Epic Debuff Strike

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Introduction and Infographic

Explorers! Welcome to another Strike Guide! As this week is almost done, we’ve got one more Epic Strike Event to cover! This time, three powerful Debuffing dinosaurs challenge us! Let’s see how we can defeat them!

Strike Event Infographic

As you can see, these three dinosaurs are no pushover. They all got Distracting and Nullifying moves, and some good Speed tiers. Check out our Beginners Guide on the moves these dinosaurs have! I’ll link them down below! So now, let’s go over each of them to see where their Strengths and Weaknesses are.


Koolasuchus is the lowest level dinosaur in this roster, but it’s also the one with the most Health. Over 4000 Health with a Distracting Impact is quite something. Its 127 Speed also allows it to outspeed most things that aren’t Speed Boosted. And if something is faster than it, it can slow them down with the Slowing Impact it has! This allows Koolasuchus to win the speed war while also dishing out big damage! Nullifying Strike also enables it to fight those Ferocious boosted dinosaurs. So don’t bring those to the table!

Koolasuchus’ Attack however lets it down a bit. It’s the lowest Attack in this Strike Event and that way you won’t be hit as hard as the other two can hit you. Superiority Strike also destroys it with the Speed control it offers and the Distraction cleansing. It also cannot pierce Armor, so bringing armored creatures should help you out.


The Epic Monolophosaurus is quite the Distracting powerhouse. With good Attack, two Distracting moves, one of them being a Rampage. So Mono can hit really hard. It can also hit you quick, as its 127 Speed allows it to outspeed many things. The two Distraction moves also allow it to reduce your damage to 0 on the second hit if you don’t cleanse the Distraction. Be careful about that!

However, Monolophosaurus has the lowest Health out of all three by quite a long shot. So it would only take a couple of hits to take it out. It also isn’t Immune, so you can Slow it or Distract the big Distracting Rampage it’s going to use. Superiority Strike is an absolute must against Monolophosaurus, as it really just destroys it.


Dennis Nedry should’ve ran while he had the chance. Dilophosaurus comes to this fight with an arsenal of very useful moves and stats. While it is the slowest of the three, 124 Speed is still relatively quick, and the kit it has ensures that it will live for a while. 3750 Health and Distracting Impact will allow it to live quite long if you don’t cleanse the Distraction. It also has two Nullifying moves, so using those Ferocious dinosaurs wouldn’t be recommended.

What Dilophosaurus doesn’t have however is a way to get rid of Distraction and Slowing effects. If you’re having trouble with Dilophosaurus’ damage output, Distract it back! Or Slow it down to ensure you hit first! This way, Dilophosaurus shouldn’t be as big of a deal to deal with. Earlier Strike Events have shown it using Nullifying Impact first, so use this piece of information to your advantage!


Now that we know our opponents better, let’s get into countering them. Superiority Strike is a must have here. All dinosaurs with Superiority Strike are useful here. I’ll be listing the useful dinosaurs that have it here up to Epic Rarity:

Alanqa, Brachiosaurus, Edmontoguanodon, Giraffatitan, Kentrosaurus, Maiasaura, Ouranosaurus, Stegosaurus, Suchotator, Tenontosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus, Wuerhosaurus.

Special mention goes to Kentrosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus and Wuerhosaurus who are also able to Distract these powerful Debuffers!

All of these dinosaurs are great picks for bringing to this Strike Event! If you don’t want to do that, try using either of these methods:

Damage over Time, Slowing, using Faster Creatures, high Armored creatures.

Be sure to check out our Dinodex if you don’t know what each dinosaur has!


For the rewards you’ll get a Debuff Epic Incubator! In it you’ll find loads of coins and DNA from the following DNA pool:

- Common: Diplocaulus, Dilophosaurus Gen 2, Monolophosaurus Gen 2

- Rare: Dilophosaurus, Diplocaulus Gen 2, Proceratosaurus, Koolasuchus Gen 2

- Epic: Koolasuchus, Monolophosaurus

 This Strike Event is awesome. The reward pool it has offers great dinosaurs with great hybrids, so definitely go out and do this one! We hope you were successful! If you were, share how you did it on our Discord server! We hope to see you on there!

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