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Explorers! We are very excited to announce that the Challenger Series is making a return! The format will be the same, but there are more rewards to earn this time around! Read the article to find out more!

What is the format?

The Challenger Series is a Friendly Battle competition between the JWA Discord staff and the members of the Discord. In it, the members of the Discord, named Challengers, challenge the Moderation Staff. In these challenges, the members of the Discord will challenge a staff member to a Friendly Battle. However, the Moderator can impose a restriction to the member of Discord or battle using a certain Theme. What a restriction or theme is you will find out later in this article. The member of the Discord must apply to this restriction or Theme, or they automatically lose, regardless of the outcome of the battle itself. These battles are a Best of 5 format, so either side has to win three times to win the entire battle. First to three victories wins the entire match.

If you lose to a Moderator, you cannot challenge said Moderator again immediately. You’d have to battle another Moderator first. So for example, if Piere87 beats you, you can’t challenge her again before you take on another Moderator. In total you can challenge a whopping 12(!) Moderators, so finding another Moderator to challenge shouldn’t be that hard. In total you can lose 5 times until you are out of the Challenger Series.

Themes and Restrictions

Whenever a Moderator is challenged, they can decide to put a restriction on the opponent (and possibly themselves) or play with a certain theme. Certain Moderators have taken on different Themes, but others are going all out with their regular teams they use in the Arena. Here’s the full list of Moderators you can fight AND their themes:

Member of Staff Theme Restrictions
Bart SwapMania: Hardswap every third turn! No Uniques
Bbell09 Normal Arena Team None!
Castal Normal Arena Team No Ardentismaxima, Dracoceratops, Geminititan and Procerathomimus
CincyD99 Minimal RNG No Stunners, Cloakers, Evaders and only 5% crit dinosaurs
ChrispyChris27 No Immunities No Dinosaurs with Immunities
Ethan Disney Villains No Uniques, Dracoceratops or Procerathomimus
Jimbohi All Stunning Dinosaurs Only use Stunning Dinosaurs
Kelociraptor Normal Arena Team None!
Piere87 All Immunes None!
Steph Birds of a Feather No Uniques
The AquaDemon Demonic Theme Use light creatures
TheOneSpark Normal Arena Team No Swap In Abilities

Rewards for the Challengers

There are multiple rewards this time around. First off, after you take down 5 different Moderators, you’ll be rewarded with the Triassic Tamer role on our Discord. Secondly, some Moderators have special roles they give to people when they get defeated. We’re going to keep the role names and who gives them a secret, so you’d have to search yourself! So you can aim to get all the roles from the Moderators! Lastly, there is a big challenge for everyone. When you manage to beat EVERY SINGLE MODERATOR YOU CAN BATTLE, you’ll get a special role called the Challenger Series Champion. This special role will show up high in the Discord and will have an unique colour, showing your skills as a battler!

Follow up?

After the Challenger Series, there will be a follow up event. To enter this, you need to have the Triassic Tamer role. So you better get battling those Moderators! People who already have the Triassic Tamer role will have to participate again to earn that right. We will reveal details about it after the Challenger Series has ended.

How do I sign up?

Are you as excited as we are after reading this? Good! Here’s how you can join! If you join our Discord (link will be down below), there is a tab called #announcements. On there, there will be a Google Form that you can use to sign up! This Google Form will be available until the Strike Event reset on Sunday the 20th, so be quick to sign up!

Parting Words

We’re very excited to bring the Challenger Series back again! Challenge the JWA Discord Moderator Staff, earn those roles and get the recognition you deserve as a battler! So join our Discord, fill in the Google Form and get cracking! We hope to see you soon, battling us!

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