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Explorers, we’ve got another contest for you!! This time around you won’t be searching…this time we want to see your best, most imaginative ideas 💡 and creativities. This August enter the first GamePress Jurassic World Alive EMOJI Design Contest 🎨 and contribute to the JWA community together with fans around the globe 🌎. 

We’re looking to develop new Jurassic World Alive themed emoji for our official Discord. From a grinning Koolasuchus Generation 2 to a Jimbohi stun, we need you! Whether you have an idea or have the design skills to bring our vision to life we want your help. Get your thinking caps on, rev up your imagination and enter to win one of three $10 gift certificates. 

How to participate:

emoji contest participation
  1. Submit your ideas and/or designs by sending us an email to [email protected]

  2. Limit 10 entries per person

  3. For designs make sure the images are in gif, jpg or png format. 

  4. Make sure to include your first and last name (or if you don't want to share that, include your Discord name instead), email address, and JWA discord username.

  5. Join the JWA discord (if you haven’t already). Click the Discord link below!

  6. Post the preview image and/or your idea in the Emoji Discord Channel (Optional)

  7. Keep checking the JWA GamePress website for updates and to see if you have been shortlisted! 

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The nuts and bolts:

  • Contest starts on Monday August 12th and closes on Sunday August 25th, 10pm EST

  • Shortlisted entries will be announced the week of August 26th and public voting will run until Friday 6th Sept 10am EST. 

  • Winners will be announced in early September. 

  • The top 3 entries will win a 💰 $10 Itunes or Google Play gift certificate! All entries that are selected will be featured in an upcoming GamePress article! 

  • All Emoji must be appropriate and respectful of our community. Profanity will not be allowed and emoji(s) must follow Discord and JWA Discord rules. 

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In Conclusion

We are excited to see your creative ideas! Make sure you read the rules carefully and start working on those emojis! And don't forget to join our Discord to show off your work. Huge shout out to Steph from our Discord who helped organize this contest and created all the graphics! 

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