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Explorers! Welcome to the Strike Guides, where we take a look at Jurassic World Alives most difficult Strike Events! This time, we're gonna take a look at the 10 Step Fright Strike! This is the easiest Epic Strike of the week, and can easily be cleared by a team of level 15 creatures! Let's start with the Guide with an infographic showcasing the last and most difficult step! Massive thanks to our artist Orange Rex for making it!


As you can see, this Epic Strike is not that difficult when you're a bit further in the game. It's easy to do with creatures that are level 15, so if you have a couple of those you can be sure that you can beat it. Let's take a look at all the steps that you will face, as well as the rewards you'll get for beating them.

Step 1: Tanycolagreus (6), Tarbosaurus (7), Suchotator (8) - Coins

Step 2: Tyrannosaurus Rex GEN 2 (7), Kelenken (8), Velociraptor (9) - Coins

Step 3: Tanycolagreus (8), Tarbosaurus (9), Suchotator (10) - Small Halloween Incubator

Step 4: Tyrannosaurus Rex GEN 2 (9), Kelenken (10), Velociraptor (11) - Coins

Step 5: Tanycolagreus (10), Tarbosaurus (11), Suchotator (12) - Regular Halloween Incubator

Step 6: Tyrannosaurus Rex GEN 2 (11), Kelenken (12), Velociraptor (13) - Coins

Step 7: Tanycolagreus (12), Tarbosaurus (13), Suchotator (14) - Large Halloween Incubator

Step 8: Tyrannosaurus Rex GEN 2 (13), Kelenken (14), Velociraptor (15) - Coins

Step 9: Tanycolagreus (14), Tarbosaurus (15), Suchotator (16) - Coins

Step 10: Indominus Rex GEN 2 (15), Allosaurus GEN 2 (16), Spinonyx (17) - Epic Halloween Incubator

In these incubators you will find dinosaurs from this pool:

Common: Tanycolagreus, Tarbosaurus, Velociraptor

Rare: Kelenken, Suchotator, Tyrannosaurus Rex GEN 2

Epic: Allosaurus GEN 2, Indominus Rex GEN 2

Quite the amount of text! However, this has all the info you might want to know for this Strike Event. With the coins, the further you get the more you receive. At Step 9 you get 1500 coins for beating it. So this Strike Event is quite a good thing to do if you want a good amount of coins! Now, let's see how you can actually beat this Strike.

Strategy Talk

For a lower level player, this Strike Event might be a bit difficult, especially the last step. However, if you have a team of (nearly) level 15 creatures you should do alright. I'll show you the team I used to beat this Strike here:

Team to beat this Strike Event

This is the team I used to beat this Strike Event! 

As you can see, this team is not that difficult to obtain or to be near at. Blue and Diplodocus might be the things you have difficulty obtaining/leveling, and there are some hybrids in there. However, they generally aren't that hard to level. Even if you have them a bit lower you might be able to do it. I do advise having both Blue and Dracorex GEN 2 at level 15 though, as they will do key damage/survive some more hits. The other dinosaurs can be a bit lower leveled. Here's how I did it:

Through the first couple of steps, I led Blue and let her sweep through everything. At level 15, Blue is at a perfect point to do serious damage while also taking little damage due to Shields and Distraction. By sending out Blue you generally take out the first 5 steps relatively easy. When Blue is knocked out, I usually send in Postimetrodon to clean up. Dracorex GEN 2 can also be used to pick off weakened enemies relatively free.

Alanqa can be used to counter Velociraptor, as it is the only thing that outspeeds Blue. Alanqa takes care of Velociraptor no problem and can deal serious damage to the thing that swaps in after Velociraptor dies. Diplodocus can also deal with those faster creatures, but is affected by the Distraction.

For the Chompers, Monolophosaurus and Blue ate them. They weren't much trouble. Suchotator can be tricky, but a couple of heavy hits and it's going to drop. I haven't seen it use Instant Distraction myself, keep this in mind. Its moveorder is Nullifying Impact first, Lethal Wound second. 

Kelenken is a tricky one that I didn't really prepare for, but a couple of fast hits with Blue took care of it.

The final step is where things got tricky. I chose Blue, Monolophosaurus, Dracorex GEN 2 and Alanqa. Alanqa was originally there to tank a possible Cloaked APR from Indominus GEN 2, which it luckily didn't use. Speaking of Indominus, that was the first dino that came out. I sent out my Monolophosaurus hoping that I'd see either Spinonyx or Allosaurus GEN 2, so I was a bit disappointed. Lost Monolophosaurus, but got two hits in, including the Distracting Rampage. Then I sent out Alanqa and took down the Indominus. Allosaurus GEN 2 came out and defeated my bird but not without taking big damage. Then I sent in my Blue which finished it with a Precise Pounce. Spinonyx came out and I used Distraction and Precise Pounce on it. After that I swapped into my Dracorex GEN 2 to win against the final step.

But Bart! I don't have this team! What should I do?

As I said before, this Strike Event isn't that difficult. I picked some random dinosaurs from my bench that had a good matchup against the dinosaurs that were present. If you take a look at the enemy list in this article and to the dinosaurs on your bench, pick a bunch of them that have a good matchup: Speedsters vs. Chompers, slowers vs. fast creatures, Immunes vs. Suchotator and as much Distraction as possible for the Chompers, especially in the final step. Don't be afraid to swap out members for each step. You are given the option to do so each round, so if you want to, do it. Make a set of dinosaurs that can beat a certain step, and then roll with them. Don't be afraid to fail once or twice, you are given three attempts at it before you have to pay Hard Cash to retry it. So experiment with your team. See what dinosaurs beat the opponent. As a reference, here is what my team was supposed to beat and what dinosaurs can replace them:

Blue beats: Tarbosaurus, Kelenken, Allosaurus GEN 2, Spinonyx, Tanycolagreus.
Can be replaced by: Monolophosaurus, Procerathomimus, other raptors. Preferably you'll have this one at level 15 and use it. 

Wuerhosaurus beats: Velociraptor, Tanycolagreus.
Can be replaced by: Kentrosaurus, Stegosaurus

Alanqa beats: Tanycolagreus, Velociraptor, Indominus Rex GEN 2
Can be replaced by: Arambourgiania. However, Alanqa is way better at the job.

Monolophosaurus beats: Tarbosaurus, Allosaurus GEN 2, Spinonyx
Can be replaced by: Raptors, Erlikosaurus GEN 2, Procerathomimus

Postimetrodon beats: anything slower than it, revenge killing option
Can be replaced by: Gorgosuchus, Postosuchus

Dracorex GEN 2 beats: KO-ing anything on low Health with Swap in Rampage
Can be replaced by: nothing, this is one you really want to have.

Diplodocus beats: Velociraptor, Tanycolagreus, Kelenken
Can be replaced by: Nodopatosaurus, Amargocephalus

Indominus Rex GEN 2 beats: everything except Spinonyx due to Cloak and Mutual Fury
Can be replaced by: nothing really. No dinosaur does what it does

As you can see there are a LOT of options to pick from. I haven't even included possible Legendary or Unique creatures! Be calm and select a good team out of your available dinosaurs. Then everything will go well.

Parting Words

We hope you found this Strike Guide useful. This Strike Event really isn't as tough, but we still felt the need to make a Strike Guide for it to help out the players that might need it. The rewards are excellent and definitely something you don't want to miss! Stay tuned for more Strike Guides this week, as we have THREE more Epic Strikes this week! Spoiler alert: They're all way more difficult than this one. However, we will post Guides to help you out with them as well! Be sure to go to our Discord to talk with us and see whenever these Guides will go up on GamePress! We hope to see you on there!

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