Dracoceratops vs. Monostegotops: Who is the best Swap-in Damage Creature?

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Up until update 1.9, the main creature we had for Swap in Damage was Dracoceratops with Swap in (Shattering) Rampage. Then in update 1.9, the Ceratopsians got a major overhaul to become true Swap-In Damage creatures, obtaining Swap-in Stunning Strike and Dig In as parts of their kit. Then in update 1.11, Dracoceratops got a big change, changing out Swap-in Rampage for Swap-in Savagery, having a 40% Rend on swap in without Armor piercing and Shield breaking. With Dracoceratops receiving the Attack nerf in 1.13, the debate on who is the better Swap-in Damage creature is still there. So in this article we will try to answer that question once and for all.

Creature Comparison

Before we go and rank the two creatures, we feel like itā€™s a good idea to first compare the two stat-wise and move-wise. To do so, we have got our Artist Orange Rex to work on this amazing comparison infographic for us!


As you can see, there is quite a big difference between them. Dracoceratops is a real Swap-in oriented creature, with a kit to remove the bound of the Swap-in Savagery with Regeneration and Acute Stun. Rampage and Minimal Speed Up Strike will allow Dracoceratops to dish out some damage after swapping in. With an average Health, lower Speed and decent Attack its quite a good creature for a creature made of two commons. Monostegotops however looks more like an utility creature. Slowing, Stunning, Distraction, Armor and decent Speed at 117 combined with Swap-in Stunning Strike and Dig In allows Monostegotops to be a major threat even after swapping in. So now that we know both of the creatures, letā€™s take a closer look at some situations where they shine and donā€™t shine.

Dracoceratops: Where does it (not) perform?

Dracoceratopsā€™ biggest use is definitely the 40% Rend on its Swap-in Savagery. This allows it to be very effective against high-health creatures like Geminititan and Ardentismaxima who have high Health and are tricky to take out. Dracoceratops can very easily take out big chunks of Health from creatures, even without boosts, which is its main benefit. If you decide to purely use it for a Swap-in creature, you can just pump it full of Health boosts and be done. Use Regeneration to cleanse the Bound effect and then you can swap out again! Or it can use Acute Stun against faster creatures to get a hit off with Rampage, or freely Regenerate 50% of its Health!

After swapping in to claim a kill, Dracoceratopsā€™ weaknesses start to show. Without Health boosts, the 3000 Health it has isnā€™t that solid, especially in higher arenas full of creatures with 1500 Attack or more like Erlidominus, Erlikospyx and Mammolania. Its 1300 Attack, while reasonable, is not going to be as hurtful to some creatures, especially not against armored creatures.

In short, Dracoceratops is a star with taking out high-health creatures, which is very useful in a boosted meta. But the low Health without Health boosts on it and the lack of Armor Piercing moves while so many creatures have Armor nowadays really does hurt it a lot. However, it is the easiest to access out of the two, being made from two Common creatures, so levelling it is a lot easier.

Monostegotops: Where does it (not) perform?

Monostegotopsā€™ Swap-in Ability is Swap-in Stunning Strike, an Armor Piercing Strike with a 66% chance to Stun the opponent, basically giving Monostegotops a free entry with some damage if the Stun does land. After this, it has lots of choices to choose from to deal with the situation. It can Slow the opponent down with Slowing Impact, it canĀ  Distract the opponent with its basic Distraction attack, but it can also go on the defensive and use Dig In to immediately cleanse the Bound effect that is applied to it. So versatility is Monostegotopsā€™ biggest boon here. It is also able to live a lot of hits due to its high Health and 30% Armor stat. Combined with the Healing from Dig In, Monostegotops is sure to be annoying to deal with.

The one thing holding Monostegotopsā€™ Swap-in Damage back is the Attack Stat. Swap-in Stunning Strike is based off of Monostegotopsā€™ Attack stat, unlike Dracoceratopsā€™ Swap-in Savagery. So it needs some Attack boosts to further increase its damage. However, Monostegotops would also like some Health boosts to further its bulk, so itā€™s not as easy to boost as Dracoceratops might be.

In short, Monostegotops is a Swiss-army-knife type of creature, capable of doing almost everything you want it to. Its bulk and kit allow it to dish out good damage, while surviving lots of hits in the progress. Swap-in Stunning Strike will need to be supported by boosts, which is Monostegotopsā€™ biggest problem when dishing out Swap-in damage. Dracoceratops is better than it in that regard, that it is much easier to boost in specific places than Monostegotops.

So which one is better?

If you are looking for a creature who you can easily invest boosts in to maximize the performance, Dracoceratops is your go-to. With Swap-in Savagery being percentage-based damage, it doesnā€™t need the Attack boosts but mostly needs to survive attacks after it swaps in. However, if you want a solid creature that can dish out the damage and take hits after swapping in, you will definitely appreciate Monostegotops. Its versatility is amazing and it is one of its main benefits. Sure youā€™ll have to boost the Attack to increase the Swap-in Damage, but that boosted Attack will also go into its other attacks, which will hit incredibly hard as well due to this. While Dracoceratops is very easily obtainable and is very easy to boost, we feel that Monostegotops currently holds the title of ā€˜Best Swap-In Damage Creatureā€™ due to its versatility, bulk and ability to dish out good damage after swapping in on something. The chance to have a free entry as well due to the Stunning aspect of its Swap-in Ability also gives it an edge on Dracoceratops, who doesnā€™t have this. However, Dracoceratops rarely has to take a hit directly after swapping in, since it will have killed a creature when swapping in. Monostegotops doesnā€™t really need to kill the opposing creature, as its bulk and Dig In allow it to take a couple of hits, even if the Stun didnā€™t land.

Parting Words

So there you have it! Our pick for the best Swap-in Damage creature! Do you agree with our pick? If you have another candidate for best Swap-in Damage creature, let us know! Be sure to check out our Discord server, where we actively interact with our community! We hope to see you on there discussing JWA with us!

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