Dinosaur Battle Profile: Pterovexus!

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Explorers! Welcome to the Dinosaur Battle Profiles. In this series we will go over a dinosaur and give you all the battle-related info you want to know about. Matchups, stats, moves, team members, how to counter/use it; you name it, we got it! The best thing about this series is that the dinosaur is picked by the members of our Discord server! So if you aren’t on there, what are you waiting for! There will be a link to join at the bottom of the article, and then you can decide too on what dinosaurs will be covered!

For this episode, we will be covering the Unique pterosaur Pterovexus! Ever since we released the 1.9 tier list, many of you have expressed confusion regarding Pterovexus’ High Apex placement. While it’s understandable, as Pterovexus has been a Low Apex resident ever since its inclusion, the +390 HP and +200 Attack buff it received in 1.9 makes it a much more viable choice for the meta. Seeing as how the pterosaurs have a bad reputation for being mediocre overall, we’ll be going over what makes Pterovexus unique among them, not just in rarity. Let's begin the discussion by showing off this amazing infographic provided by our artist Orange Rex!

As you can see, we are clearly looking at a support dinosaur. It’s a fast support dino, using moves like Swap in Wound, Distracting Impact and Nullifying Impact to make sure the opponent takes some damage while also allowing itself to survive a couple of hits. Pinning Strike and Swoop also allow it to vex the opponent some more as those moves create beautiful set up opportunities for a team mate. Sounds good on paper, not let’s see how it fares in the Arena!

But first, I want to thank these members of our Discord server: BBell09 for being the resident Pterovexus expert, providing some great information, and Ketchup, for co-writing this article with me! Their help has been immensely useful for the creation of this article!

How does the dinosaur function?

How to effectively use it

Like we said before, Pterovexus is mainly a supportive dinosaur used as a compliment to dinosaurs that are otherwise countered by Armored tanks. It swaps in on them using the Swap in Wound and then proceeds to Distract them with the Distracting Impact and Swooping out for some more DoT action. This strategy is especially useful against something like a Trykosaurus or Diorajasaur when they use one of their priority moves, as Pterovexus’ Immunity allows it to deal damage without being Distracted! You can also use its basic attack Pinning Strike to make sure the opponent stays in so that your team mate can set up on a weakened opponent. If Pterovexus is low on Health, it can also be used as death fodder while being able to apply DoT on the aggressor before going down, allowing it to force a draw if the opponent’s dino lacks Immunity and has 25% Health or lower. With that being said, let’s see what it enjoys coming in on, what it hates and what its best friends are.

Good matchups

Pterovexus doesn’t really abide to the ‘standard good matchups’, as it is more of a utility dinosaur. However, there are some dinosaurs it’ll do very well against. For starters, any Armored tank will not enjoy seeing this little bugger come in on them due to the DoT applied to them. Tanks like Stegodeus, Tragodistis, Alankylosaurus and even Unique ones like Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus will not like seeing this pterosaur swooping in and out. The Distracting Impact allows it to make sure it survives a bit longer, while Nullifying Impact allows it to get rid of Shields and the recently buffed Evasive from dinosaurs like both Indoraptors and both Indominus Rexes. At equal levels, you can also use it as a Dracoceratops counter if you predict the switch. Swap it in on the turn Dracoceratops swaps in, apply the DoT, and then use Pinning Strike to prevent it from swapping out. Pterovexus’ 1200 damage should allow it to take out Dracoceratops using a Pinning Strike and either Impact! This works exceptionally well when Dracoceratops’ first move is Regeneration! Now, let’s go over some less friendly creatures for it.

Bad matchups

Pterovexus as a support dinosaur really wants to apply debuffs on the opponent, so if the opponent can negate those or even Cleanse them, Pterovexus will not be happy. Dinosaurs like Erlidominus, Geminititan, Ardentismaxima, Indoraptor (GEN2) and Quetzorion are either Immune to its debuffs or can Cleanse them easily. It also really wants to swap in safely for the Swap in Wound, so if you predict it coming in and use a big attack on it, it won’t like it at all. There are even some hidden counters to it, like Carbonemys and Carbotoceratops, who have massive Armor stats and are Immune to DoT! However, most of the times you use Pterovexus you won’t send it in on its counters, as that would just be wasting a dinosaur. Just stay away from creatures with Cleansing and Immunity and you’ll be fine.


As Pterovexus is a supporter, it enjoys dinos who can capitalize off its efforts. Such dinos include ones that have setup moves, most notably Indoraptor (GEN2), Tryostronix, Erlidominus, and Erlikospyx. It also pairs very well with hit and runners such as Smilonemys, Utarinex, Diloracheirus, and Dracoceratops, as they can provide it with some prior damage or get it in safely, even letting it get some kills of its own. Counter-attackers such as Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur work well when coming in from Swoop, allowing their counters to rack up even more damage with DoT being active as well.

How to counter Pterovexus

Like I said before, Pterovexus really doesn’t like Immune dinosaurs. So those will be your best bet to prevent it from pulling any shenanigans on your team. Dinosaurs like Erlidominus and Ardentismaxima will do well against it with their Immunity and High damage. Cleansing dinosaurs like Quetzorion and Indoraptor will also do well against it. Using our Battle Sim, we will show you some counters to Pterovexus!


Title Win Rate Loss Rate Tie Rate
100% 0% 0%
100% 0% 0%
2% 97% 0%


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Title Win Rate Loss Rate Tie Rate
100% 0% 0%
97% 0% 2%
10% 0% 0%


Title Win Rate Loss Rate Tie Rate
2% 0% 0%
2% 92% 0%

Parting Words

And that’s it! We hope we were able to elaborate more on why we think Pterovexus is a High Apex creature, as the pterosaurs as a whole are looked down upon by the community. Pterovexus is a support dino who works best by applying various debuffs to opposing dinos, then allowing teammates to capitalize on the crippled dino. Due to its playstyle, it has a higher learning curve than other top picks, similar to Tenontorex. When played in the right hands, however, it can be a force. So get out there, level your Meme-o-mimus Bird, and go annoy everyone in the arena.

This is a  weekly series in which you can decide what dinosaur is featured next! You can do so by voting on the poll we have on the Discord server! I put up a couple of dinosaur names and you vote for it! And if you want to help out, reach out to me and you’ll get a shout out in the article! Let’s make this series awesome together!

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