Epic Stygimoloch Strike Guide!

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Introduction and Infographic

Explorers! It’s Friday once again, and we’ve got another Themed Epic Strike Event! This time, we’re up against the powerful Stygimoloch and it’s accompanied by two powerful Ceratopsians! Let’s see how we can beat them! Huge thank you to our awesome artist Orange Rex for making this awesome infographic!

Stygi Strike Infographic

These three dinosaurs all want to stun you to death. All of these dinosaurs have either one or two Stunning moves in their kit, and they are more than willing to use it. No Swap-In Abilities means that they most likely WON’T swap in this Strike Event, unless Stygimoloch can use Impact and Run. So you can pretty much face each dinosaur individually. Therefore, I’m going over each dinosaur and sum up their strengths and weaknesses. Below this text you’ll find the Battling Basics articles that’ll help you with understanding the moves these dinosaurs use. 


Starting with the Common dinosaur, Einiosaurus has a really basic kit: Decelerating Strike and Greater Stunning Impact. Even though it has only one multiplier in Greater Stunning Impact, its base damage at level 30 is 1702, almost as high as the Indoraptor! So be prepared to take some big hits! It can also survive quite a lot of hits with its 5287 Health and 15% Armor stats. Its 114 Speed also gives it a good edge against all the chompers running around, unless they are boosted of course. Don’t take this Common lightly, it can really dish out a lot of damage!

However, Einiosaurus has a weakness: Immune creatures. Creatures with Immunity give it and all other creatures in this Strike a lot of trouble, especially if they’re able to pierce Armor or Shatter Shields. The two moves it has can’t really affect Immune creatures, so bring as many as you can!


This Rare dinosaur trades 300 Attack in favor of a boost in every other stat and another move compared to Einiosaurus. It has two Stunning moves, Greater Stunning Impact/Strike and a Decelerating Strike. This means that it can stunlock you for two turns in a row! 5652 Health and 20% Armor make sure it can survive a couple of hits too. 115 Speed is also quite good. Its 1398 Attack, while lower than Einiosaurus, is still nothing to scoff at,  and the damage output should still be taken into consideration!

Just like Einiosaurus, Triceratops struggles against creatures with Immunity. All of its moves have move effects that Immunity just ignores, and most Immunes have Armor Piercing attacks. Bring those to this fight if you’re able to!


Stygimoloch, the star of the show, is quite the powerhouse. With the moveset it has along with its high Speed and Attack stat it can be a real annoyance. Shielding Strike provides it excellent survivability, Instant Charge gives it a priority Stunning move and Impact and Run allow it to flee the battle while also dishing out major damage. Distraction and Slowing will be a valuable asset against this dinosaur.

There really isn’t a lot wrong with Stygimoloch. It’s one of the best non-hybrids in the game in my opinion, and it really is quite the formidable opponent. There is a possibility of Distracting it to reduce the damage, or Slowing it down to make it run less quickly. Low Health also allows it to get chomped to death by faster Defense Shatterers. So if you’ve got a boosted chomper faster than 129 Speed, use it!


So these three all want to stun you to death. So a set of creatures with Immunity will help out a lot. Think of dinosaurs like Postimetrodon, Secodontosaurus, Ankylocodon, Dimetrodon (Gen 2), etc. These dinosaurs all negate the Stunning/Slowing effects these ceratopsians/Stygimoloch have. They all also have either Armor Piercing or Defense Shattering moves. So bringing them would be a good call. Another thing you might consider is adding a tank/distracter to your team to deal with Stygimoloch and its high damage. Good ones to consider are Brachiosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Wuerhosaurus, Purutaurus, Giraffatitan, Monolophosaurus and Suchotator. All of these dinosaurs can deal well with Stygimoloch. Of course, if you’ve gotten anything faster than it that can hit it hard, use it!


If you beat this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with the Stygimoloch Epic Incubator! In it you’ll find loads of coins and 200 GUARANTEED Stygimoloch DNA on top of the regular Epic Incubator DNA you’ll get! So a lot of Epic DNA to grab!

This Strike Event is definitely worth a try. Stygimoloch DNA is quite hard to obtain due to it being Arena Exclusive, and Stygimoloch has two powerful hybrids in Paramoloch and Tuoramoloch! Definitely try it if you get the chance! If you were successful, tell us how you did in our Discord Server! We’re getting close to 6500 members on there, so be sure to check it out! We hope to see you on there!

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