Exclusive JWA News: May Alliance Championship, Daily Creature, and Bonus Rewards

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Explorers! We are so excited to once again bring you some exclusive information about the Alliance Championship and Daily Dino to expect next month. This information was given to us directly from a Ludia representative. They provided the most recent information available at the time. This information is not final and subject to change if necessary. Keep an eye on the forum for the official announcement. We don't expect many changes, however, so let's see what we have to look forward to. 

May Alliance Championship

Next month's Alliance Championship is going to be Tenontorex! While not everyone will be happy with this repeat championship, there are many others that will be excited about it. Tenontorex is fantastic in the arena as well as raids and with the exclusive Tenontosaurus ingredient, it has been difficult for people to level. The event will run from May 4th, 2021 to June 7th, 2021, and these are the Tenontorex ingredients we will see as rewards:

- Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 (Global Day/Dawn/Dusk)

- Dilophosaurus Gen 2 (Global Anytime)

- Tenontosaurus (exclusive DNA)

We don't know what tournaments to expect yet, but these were the formats from the last Tenontorex Championship. We will have 5 weeks this time so we expect a Unique skilled tournament at the end of the month. 

With the repeat of Testacornibus this month and Tenontorex next month, it seems that Alliance Championships follow the same pattern they had the same time last year but please remember that this doesn't mean it will continue. The community is speculating another update soon so we are hoping to see some new and different creatures featured in future Alliance Championships. 

May Daily Dinosaur

The Daily Dinosaur DNA is what you will get for completing all of your Daily Tasks. Those can range from spinning a certain number of drops, darting a certain number of creatures, or getting your Daily Battle Incubator. We are always excited to see exclusive DNA ad the Daily DNA and for the month of May we can expect to see Diplodocus. Diplod is a component of the very strong creature, Geminititan, and is also incredibly good as an epic creature for tournaments. If you are working on the hybrid or the creature itself you won't want to miss out on any of your daily missions as this DNA doesn't come around often. 

Bonus Rewards

This month is the Third Anniversary of Jurassic World Alive, and in honor of that, there will be additional bonus rewards included in the month's Championship Incubators! These rewards will only be distributed at higher Championship tiers. That is all the information we were given so we don't know which Tiers will get the bonus rewards, but it sounds like an incentive for your alliance to do as well as you can this month! Keep an eye on the forum and their other social media pages during the month for more information. 

    Closing Thoughts

    While we don't know the seasonal reward or the specific tournament formats for next month, we are appreciative of the information we were given so we can prepare. It sounds like next month will be exciting and we can't wait to see if we get a new update as well. Make sure to join our discord for all of the up-to-date JWA information. We have an announcements channel for GamePress articles you can follow on your own server so you don't miss anything! 

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