Epic Lizard Strike Guide

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Today we're mixing it up by bringing you the strike guide to end all strike guides, and we're here to help you get through this epic Lizard Strike. But before we get started, let's just throw out this disclaimer.

These strikes with 3 level 30's are extremely challenging for low level players. If your highest rarity creature is an epic, you are going to really struggle to beat this strike, particularly because any set of three level 30's is going to mean you need to survive a long time to win and teams of lower level creatures generally can't kick out the damage necessary to do so.

Without further ado, let's get into the strike!


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epic lizard strike

All three of these creatures are distracting machines, and thankfully their base damage (relatively speaking -- after all they are level 30) is pretty low for a beast like that. But they all carry the same weaknesses. They are all prone to being distracted themselves, and they all can be crippled by tanks with superiority strike. There are, however, some differences that might catch you off guard.

For one, Skoolasaurus comes equipped with a lot of health (5397 health to be exact) and 30% armor. For another, Diplocaulus has swap in distraction and the computer will definitely swap into that at some point. And finally, Diplovenator has a 1x Defense Shattering Counter so shielding isn't going to work so well.

So beating these creatures with epics alone may be too tall an order. Ideally, you'd use things like Stegodeus, with Superiority Strike and a ton of health, or Indominus Rex who is Immune to distraction and can cloak (saving you a turn of counter attack and possibly negating some heavy damage) and rampage. Or Tragodistis, who can use invincibility and stunning and superiority strike to handle some of these issues. 

But if you have no choice but to use epics, your best shot (which may rely on some serious crits) would have to be below.

Low Level Counter Guide

Dracorex Gen 2

Possible Alternatives


Order your dinosaurs (by choosing them in this order) like this - Suchotator, Procerathomimus, Edmontoguanadon, Dracorex Gen 2

Using the above dinosaurs, you may have a shot at winning. Here's how you do it. 

Low Level Guide

Open with Procerathomimus and cloak immediately (to see if the opponent swaps). Use distracting rampage, nullifying strike, instant distract and then distracting rampage again (if you are lucky enough to live). That should deal with most of one creature if not all of it. 

But before you are about to die, swap in with Edmontoguanadon (or if you do die, put in Suchotator and bleed/swap to Edmontoguanadon). If you land the stun, lay on more damage with Superiority Strike, which will give you priority to use Nullifying Impact as well next turn. After you take a hit, use regen and run to get out and bring Dracorex Gen 2 in.

Your drac will likely be sacrificed at this point, but you can still get off one Impact before she goes (unless she's below level 15). Still, the added damage (and healing of Edmontoguanadon) will help. Put in Suchotator again and bleed - then swap to Edmontoguanadon. 

Rinse and repeat. If stun lands, use superiority strike and null impact. If it doesn't, do the same anyways. Then regen and run into Suchotator who will likely die. If sucho lives, swap right back to Edmontoguanadon and rinse/repeat one more time. 

Once Suchotator dies, you have your last moonshot. If you've only got one enemy left, Procerathomimus should outspeed it and give you the opportunity to decide if you can survive an instant distraction hit or if you need to swap in to Edmonto one more time for the hail mary stun and run Edmonto until it won't live any longer.

For this strategy to work, you need all of these dinos at a minimum level of 15+ (with a few leaning more towards the 20 side) or you need incredible luck on dodges, swap in stuns, and on the opponent AI not swapping at inopportune times. 

If you're using Purrolyth instead, your goal is to open with Purrolyth and 1v1 something to death via regens, instant distracts, and counters which should be possible. Then you have the Edmontoguanadon into Dg2 strategy and Edmontoguanadon into whatever you have left strategy to mimic until the end.

In Conclusion:

Strikes with 3 level 30's -- even in a boosted world -- can be a real challenge for early players. Low level guides are hard to come by and vary greatly based on the level of dinos on your team, and what you've invested boosts into (if you've unlocked boosts). So above all else, stick to what you think will work, but if you don't have legendaries and are looking for a hail mary play, the above strategy should work out pretty well with a team of decently leveled epics and rares -- and a little luck. And make sure to join our discord for more discussion and help! 

Good luck explorers!

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