slower dinosaurs can be finished off right after they kill Diorajasaur with faster dinosaurs. Magnapyritor, the unique Chickens, Utarinex, Tryostronix and other faster creatures really benefit from the fact that Diorajasaur lures out those slower creatures.

How to counter Diorajasaur

If you see a Diorajasaur come out, expect to lose at least one dinosaur unless you have the absolute best counters to it. If you want to minimize its damage, try and work around that Counterattack, as that is Diorajasaurs biggest damage output. The ultimate counter to Diorajasaur is Stygidaryx. Stygidaryx can come in for free and get out quickly without triggering the Counterattack. It can whittle Diorajasaur down with DoT while taking extremely little damage. DoT in general is a good way to kill Diorajasaur or to force it out. Suchotator, Spinotasuchus and Thylacotator do very well against it. Chompers are also a good counter to Diorajasaur, especially if it has already used Instant Distraction the turn before. Tryostronix doesn’t even care if it has already used Instant Distraction or not due to the Immunity and it can safely set up on it with Ferocious Strike or even Ready to Crush.

Parting Words

And there you have it! Diorajasaur’s Battle Profile in full detail! We hope you found this article useful. Hopefully this article will show how Diorajasaur isn’t just a budget Trykosaurus but a completely different dinosaur to use in general. This is a  weekly series in which you can decide what dinosaur is featured next! You can do so by voting on the poll we have on the Discord server! I put up a couple of dinosaur names and you vote for it! And if you want to help out, reach out to me and you’ll get a shout out in the article! Let’s make this series awesome together!

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