Jurassic World Alive: Campaign Mode Feature & How Hard It Can Get

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Patch 1.9 is finally here and we'll be working our tails off to get you all the stuff you need! We've working on getting your spawn guide updated and are working on images now so we can get that out to you! We've got your datamine and we're ready to share what we've found out soon as well! And we're updating the Dinodex so that all the right stats and moves are displayed.

So while you wait for the App Store or Google Play Store to let you download this sweet new patch, or just if you enjoy spoilers, let's go over all the cool things about Campaign Mode that we know and discuss the biggest question of all:

How hard does campaign mode get?

The answer? Very flippin hard.

Campaign Mode Overview

As we found out in the patch notes, you can access campaign mode in the battle tab, and you traverse 74 levels over 9 separate stages/landscapes to get to the end and win rewards.

What kind of rewards? 

At the end of each stage (sets of 8 or so levels/battles) you will earn an incubator similar to one you'd buy in the store. The first three stages (20-30 levels) are all around level 1-10 dinosaurs so those who have been playing a while may clear through a lot of that quickly. But a brand new fresh-out-the-gate player will still find a lot of great content that will be challenging at the early stages of the game. You also get bonus DNA in batches around the halfway point of each stage.

Incubators range from the 15 minute incubator you'd get in the arena up to a full on premium incubator packed full of awesome stuff (hopefully). We'll be documenting the levels here as we go so that you know what each stage leading up to stage 9 looks like (as benchmarks). 

But How Hard Does It Get, Really?

By the last few levels of Stage 9, you'll be faced with boosted level 30 teams that are cleverly designed and extremely difficult. So difficult in fact that we couldn't pass the second to the last stage in our beta test. Granted, we didn't have our normal full teams at our disposal, but it was wicked hard even with 3-4 level 30's.

We dare say - it was Lord Lythronax hard. Heck, maybe the last level will be our old friend. 

So players who have been free to play will find many parts of Campaign Mode exciting and challenging, and even those who have spent big bucks will have a few challenging fights to face. 

We're already working on guides for the hardest stages so we'll keep you posted!

And what level do I need to be (or do my creatures need to be) to get past each stage?

While this is a tough question to answer because the computer isn't always as intelligent as a player, you should be able to clear most of the content (through Stage 8) with a moderate team around level 20 or so. But it might be easier to show you by giving you the last mission in each stage as a benchmark of where you'll need to be. You can use the benchmarks below to figure out how far you should be able to get and when you'll need a stronger team.

Honestly, we wish we had started the game today because campaign mode is really really fun, and the rewards are really great. By stage 8 we were getting batches of 10 legendary DNA for various legendary creatures as a reward for every single level, Indominus Rex DNA, valuable epic DNA and hard to find creature dna -- it was really pretty awesome. 

We really really hope Ludia plans to keep ramping up the difficulty and continuing Campaign mode into new levels and new challenges.

Stage Analysis

We will pull the full stats on every stage and post them later, but for now here are your benchmarks.

Stage 1: Cunning

Practice Distraction and Speed Abilities

Location: Fallen Kingdom

Final Mission: Mission 8

Requirements: Defeat 2 creatures to win.Don't lose 2 creatures.

Level 4 Dimorphodon
Level 4 Suchomimus

Creature base speed greater or equal to 128

5 Hard Cash, Blue Lite Incubator (15 Min), 100 Allosaurus DNA

Stage 2: Fierce

Face off against defensive opposition.

DOT Campaign mission

Location: Lockdown

Final Mission: Mission 16

Requirements: Defeat 1 creature to win. Don't lose 3 creatures.

Level 8 Apatosaurus

1 Creature w/ Damage Over Time Effect. 2 Creatures LEVEL 3 or greater

10 Hard Cash, Incubator (3 Hr), 150 Apatosaurus DNA

Stage 3: Resilient

Practice against fast opponents who deal high damage

Location: Jurassic Ruins

Final Mission: Mission 25

Requirements: Defeat 3 creatures to win. Don't lose 3 creatures.

Level 6 Deinochierus
Level 6 Tanycolagreus
Level 6 Velociraptor

2 Creatures w/ Superiority Strike. 1 Creature no restrictions.

15 Hard Cash, Incubator (8 Hr), 350 Iguanadon, 450 Tarbosaurus DNA

Stage 4: Balance

Practice effective movements with a well structured team

Location: Badlands

Final Mission: Mission 35

Requirements: Defeat 3 creatures to win.Don't lose 3 creatures.

Level 13 Stegoceratops
Level 13 Einiasuchus
Level 13 Ankylocodon
Level 13 Diplotator

4 Creatures LEVEL 11 or greater.

20 Hard Cash, Rare Hybrid Heroes Incubator (12 Hr), 75 Procerataurus, 25 Smilodon DNA

Stage 5: Prowess

Add a variety of abilities to your battle strategy


Location: S.S. Arcadia

Final Mission: Mission 41

Requirements: Defeat 2 creatures to win.Don't lose 2 creatures.

Level 12 Argentinosaurus
Level 13 Amargasaurus

1 Creature with Rending. 1 Creature no restrictions

25 Hard Cash, Rare Incubator (12 Hr), 100 Elasmotherium, 25 Rajasaurus DNA

Stage 6: Counter Attack

Stand strong against numerous attacks

Location: Sorna Marshes

Final Mission: Mission 46

Requirements: Defeat 3 creatures to win. Don't lose 3 creatures.

Level 16 Megalosuchus
Level 16 Ankyntrosaurus
Level 16 Gigaspikasaur
Level 16 Rajakylosaurus

4 Creatures LEVEL 14 or greater

30 Hard Cash, Epic Incubator (24 Hr), 5 Indominus Rex, 30 Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA

Stage 7: Prowess Pt. II

Improve your ability to Stun, Run, Cloak, and more

Location: Fallen Kingdom

Final Mission: Mission 53

Requirements: Defeat 1 creature to win.Don't lose 1 creature.

Level 17 Diplovenator

Creature has Cloak effect & Greater or equal to level 17

50 Hard Cash, Epic Incubator (24 Hr), 50 Concavenator DNA, 50 Thylacotator DNA

Stage 8: Legendaries

Battle with some of the most ferocious Legendary creatures

Location: Nublar Jungle

Final Mission: Mission 62

Requirements: Defeat 3 creatures to win. Don't lose 3 creatures.

Level 21 Indominus Rex
Level 21 Diplovenator
Level 21 Pteraquetzal

No Restrictions

100 Hard Cash, Premium Incubator , 10 Indominus Rex, 10 Diplovenator, 10 Pteraquetzal DNA

Stage 9: Leaders in Battle

Show your ability to lead by battling alongside Unique creatures.

Location: Mt Sibo

Final Missions: Mission 72 & 73

Requirements: Defeat 3 creatures to win. Don't lose 3 creatures.


Level 72:
(all opponents are boosted to 8/8/8 stats)
Level 30 Trykosaurus
Level 30 Utarinex
Level 30 Smilonemys
Level 30 Magnapyritor

Level 73:
Boosted Lord Lythronax (check out our video on beating this monster below!)
Lord Lythro

All creatures must be level 28 or higher

Level 72: 2000 Coins, 20 Magnapyritor, 20 Trykosaurus, 20 Utarinex, 20 Smilonemys
Level 73: 200 HC, Premium Incubator, Epic Incubator, 10000 Lythronax

By Stage 9 you're facing almost exclusively Uniques at levels 22 and up. Rewards include 10-20 unique DNA, incubators, coins, and tons of other useful rare/epic/common bonus DNA for each battle. 

These are definitely end game team missions. Levels 71, 72, and 73 are even giving the highest level teams some problems. And the AI is really smart this time. It actually changes its starting dino based on what you start so it can be difficult to guess the pattern. You really need level 28-30 creatures to beat these levels, and a little bit of luck. Your best bet is to start with the same dino every time to try and learn the moves of the AI. Lord Lythronax is even worse than the worse time we faced him because of boosts.

We will try and get guides out for these monster missions as soon as possible so keep checking back for those! 

In Conclusion

Campaign mode is awesome. It really is. It's most beneficial by far for those newer players who get to experience the highs and lows and progress slowly through the first 8 stages, but still has a lot to offer for players at end game. We hope they'll continue to add new and exciting (terrifying) missions like Lord Lythronax just for fun. But this is a wonderful start and a really good addition for new players.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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