Dinosaur Battle Profile: Majundaboa!

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Explorers! Welcome to the Dinosaur Battle Profiles. In this series we will go over a dinosaur and give you all the battle-related info you want to know about. Matchups, stats, moves, team members, how to counter/use it; you name it, we got it!

The Dinosaur Battle Profiles are back everyone! Wooooo! But this time we’re doing it a bit differently. Instead of only covering high arena threats, we want to expand the range of creatures, so this time around, all creatures are eligible. So while this article may cover an Epic creature, next week could cover the Common Velociraptor! This way we want to include all creatures that the game has to offer and have some more variety in the creatures covered!

To start the revival of the DBP, we’re covering Majundaboa! Majundaboa is one of the newest creatures in the game, with it being a Superhybrid of Majundasuchus and Titanoboa G2. Lots of people have been wanting Majundasuchus to get a hybrid for a very long time and it finally has one. But how good does it actually do in the Arena against other creatures it’s likely to face? Before we really are going to cover it, let’s first look at its stats and kit with an infographic by our Artist Orange Rex!

Majundaboa Infographic

As you can see, Majundaboa is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, focusing on Dodge bypassing/removal. With lots of Shielding and Boosting potential due to On Escape Dust Cloud, Shielded Decelerating Strike and Ferocious Strike it has lots of damage and defence options. Cleansing Impact will remove all forms of DoT and other negative effects from it, and Precise Impact will bypass any Dodge/Cloak effects that are still present. So how does this creature perform? Let’s take a closer look at it!

How does the creature function?

How to effectively use it

Majundaboa’s main gimmick is its Raking Counterattack, allowing it to remove all Cloak/Dodge effects when Majundaboa survives an attack. While removing Cloak with it will never happen, it can definitely get rid of an Evasive Stance or other Evasive effect! Dodgers have very little chance against Majundaboa, so it is definitely a good use there. When you don’t need to remove Dodge, it still has an Armor Piercing effect, so it can still dish out some damage against those pesky Armored creatures like Carbonemys and Meiolania! Ferocious Strike will make sure that that damage keeps on coming, and Shielded Decelerating Strike allows for good Defence options as well as Speed control. With Majundaboa’s Immunity to Distraction there is no way you’re going to lower its Attack as well! We think that the best way to use Majundaboa is as a revengekiller to kill something that is slower than it late-game, or use it to counter those pesky dodgers. Don’t bring it in with a hard-switch though, as Majundaboa doesn’t have a lot of Health. Its lower Health stat leaves it very vulnerable to being twoshotted by an Impact or Rampage move, so be sure you DO NOT HARD-SWITCH it into battle, as it really wants to go in a battle healthy. There are two cases where you can hard-switch it in, but we recommend using other creatures for that. Only hard-switch it in when the creature is either in Counterattack range (See it as a mini-Swap-In-Attack) or when you predict the person to use a non-damage move like Instant Distraction. Otherwise it’s better if you just bring it out regularly or when your slower ‘Hit and Runner’ goes into it.

Good matchups

As mentioned before, Majundaboa is amazing against dodgers. Its best matchup on equal settings is actually Procerathomimus, being able to win 100% of the time against it! All you need to do is to make sure you have a Shield up when Procerathomimus can use Distracting Rampage and you will win! Other good matchups are speedsters like Ornithomimus, Pyroraptor, Pyrritator, Spinotahraptor, Smilodon and Erlikogamma, and Distracters like Monolophosaurus, Monomimus and Dilophosaurus! It will also do well against anything with high Health that can’t deal a lot of damage. Sauropods like Giraffatitan, Amargasaurus, Suchotator and Argentinosaurus come to mind, especially if Majundaboa manages to keep up a Shield! Another good use for it is to somewhat trap opposing Hit and Runners like Erlikosaurus and Ornithomimus. With On Escape Dust Cloud activating a powerful Shield and a Ferocity effect for Majundaboa, opponents will definitely think twice about running away from it!

Bad matchups

Due to its relatively small Healthpool, Majundaboa struggles versus hard-hitting Defense Shatterers, especially if they can’t be slowed. This small Healthpool also leaves it very much in range of a revengekill, so creatures like Sarcorixis and Tryostronix will very easily set up on it. Tryostronix will do very well against Majundaboa regardless, seeing as it can use Ready to Crush to take no Counterattack damage while still boosting itself. Its hybrid components Postimetrodon and Baryonyx will also do very well against it, with the latter being able to also set up a Ready to Crush, and with the former to easily dispatch it with its Ferocious boosted Defense Shattering Impact. Damage over Time will also do well against it if it has used its Cleansing Impact already, so be sure to use it wisely. Indominus Rex G2 is probably the biggest problem, with it easily using Mutual Fury to oneshot Majundaboa the next turn. Procerathomimus will also defeat it if Majundaboa doesn't have a Shield to protect it from the Distracting Rampage.

Team Mates

With Majundaboa being extremely adept at removing Dodgers and Distracters, it can be a very good idea to pair it with the type of creature that struggles to deal with those: Chompers. Allosaurus G2, Indominus Rex G2, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosinosaurus; those are amazing creatures that have problems dealing with Dodgers and/or Distracters. Other creatures that value Majundaboa’s abilities are creatures that appreciate a set-up creature. Majundaboa may not win every situation, but it will leave them at low Health a lot of the time. Creatures like Gorgosuchus and Postimetrodon value this because they can use their Ferocious Strike to set up their hard-hitting move!

A possible Indoraptor G2 counter?

While Majundaboa of itself is already a great creature, if Ludia made one simple (and not unreasonable!) change it would be a counter to one of the absolute best creatures in the game: Indoraptor G2. No big change like a Health buff or an Attack buff: simply change Precise Impact for Precise Rampage and you have a full-on Indoraptor G2 counter. Precise Rampage makes sense as its parent Titanoboa G2 also has it. All Majundaboa has to do to defeat Indoraptor G2 in that sense is use Shielded Decelerating Strike and Precise Rampage. Cautious Strike’s Distraction won’t work, and its Evasive effect gets removed by the Raking Counter, giving the Majundaboa a full hit, doing 2k damage on T1, and then another 2k damage on T2 with the Precise Rampage, allowing it to defeat Indoraptor G2.

Indoraptor G2 can defeat the move-order of Shielded Decelerating Strike -> Precise Rampage by going Evasive Stance first. It will be slowed down and it can then use Mutual Fury to come out on top. However, there is one method Majundaboa can use to still defeat Indoraptor G2 that way. It will have to use Precise Rampage on T1, followed by a Shielded Decelerating Strike on T2. This move order loses if Indoraptor G2 uses Cautious Strike first though, so it’s really a case of guessing. Guess right: you win. Guess wrong: you lose. But either way, you take off at least 2k damage from Indoraptor G2.

Parting Words

Majundaboa is one of the new toys, and it will be very useful in this weekend Tournament, with it being allowed to enter! Its main use will be countering all those pesky Yoshi, but it can also shut down all other speedsters! Be sure to hang around for the Tournament Guide later this week! What do you think of Majundaboa? Is it the hybrid Majundasuchus deserves after all this time, or does it fall flat on its face? Let us know what you think! Be sure to keep an eye out for more Dinosaur Battle Profiles on GamePress in the future! You can let us know if there are any specific creatures you want to see covered in the series either in the comments or in our Discord server! See you soon Explorers!

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