How to gather ALL Resources: Coins, Cash, Boosts, etc.

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Before we start: Yes, this is a re-upload. My previous account had to be deleted and all my articles that went with it also poofed out of existence. This means you'll see a lot of my older Guides as re-uploads, but improved to be more up-to-date or just completely reworked in general. So hopefully that clears all questions, and let's jump right into the article.

JWA is all about collection. DNA, Coins, Cash, Badges – you can collect and use TONS of things. This article will cover all the Resources and how you can collect them. To make sure that you all get my definition of Resources: They are things in the game that you can utilise to progress in the game. So, Badges and Player Titles will not be included. Coins, Cash, DNA, FIP Items, Boosts, Darts and Scents will be covered in this article, and I will list every way to get them that is in JWA. Cool? Perfect. Let’s jump right in.


Coins are your basic JWA currency. They are required to level up your Dinosaurs and to fuse for Hybrids. Without them, you can’t really make much progress. Luckily, you will be able to amass a good amount of riches each day if you do manage to do everything each day. Below you will see all the methods you can do to get Coins.

  • Spin Supply Drops (Amount varies based on player level, caps at 15000)
  • Spin Event Drops (Amount varies based on player level, caps at 7500)
  • Arena Incubators (Amount varies based on player level and which type of incubator)
  • Store (requires HC or real money)
  • Alliance Missions (4/5 missions reward Coins)
  • Daily Missions (some missions reward Coins)
  • Donating DNA to Alliance Members      
  • Coins Tournament (1st Tournament of the month)
  • Strike Event Incubators (Amount varies based on player level and which type of Incubator)
  • Doing Arena Battles (Each battle won gives you coins)
  • Daily Battle Incubator (Amount varies based on player level and which type of Incubator (VIP gets more))
  • Some Campaign Missions (first time completing them)
  • Daily Gift (some days)


Cash is Ludia’s secondary currency, and it allows you to either buy Incubators, Coins, Boosts, Darts, or Scents in the Store. They are quite the valuable resource, but it takes a while to gather a lot of it if you are not spending real money. Here is how you can get your Cash storage filled up.

  • Spin Supply Drops (40 each day)
  • Spin Event Drops (10 each day)
  • Store (requires real money)
  • Ludia Cash Links (Follow Ludia’s social media to get at least 10 Cash each day. Their Newsletter usually has a Cash Link with at least 100 HC!)
  • Content Creator Cash Links (GamePress, GamingBeaver, Fodder Gaming) – each week, these Content Creators will publish a video/article containing this link. Follow them to support them and earn some Cash in the progress!
  • Alliance Missions (1/5 missions reward Cash)
  • Daily Missions (some missions reward Cash)
  • Cash Tournament (5th Tournament)
  • Free 6 hour Incubator (2 each time, or 4 if you watch the video)
  • Watching a video in the News section


Darts seem like a very easy to gather resource. That’s because they are. They are used to gather DNA from creatures on the map, and they are very easy to find and collect lots of.

  • Spin Supply Drops (unlimited)
  • Spin Event Drops (unlimited)
  • Free 6h Incubator in Store
  • Store (both Video and Cash)
  • Daily Gift (some days)


Boosts are arguably the most valuable pieces of resources in the Arena. They make your creature stronger, so it is a good idea to gather as much as you’re able to. Luckily, you can get 10 of each type of Boost each day, so it will take you just over a week to get 100 of them, if you also manage to do the Boost Strike Events. Here is the complete list of how you can get Boosts in JWA by the time of writing this article.

  • Spin Event Drops (6 of each daily)
  • Daily Battle Incubator (4 of each daily maximum)
  • Boost Strike Events (25 of each each week)
  • Store (Friday Sale/VIP Sale)
  • Boost Tournament (3rd Weekly Tournament)


DNA is a resource that people often don’t have enough of. It is your primary resource to level up and fuse your creatures. It’s plentiful around you on the map, but you need to go out and hunt for it if you want the best yield. Or use a Giga Scent.

  • Darting dinosaurs on map (with or without Scents) (requires Darts)
  • Incubators (Arena, Daily Battle, Strike Event)
  • Daily Battle Incubator (Best option for Arena Exclusives)
  • Event Drops (Best option for Event Exclusives)
  • Daily Mission Completion Reward (100 Epic DNA)
  • Completing Raids (Only way to get Apex DNA!!!)
  • Sanctuaries (requires FIP items)
  • Campaign Missions (first time completing them)
  • DNA Tournaments (2nd and 4th Tournament usually)
  • Store Incubators (Requires HC or real money)
  • Requesting from Alliance (amount varies based on player level)
  • Daily Gift (some days)


Scents are used to spawn extra creatures to your location. Sometimes they even spawn creatures you otherwise wouldn’t have access to! Each week Ludia has a Themed Scent that only spawns a specific group of creatures, so they are quite valuable if you get the right one! Here is every method you can currently get Scents.

  • Spin Supply Drops (Small Scent)
  • Spin Event Drops (Small Scent)
  • Scent Strikes (reward varies between Small Scent and Epic Scent, or Themed Scent)
  • Free 6 hour Incubator (Giga Scent)
  • Store (Small Scent, Rare Scent, Epic Scent, Themed Scent)

FIP Items

Finally, we have FIP Items. These items are used in Sanctuaries to gather extra DNA. Sanctuaries are your best bet to get Event Exclusive DNA, so the FIP Items are very important! Here’s how you can get them:

  • Spin Supply Drops (4 Food and Toys each day)
  • Spin Event Drops (2 Food and Toys each day)
  • Free 6 hour Incubator (2 Interactions every time, watch a video to earn 2x rewards)
  • Store (FIP bundles, require real money)
  • Daily Gift (some days)


And that's it! Every resource you can gather found in one article! When the Boost Reset Tokens Ludia announced in their Q1 Community Update, I will update this article to show you where you can get them, so keep this article in your alliance Discord or other place where you can get to it easily! If I did somehow miss a method of obtaining a resource, please let me know in Discord, tagging me in the JWA Discord is the best way to get my attention! Happy hunting everyone!

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