Epic Wounding Strike Guide

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Explorers! With this Featured Week almost being over, we’ve got one final Epic Strike to get to! This time we’re up against powerful Damage over Time users! They are all high levelled, have solid damage and all have some tricks of their own besides DoT! Let’s get to them!

-Disclaimer: This Epic Strike is a Master Ranked Strike Event, and the opposing dinosaurs all have very powerful high damage DoT attacks. Be warned that you may lose this one if you’re lower levelled- 

Thanks to our artist Orange Heart, we’ve got this incredible infographic for you!

wounding strike infographic

As you can see, we’ve got a bit of everything here. Slowing, Distraction, Defense Shattering, Rampages, Pinning, DoT. All of these things are here. So it’ll take a solid team to deal with these dinosaurs. Let’s get into all of them individually and see how they function.

Spinosaurus G2

Spinosaurus G2 is a powerful adversary. With nearly 4k Health, Lethal Wound and a Rampage coming off a 1110 Attack, it’s a very powerful enemy to face. 122 Speed is also quite quick, although not that quick with all the speedsters running around. Lethal Wound does 33% of your Health every turn, so be prepared to lose a lot of Health if you aren’t Immune!

Spinosaurus G2 is quite weak to Immune creatures. I’d use them to your advantage as much as you can! Another creature I can recommend to face it is Purutaurus. Purutaurus can Instant Distract the Rampages coming its way, and it can Cleanse the DoT effect applied to it! Definitely try it out!


Darwinopterus specializes in DoT, and it’ll swap in with the Swap in Wound it has. It can also shatter Shields and pierce Armor thanks to the Defense Shattering Impact it has! It’s also quite quick at 129 Speed. Beware of this one!

However, anything with Immunity destroys Darwinopterus. It doesn’t have the damage to really hurt things besides using DoT, and that’s rendered useless thanks to Immunity. So use anything with Immunity against this thing!


This Rare Hybrid is quite the bulky dinosaur. With almost 5k Health and a versatile moveset it’s quite the problem to deal with. Lethal Wound allows it to break through tanks easily, and it can Nullify every positive effects thanks to Nullifying Impact! Superiority Strike allows it to maintain Speed advantage and cleanse Distraction at the same time. Beware of this hybrid!

Suchotator however does have a weakness to Cleansing and a Rending Counter. So Purutaurus will do well against this one too. And Suchotator itself is also quite weak to DoT as well, so use that if you’re in a pinch!


As you can see, these dinosaurs all rely on DoT to do big damage (except Spinosaurus G2, who has a Rampage). Therefore, use anything with Immunity. Cleansing moves will also help you out a big deal, so if you got those, use them too! We’ll list some of our favorite ones to use from these categories down below and also give a quick explanation why.

  • Miragaia – Miragaia can put up Shields to reduce the damage, and it can Regenerate to regenerate 50% Health and Cleanse the DoT. 

  • Postimetrodon/Secodontosaurus – These two are some of the best Immune creatures around and they can deal big damage!

  • Ornithomimus/Procerathomimus – These two are also great Immune creatures and can hit very very hard with their damage multipliers and high Attack stats!

  • Purutaurus – Being  able to Cleanse every turn and Instant Distract the big attacks, Purutaurus can wear down the opponent with its Greater Rending Counterattack.


If you beat this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with a Wounding Epic Incubator! In it you’ll find Coins and DNA whose amounts vary depending on your player level. The DNA pool is as follows:

  • Common: Dimorphodon, Suchomimus, Sarcosuchus

  • Rare: Spinosaurus, Scaphognathus, Suchotator

  • Epic: Dimodactylus, Darwinopterus, Spinosaurus G2, Spinotahraptor

This Strike Event is quite the challenge! Especially if you factor in all the DoT that’s going to be afflicted to you. However, with the right strategy, you’ll get the job done. If you beat it, tell us how you did it in our Discord server! We’d love to see you on there!

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