Exclusive JWA News: The Campfire Event!

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Explorers! It's teasing week this week at GamePress, as Ludia has shared yet another piece of exclusive information with us! This time it will be a new Weekly Event that they have shared the details of, and they have given us permission to share this all in advance! We'd like to thank Ludia for this opportunity to share this information with the community, and let's not keep you waiting anymore. Let's cover the new info!

Disclaimer: Ludia provided the most recent information available at the time. They are not final and subject to change if necessary.

The Campfire Event

From August 2nd to August 8th (next week), Ludia has invited us to camp out with creatures you would most likely encounter while camping! Players will have a chance to cozy up to 3 Common, 3 Rare, 3 Epic, and 3 Legendary creatures. Stay tuned for the Weekly Event Calendar on Ludia's social pages for more details.

The Weekly Event itself is amazing and chock full of Event Exclusive creatures, meaning this will provide a tough choice for picking which creature you'd want to pick! Here is the full list:


  • Amphicyon
  • Phorusrhacos
  • Purussaurus GEN2


  • Entelodon
  • Marsupial Lion
  • Nasutoceratops


  • Allosaurus GEN2
  • Bumpy
  • Titanoboa


  • Alloraptor
  • Carbotoceratops
  • Dilophoboa

Parting Words

An amazing selection of creatures, with some very tough choices to make! We're excited to see this Weekly Eventย come to JWA next week, as Weekly Events filled with Event Exclusive creatures are what we like to see! What are you going to dart next week? Do let us know in our Discord server! We hope to see you on there!

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