Dinosaur Battle Profile: Tenontorex!

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Explorers! Welcome to the Dinosaur Battle Profiles. In this series we will go over a dinosaur and give you all the battle-related info you want to know about. Matchups, stats, moves, team members, how to counter/use it; you name it, we got it! The best thing about this series is that the dinosaur is picked by the members of our Discord server! So if you aren’t on there, what are you waiting for! There will be a link to join at the bottom of the article, and then you can decide too on what dinosaurs will be covered!

This time, you guys chose Tenontorex to be featured on the series! This underrated Unique Hadrosaur is quite different from other Hadrosaurs. Rather than Stunning and Running, this Hadrosaur specializes in Distracting and Defense Shattering! This makes it a powerful anti-tank creature that can deal with multiple other creatures as well! There is a lot to cover, so let’s get started with the infographic made by our artist Orange Rex!

Tenontorex stats

As you can see, Tenontorex has good Health and Attack, as well as a Speed tier that puts it above most tanks it will face. Furthermore, the moveset has a lot of variety and damage behind it. Defense Shattering, Distraction, Slowing and Distraction Cleansing are all found in this creature, making this a very versatile chomper! Let’s talk more about it!

How does the dinosaur function?

How to effectively use it

Tenontorex is a chomper. So naturally the first thing that comes to mind is to send it in against tanks and other Armored creatures. And you couldn’t be more right! Tenontorex shines in this role, as it absolutely obliterates almost every tank out there. Tenontorex shines as a tankbuster, late game finisher and revenge killer, where most of its counters have been knocked out already. An unchecked Tenontorex can very quickly end the game.

Good matchups

Tenontorex came in very high on our Simulator Results, clocking in at the 9th position for every dinosaur in the game! It had a whopping 87.98% win rate overall, so that speaks of Tenontorex’ strength. Tenontorex’ strength lies in the versatility it has. Due to its versatility Tenontorex has good matchups against a lot of dinosaurs. It does well against Armored creatures with Defense Shattering moves, it shuts down high damage creatures with Distracting Impact and can deal with speedsters with Superiority Strike! So in most cases, Tenontorex will come out on top. It also deals exceptionally well against Trykosaurus, as it is one point faster, it can Distract it, cleanse the Instant Distraction and then hammer it with a DSR. It’s also one of the faster chompers out there, only outsped by the Baryonyx like creatures. So if you speedboost it, it can beat almost any other chomper. And even if you don’t outspeed it: You can slow the opponent down with Superiority Strike!

Bad matchups

As we get into the bad matchups, things get tricky. Due to Tenontorex’ versatility, it wins a lot of matchups if it predicts right. However, one wrong move and Tenontorex will go down without doing much. As for creatures that threaten it: Erlikospyx cannot be slowed by Superiority Strike and can deal a big chunk of damage to Tenontorex. Erlidominus can’t be Slowed or Distracted, so forget about doing that to it. Erlidominus can also take out Tenontorex in a 1v1, but it has to beware of set up Tenontorexes with a DSR off cooldown. Utarinex and Utasinoraptor have the same thing, where they get destroyed by a wrong move, but most of the time win against it due to them being able to offset that Superiority Strike slow with Instant Charge. Distracting Impact on T1 also helps them survive its hits better. So, Tenontorex has some tricky matchups that will result in its loss when predicting wrong and it also has some strong counters.

Team mates

Tenontorex is a tankbuster and a versatile one at that. However, it functions at its best when it is set up. So something that can Slow the opponent is very useful to have, allowing Tenontorex to kill the opponent and getting its big DSR off delay. Creatures like Stegodeus, Ardentismaxima and Geminititan are amazing picks here. And when Tenontorex removes a tank, you’ll want some speedsters like Diloracheirus, Erlidominus or Quetzorion to take advantage of that. So make sure you got some of them in your team as well!

Tenontorex or Thoradolosaur?

This has been a question that has been debated on by some people. Some people prefer Thoradolosaur due to the high Critical Chance and the Instant Charge, while others prefer Tenontorex due to its versatility and higher Health, allowing it to survive a DSR and counter from Trykosaurus (if it doesn’t crit of course). Both dinosaurs have their own perks. Tenontorex is a bit more bulky due to the Distracting Impact and higher Health, while Thoradolosaur is just an offensive powerhouse. Both are extremely threatening when boosted to high levels, easily capable of taking out teams themselves if there is no counter to them. So, it’s up to preference. Thoradolosaur is a high damage machine, and Tenontorex is a more versatile chomper. You can’t go wrong with both.

Parting Words

We hope you now know more about Tenontorex! When underestimated, this powerful hadrosaur will tear you apart with its high damage and versatile moveset! We hope that you now know more on how to use it and also what not to do with it! This is a  weekly series in which you can decide what dinosaur is featured next! You can do so by voting on the poll we have on the Discord server! I put up a couple of dinosaur names and you vote for it! And if you want to help out, reach out to me and you’ll get a shout out in the article! Let’s make this series awesome together!

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