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Explorers! Welcome to the Strike Guides, where we cover Jurassic World Alives most difficult Strike Events! For this episode, we are going to take a look at the Epic Asia Strike. This Strike Event comes packing with a lot of variety: Slowing, Stunning and Running are all part of this Strike Event. Let’s see what we’re up against using this awesome Infographic made by our Artist Orange Rex!

Strike Infographic

As you can see, we’ve got some powerful creatures in here, and a possible swap in with Sinoceratops. So be prepared to deal with that! Let’s go over each creature individually to see how we can counter them.


This Rare is in my opinion one of the best non-hybrid Rares in the game. With an Attack stat almost as high as the Indoraptor, really good HP and 20% Armor make it a formidable opponent to face. 115 Speed give it a solid Speed stat to start off with, and Thagomizer and Superiority Strike provide excellent Speed coverage and Distraction cleansing, while Instant Distraction can soften up hits even more. If you struggle with the high HP pool, Rending or DoT is the solution. You can also try and chomp it to death with Tyrannosaurids, but they need to have at least 3020 health to survive the Thagomizer and Superiority Strike. Try and work around this one with care, you’ll regret it if you underestimate this one.

Wuerhosaurus Counters
  • Purutaurus – The Greater Rending Counterattack this thing has and the Instant Distraction make this Epic Hybrid a great Wuerhosaurus counter. Instant Distract the Thagomizer to really limit the damage output.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – With the highest Attack stat in the game, Tyrannosaurus Rex really just shatters the opponent with how much damage it can throw out. It’s a great counter to Wuerhosaurus, as long as it can survive for two turns (3020 Health).
  • Purrolyth – I’d never thought I’d say this, but Purrolyth is actually a decent counter to Wuerhosaurus! The Minimal Rending Counterattack can be boosted from 20% to 30% Rending damage with Ferocious Strike, it can put up a Shield to reduce the damage and it can Regenerate some health too! It also needs to be at level 20 to fuse for Grypolyth, so the chances are that you already leveled this Rare Hybrid a decent bit!


This Epic creature has had a major rework in 1.9 and now it has a completely different playstyle. Honestly, I think it made dealing with it a bit easier due to the reduction in its Speed, Health and Attack. However, Sinoceratops can still give you plenty of trouble if you don’t deal with it well! Dig In gives it a Shield, Speedup, Cleanse and 25% Health in ONE turn, while Instant Charge and Decelerating Strike give it ways to combat speedy foes you might want to bring to outspeed it. Immunity is your best way to go here, as well as bringing some Armor piercers and Defense Shatterers.

Sinoceratops Counters
  • Postimetrodon – With its recent buff, Postimetrodon is a very good counter to Sinoceratops. Ferocious Strike, Defense Shattering Impact and Regeneration give it a solid way to deal with Sinoceratops. Immunity also completely shuts down all the Stunning moves it has!
  • Allosaurus G2 – With its amazing twoshotting combo of Defense Shattering Impact and Rending Takedown, Allosaurus G2 is amazing against Sinoceratops. At level 14, it can survive three hits from Sinoceratops and then proceed to take it down!
  • Thylacotator – Thylacotator also has a great combo move in its kit: Lethal Wound and Rending Takedown. Use this combination to take down Sinoceratops quickly. Due to Thylacotators Immunity to Stuns, it also doesn’t care about being Stunned!


The hardest hitting dino and fastest dinosaur of this Strike Event, Erlikosaurus brings a hefty 1400 Attack stat to the table. This gives Erlikosaurus a T1 damage output of 2800(!) damage with Rampage! It’s other stats are nothing to scoff at either. 1 29 Speed and 2943 Health  are really solid, and you’ll need a good slower to take this one out. Something with Armor is also a good way to reduce its damage output, as none of its Attacks pierce Armor. It has the ability to Run away with Strike and Run. Unless you want to deal with this dino again, try and prevent it from using Strike and Run! If you can’t do enough damage on your own, use Swap in Abilities like Swap in Strike/Rampage to take it out before it runs!

Erlikosaurus Counters
  • Kentrosaurus – This dinosaur is perfect for countering Erlikosaurus. Instant Distraction on turn 1 to soften up the Rampage and then Thagomizer to slow Erlikosaurus down. It’s high Attack stat and 0.5 Counterattack also helps a lot in the damage output. If you got this one at a good level, use it!
  • Wuerhosaurus – This dinosaur has the same kit as Kentrosaurus, except for the 0.5 Counterattack. It makes up for it with a 20% Armor stat, reducing the total damage output from Erlikosaurus a bit.
  • Sarcorixis – With its Armor, Immobilize, Greater Stunning Strike and Ferocious Impact, Sarcorixis is a nightmare for Erlikosaurus to deal with. Immobilize to prevent the swap, and then Stun it with the Greater Stunning Strike. After that hit it with the Ferocious Impact to seal the deal!


If you beat this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with an Asia Themed Epic Incubator! It contains loads of coins and DNA from the following dinosaur pool:

  • Common: Dilophosaurus GEN2, Tarbosaurus, Monolophosaurus GEN2, Velociraptor
  • Rare: Tuojiangosaurus, Wuerhosaurus, Dsungaripterus
  • Epic: Erlikosaurus, Sinoceratops, Darwinopterus

This week was awesome. Pterosaurs, Asia Strike rewards and loads of useful DNA! This Strike Event concludes this week. Next week it’s Halloween, so we will probably see the Halloween Theme being released! If this turns out to be true, we’re getting our hands on some good DNA! Let us know what you think of this theme in our Discord! We hope to see you on there!

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