Jurassic World Alive: Epic 7 Step Immunity Strike Event Guide

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Epic 7 Step Immunity Strike Event Guide!

Explorers! Welcome to the Strike Guides, where we cover Jurassic World Alives most difficult Strike Events! This time we’ve got a SEVEN Step Immunity Strike Event. It lasts for two days, so you’ve got some time to prepare for it. And you’ll want to, because the difficulty may not seem as difficult in the first step, but it ramps up quickly in the later steps! Let’s see how we can get past these dinosaurs!

Enemy List

Step 1: Secodontosaurus (11), Ornithomimus (12), Ophiacodon (13)
Step 2: Postimetrodon (13), Dimetrodon (14), Gallimimus (15)
Step 3: Secodontosaurus (13), Ornithomimus (14), Ophiacodon (15)
Step 4: Postimetrodon (14), Dimetrodon (15), Tryostronix (16)
Step 5:
Secodontosaurus (15), Ornithomimus (16), Indominus Rex (17)
Step 6: Postimetrodon (16), Dimetrodon (17), Tryostronix (18)
Step 7: Secodontosaurus (18), Ornithomimus (19), Indominus Rex (21)

As you can see, there is quite the amount of variety in this Strike. There is a mix between all Speed tiers, high and low Health and low and VERY high damage. There are 8 different dinosaurs on this Strike Event, two of them being Legendary. Let’s go over these creatures and see how we can beat them.

Immune Birds

Ornithomimus and Gallimimus

These birds will appear all over the Strike, Ornithomimus in particular. They are the speedsters this Strike Event and they have high damage to dish out. With high Speed, Immunity, Evasive and Running they are a nightmare if not dealt with quickly. Try and use Nullifying creatures if you’re able to and otherwise use Armored creatures to deal with them. Might not be the best idea though, as the dinosaurs accompanying them all go through Armor with no problem. However, it will deal with these two without much issues.

Swamp Dwellers

Dimetrodon Ophiacodon, Secondontosaurus

Dimetrodon Ophiacodon, Secondontosaurus

Secodontosaurus, Ophiacodon and Dimetrodon

These lizards all specialize in busting through Armor with high damage moves. Critical Impact, Defense Shattering Impact, Armor Piercing Rampage and Defense Shattering Rampage are all high damage moves and these buggers have them. Try and take them out with high damage moves as well. Forget Distraction, they have Immunity! Be fast and hit hard before their Rampages go off cooldown!


This Epic hybrid got a buff this patch that gave it a damage boost it really needed. Now it’s facing us. With good Health, Ferocious Strike and Defense Shattering Impact it can dish out big damage. It can also heal taken damage with Regeneration, so that might become annoying too. Its 124 Speed also allows it to outspeed a lot of the creatures in the game that are unboosted. The general direction to go with Postimetrodon is to hit it hard fast before it can get its second hit off, because no Distraction or Shield is stopping that Defense Shattering Impact!

Legendary Creatures

Tryostronix and Indominus Rex Gen 2


Now for the Legendaries. Tryostronix is the first one you’ll face. It too has received a buff this patch: in Health. So that dinosaur will now take more damage before it drops. And you’ll want to make it drop quickly. Ferocious Strike and Defense Shattering Rampage is a very lethal combination for any dinosaur with lower Health. This dinosaur will make you struggle if you have lower levelled dinosaurs! The difficulty ramps up as soon as Tryostronix joins the opposing teams, so keep this in mind! As to deal with it: Same strategy as with Postimetrodon. Be fast and hit it hard with high damage moves. With boosts, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Indominus Rex

Another Legendary who got a buff this patch. Both Health AND Attack went up, making this dinosaur a very powerful force to be reckoned with! All Armor Piercing moves and Cloak give this dinosaur big damage output while its big Health stat allows it to tank opposing hits as well. This will be the most powerful dinosaur you’ll face this Strike, as it will be level 21 in the final step. The best counter to Indominus is Shields. Shields will half its damage output no matter what. Purutaurus and Carnotarkus are good counters to it due to their Rending Counterattacks. Otherwise, bring any tank with Speed over 107 and put up a Shield immediately. If it Cloaks, get some Invincibility in there or dodge the damage with Swap in Dodge.

Rewards and Parting Words

If you beat this Strike Event, you’ll be rewarded with an Immunity Epic Incubator. In it you’ll find loads of coins and DNA amounts that vary on your player level. This is the pool of dinosaurs that are in the incubator:

Common: Ophiacodon, Dimetrodon G2, Gallimimus

Rare: Dimetrodon, Ankylocodon, Ornithomimus

Epic: Procerathomimus, Postimetrodon, Secodontosaurus

This Strike Event is difficult to say the least. All these dinosaurs have high damage and no Distraction can stop them from doing high damage. However, with the right preparations, you will come out on top. Did you beat this Strike Event? Let us know how in our Discord server! On it you will find loads of JWA enthusiasts to talk to, including the GamePress Staff! We hope to see you on there!

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