Hybrid Prep For Patch 1.8 - What You Need And What Level It Needs To Be

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Hybrid Prep for Patch 1.8


As we gear up for Patch 1.8 tomorrow, the same question always comes up in our Discord server:

What level do I need xyz component to be in order to create Hybrid xyz.

So we're here to help! I've made you a handy table below to assist in your quest for all the creatures JWA has to offer.

Hybrid Name Component Level Needed
Smilocephalosaurus Smilodon 15
Pachyocephalosaurus 15
Diplovenator Diplocaulus Gen 2 15
Concavinator 15
Dsungaia Dsungarpteris 15
Miragaia 15
Pteraquetzal Pteranodon 15
Quetzalcoatlus 15
Quetzorion Pteraquetzal 20
Tanycolagreus 20
Carnotarkus Purutaurus 15
Wuerhosaurus 15
Ardentismaxima Brachiosaurus 20
Ardontosaurus 20

Because there are no new non-hybrids this time around, you can really get any of these components up to speed beforehand, with one exception: Quetzorion. Creating Quetzorion will require you to first create the new hybrid Pteraquetzal - and still level Pteraquetzal up to 20 before you can start fusing the tiny menacing nullify-style bird.

Still, you can make a lot of progress tonight if you are getting ready. Unsure of which hybrids you want to go for? Be sure to check out our article below breaking down the 1.8 Hybrids from the patch notes.

In Conclusion

We're really excited for Patch 1.8 and we still expect tomorrow morning's maintenance period to be the rollout (or at least we hope). As soon as the patch goes live, we'll keep you updated with a full Sanctuary guide, new Spawn Tables for any migrations, and a Datamine article discussing all the cool things we find in the code!

Be sure to join the conversation on our Discord server and get in on the hype! 1.8 is right around the corner (we're pretty sure)!

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