Jurassic World Alive: Epic 10 Step Pterosaur Strike Guide!

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Explorers! Welcome to another Strike Guide! This time we’re in for a treat, as we’re getting a 10 steps long Epic Strike! Don’t worry about beating it today, this Strike Event is here for the entire weekend! This Epic Strike features some powerful Pterosaurs, who specialize in swapping to activate their Swap-In Effects! Let’s see how we can beat these swapping menaces! If you want advice on the other Epic Strike today, the Kentrosaurus Epic Strike, be sure to check out our other Strike Guide!

Due to this Strike Event being 10 steps long, we don’t have an infographic about them. However, most of the steps are similar, and there really are only two types of birds in this Strike Event: the big defensive type and the smaller offensive type of pterosaur. So I’ll be going over each type and highlight their Strengths and Weaknesses in general as a type. So, let’s get into it.

Big Birds Strengths and Weaknesses

big birds

The Big Bird types are specialized in Defense. Their Swap-in Abilities involve Shields, with varying Strengths. Some put up a 50% Shield, while others put up a 100% Shield! They all also have access to Superiority Strike, which allows them to take control of the speed war! They often have lower damage, but higher HP. This combined with the Shields they put up makes them quite bulky against anything that doesn’t Shatter Defenses. They are also able to use a Running move most of the time or hit you with a big Rampage! So even with their lower Attack stats, the damage can still be big!

However, the damage isn’t Armor Piercing, so using anything with Armor reduces the damage. And as said before, these pterosaurs are quite weak against Defense Shattering Attacks, so using powerful chompers like Tyrannosaurus Rex (Gen 2) or Allosaurus should be able to take care of them pretty easily. Hit them hard when they are at their weakest: when they swap in to activate their Swap-in Abilities!

Small Birds Strengths and Weaknesses

small birds

The Smaller Bird types are specialized in offense. They all feature Armor Piercing Counterattacks and a Swap-in Ferocity to boost their Attack stats. They also have the option to put up a Shield that allows them to survive longer. The Attack stats are average, but due to the Swap-in Ferocity and the Counterattack they are able to dish out big damage! Most of them can also shatter Shields with their basic attacks, so Shielding won’t always work against them! And these small pterosaurs are also quite quick, clocking in at a Speed tier from 125 up to 127!

That being said though, they have one glaring weakness: their low Health stats. These creatures don’t have loads of Health like the big birds, so they can’t take many hits. Faster heavy hitters like Raptors or chompers like Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus are therefore good choices, as they can deplete the low Health quite easily. Slowing creatures like Stegosaurus and Kentrosaurus are also good options. 

Massive thank you to our Discord Moderator Steph, who has taken some time to assemble the awesome pictures you’ve seen with each Strengths and Weaknesses category!

What dinosaurs do I bring?

So, now that we’ve got the birds covered, let’s try and take them down. Each Pterosaur will have a Swap-in Ability, so you can expect them to be swapping a LOT. Therefore, you’ll want to hit them when they are at their weakest: when they swap in to activate their Swap-in Ability. Using hard hitting creatures will do the job just fine. If you don’t want them to activate their Swap-in Abilities at all, you can use crocodilian creatures or Sauropods that can pin the opponent down! Below you’ll find a list of all creatures that you can use effectively against these pterosaurs.  Behind them a quick explanation of why I’ve selected them. They all of course need to be appropriately levelled to be really effective.

  • Allosaurus – High attack with Defense Shattering potential

  • Tarbosaurus – High attack with Defense Shattering potential

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (Gen 2) – High attack with Defense Shattering potential

  • Gorgosaurus – High attack, Ferocious Strike boostable, Defense Shattering potential

  • Gorgosuchus – Faster than almost all big birds, Defense Shattering + Ferocious potential

  • Postosuchus – Amazing T1 damage, Defense Shattering potential, great Speed at 126

  • Kaprosuchus – Ferocious Defense Shattering Potential. Can also use SI-Definite Strike

  • Postimetrodon – Immune Ferocious Defense Shatterer. Nice Speed tier at 124

  • Dimetrodon (Gen 2) – Immune, Defense Shattering potential

  • Secodontosaurus – Immune, Defense Shattering potential

  • Purussaurus – Able to hit hard with Ferocious Impact, Lockdown Impact to prevent swapping

  • Sarcorixis – Able to hit hard with Ferocious Impact, Immobilize to prevent swapping

  • Apatosaurus – High health, Pinning Strike to prevent swapping

  • Argentinosaurus – High health, Pinning Strike to prevent swapping, good damage

  • Amargasaurus – High health, Pinning Strike to prevent swapping, good high damage moveset

  • Diplodocus – High damage moveset, Pinning Strike to prevent swapping

  • Nodopatosaurus – High Health, Armor, good damage moveset, Pinning Strike to prevent swapping

Rewards and Parting Words

During this Strike Event you’ll get a reward for each step you beat. Down below are the rewards you’ll receive:

  • Step 1: 100 coins

  • Step 2: 200 coins

  • Step 3: Small Pterosaur themed Incubator

  • Step 4: 300 coins

  • Step 5: Regular Pterosaur themed Incubator

  • Step 6: 500 coins

  • Step 7: Large Pterosaur themed Incubator

  • Step 8: 1000 coins

  • Step 9: 1500 coins

  • Step 10: Epic Pterosaur themed Incubator

This is the possible DNA you might receive in the FOUR Incubators:

  • Common: Hatzegopteryx, Dimorphodon

  • Rare: Arambourgiania, Scaphognathus, Quetzalcoatlus, Dsungaripterus, Tupandactylus

  • Epic: Alanqa, Darwinopterus, Pteranodon

  • Legendary (very small chance, but still possible!): Alankylosaurus, Pteraquetzal, Koolabourgiania

This Strike Event may seem daunting at first for being quite long, but with a right strategy this isn’t really as difficult as it seems. How did you do? Were you able to beat it first try? Let us know in our Discord server! It’s an awesome place full of JWA enthousiasts! If you haven’t joined already, click the button down below to join! That’s all from me Explorers, keep exploring!

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