Dinosaur Battle Profile: Indoraptor!

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Explorers! Welcome to our new series: Dinosaur Battle Profiles. In this new series we will go over a dinosaur and give you all the battle-related info you want to know about. Matchups, stats, moves, team members, how to counter/use it; you name it, we got it! The best thing about this series is that the dinosaur is picked by the members of our Discord server! So if you aren’t on there, what are you waiting for! There will be a link to join at the bottom of the article, and then you can decide too on what dinosaurs will be covered!

For the first time, I selected the dinosaur. And to honour the Fallen Kingdom movie and my Discord profile picture, the first dinosaur to be covered on this series will be Indoraptor G1 (or as I will refer to it sometimes in this article: Indo)! This Unique dinosaur has been in the game for quite a while and it has had its fair share of ups and downs. But how does it fare in the 1.9 Arena? Let’s find out! But first, let’s take a look at its stats, moves and design in this awesome infographic made by our artist Orange Rex!

Indo Profile

As you can see, Indoraptor is a very balanced creature. Good Speed, Health and Attack and a moveset dedicated to offense, Indoraptor can be a very lethal creature if it gets an opportunity to set up. It’s also relatively easy to obtain and level. If you get a large amount of Velociraptor that is. Its two Immunities to Distraction and Stun also help it out more than you might think. With these Immunities it now has a much better chance to win certain matchups it would otherwise lose in 1.8. Now, with the introduction out of the way, let’s get started on the battle experience.

Shout out to Viatovic and Ethan from our Discord for helping me out with the article!

How does the dinosaur function?

How to effectively use it

Indoraptor has a number of uses. It can be used as a cleaner, as a late-game dinosaur, or even as a damage sponge! However, we believe that it shines as a revenge-killer. If you have something in range of Indos Armor Piercing Strike or Cleansing Impact, send in Indoraptor and take it out to take that Defense Shattering Rampage out of its delay to hit the opponent very hard! There is no safe switch in to Indoraptor if you eliminate the counters! Another use for Indoraptor that has been brought up by a member of our Discord is a damage sponge. Evasive Stance is a gambling move, and some people don’t like it at all. However, if luck is on your side, you can take very little damage and waste opponents moves! And while taking little damage, Indos high damage moveset will still continue to whittle down the opponent! As some people on our Discord call it: your Indoraptor will go in God Mode and destroy the opponent.

Good matchups

Matchups and Indoraptor is a difficult task, especially when talking good matchups. Indoraptor has a number of good matchups, but there is almost never a 100% chance that Indoraptor beats the opponent. Opponents like Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur seem easy prey for Indo, however there are some instances where Tryko or Dio win, especially if Indo comes in on them when they are set up. There are a number of dinosaurs that Indoraptor does beat without much trouble. These dinosaurs are all relatively tanky, and they don’t like seeing Indoraptor come in whatsoever. Think of dinosaurs like Smilonemys, Monostegotops and Tragodistis. And then there are the numerous cases in which it needs a dodge or two to win, so you never are truly safe using Indoraptor! However, if you have RNG on your side, there are only a few dinosaurs that Indoraptor doesn’t take out!

Indo model
Bad matchups

Indoraptors bad matchups are a bit clearer. Even with all its Immunities, it still lacks an Immunity to a very common move effect: Slowing. Slowing is Indoraptors greatest weakness, and it only has Cleansing Impact to deal with that. Of course, you can play around the Slowing with Cleansing and Evasive Stance if you feel lucky, but most of the time your Indoraptor will be very susceptible to a second heavy hit if it gets slowed. Dinosaurs that Indoraptor needs to be cautious against are for example Ardentismaxima, Geminititan and Diloracheirus. Indoraptor also doesn’t really like a set-up Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex and Trykosaurus due to the high damage they have. It also doesn’t really like facing Erlikospyx, due to the variety of negative effects it can put on Indo and the Precise Rampage going through the Evasive effects. But keep in mind that Evasive could save you from some cases of certain death.


Indoraptor is a cleaner. No question about it. So it appreciates some team mates that can assist it with setting up the kills and making sure Indoraptor can get set up on the opponent. Dinosaurs that can do this are dinosaurs that can Slow the opponent, like Stegodeus, Ardentismaxima and Geminititan . They are awesome team mates that can help set up Indoraptor to allow it to tear the opponent apart. Other useful dinosaurs to have on the team are dinosaurs that can defeat its counters. Most of them are weak to chompers, so Tenontorex, Thoradolosaur and Trykosaurus are also awesome counters. Tanks like Tragodistis and Smilonemys can take out the speedsters that threaten it, and Indoraptor also likes something like Utarinex to take out the opposing chompers. Especially Thoradolosaur which is just a RNG crit machine.

Parting Words

We hope you found this article useful! Indoraptor is a powerful dinosaur and probably the first Unique you’ll unlock/have unlocked, so you’ll have plenty of time to experience this menace! We hope this article helped you understand the Fallen Kingdom villain! This will be a weekly series in which YOU can decide what dinosaur is featured next! You can do so by voting on the poll we have on our Discord server! I put up a couple of dinosaur names and you vote for it! And if you want to help out in other ways, reach out to me on Discord and you'll get a shout out in the article! Let's make this series awesome together!

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