Jurassic World Alive: Fireworks Strike Guide!

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Introduction and Infographic

Explorers! Welcome to the Strike Guides, where we help you defeat the Strike Events that pop up on the map! This time, we’re covering the Epic Fireworks Strike! In it you’ll find three powerful Epic dinosaurs that challenge us! Let’s go over them first and then find out how to beat them!

Dino strike guide

Thanks to our awesome artist Orange Rex for creating this awesome infographic for us! This infographic shows all the featured dinosaurs, levels, stats and moves! It even shows how much damage they will do! How awesome is this! So, now that we know the opponents, let’s get into their strengths and weaknesses to find out how to deal with them!

Sinoceratops Strengths and Weaknesses

Sinoceratops is the first one to be featured today. It has good Health, high Armor, decent Speed and an awesome moveset. Decelerating Strike give it Speed control, and it has two powerful Stunning moves in Greater Stunning Impact and Instant Charge. This moveset give it awesome Stunlocking potential.

However, Sinoceratops has a glaring weakness: Immunity. All of its move effects are negated by Immunity, and most Immune creatures have at least one Armor Piercing or Defense Shattering move. So bringing an Immune creature like Postimetrodon or Secodontosaurus (Hybrid Pursuit this week!) would really help here. Or any faster Defense Shatterer should do at least a big chunk of damage to Sinoceratops. So at best bring a faster Immune Armor Piercer!

Check out our guide on stunning/and slowing for more information on how to deal with those creatures! 

Pyroraptor Strengths and Weaknesses

Pyroraptor was the main star of the Friday Epic Strike Event. Now it’s the second most high levelled creature in the Strike Event. It still has its tricks from the Friday Strike Event though! Double Distracting kit, high Speed and good damage. It can lower your Attack to 0 on the second turn if it plays well! And with its high Speed it can outspeed your dinos and finish them off quickly with its high damage moveset!

But Pyroraptor has two main problems: Its low Health, and the mere mention of Superiority Strike sends it running. If any creature is faster than it and can deal a decent bit of damage, Pyroraptor drops on T1. And Superiority Strike users are hard-counters to Pyroraptor because of the Distraction cleansing and Slowing effect. So either bring something faster that can deal high damage on T1 or bring Superiority Strike users with high Health or Armor!

Spinosaurus GEN 2 Strengths and Weaknesses

Spinosaurus GEN 2 is a powerful bleeding dinosaur. It has good Health, good Speed at 122, decent Attack at 1110 and a great moveset. Rampage ensures that it can hit hard, while Lethal Wound will give you a 33% Damage over Time (DoT) effect! This make Spinosaurus GEN 2 a powerful offensive dinosaur.

However, just like Sinoceratops, Spinosaurus GEN 2 doesn’t appreciate Immunity being a thing. It gives its Lethal Wound an issue, because Immune creatures are unaffected by it. Furthermore, it also doesn’t really like Slowing moves and Armored creatures due to its unability to pierce Armor. If you’ve invested in it, Ankylocodon is the perfect counter to it. It has Immunity, Slowing and Armor! A perfect bundle to deal with Spinosaurus GEN 2! (Only use it if you’ve invested a lot in it, otherwise it’s probably not going to work out well)

What dinosaurs do I bring?

Now that we know our opponents better, let’s go over some counters. First, I’m quickly going to tell you what you would really want for this Strike Event with regards to boosts. Then I’m going to list 8 dinosaurs that will help you here for sure. So, let’s get into it.

To beat this Strike Event you’ll most likely want at least one Immune creature. All of the opponents have at least one move Effect that’s negated by Immunity, so it’s best to bring a couple. Secodontosaurus, Postimetrodon and Ankylocodon really are great options here.

Secondly, it’s probably for the best to bring either a creature that’s faster than 129 Speed and can deal big damage on T1 like Tanycolagreus or Velociraptor, or a tank with Superiority Strike or another Slowing move. I would probably go with the latter if you are a bit more in the early game. Stegoceratops, Kentrosaurus and Wuerhosaurus are great counters to fast creatures, and can even deal with Spinosaurus GEN 2!

So these are the creatures that you most likely want to have. If you’ve boosted anything else that could be effective, by all means, bring it! Boosted creatures are awesome against Strike Events, and they are a massive help to everyone!

Now I’ll quickly go over some of the dinosaurs I’ve previously mentioned and explain why I think they could be useful. I’ll do this very shortly.

Secodontosaurus and Postimetrodon – These two Epic creatures are awesome Immune dinosaurs that can really dish out major damage! They also pierce Armor with their strongest Attack, so that’s always a positive against Sinoceratops!

Ankylocodon – This Rare hybrid is a perfect way to counter Spinosaurus GEN 2 if you’ve invested in it. It has Immunity, Armor, can raise a Shield and can slow Spinosaurus GEN 2 down! It also has two Armor Piercing moves in its kit, so it can also do well against Sinoceratops and Pyroraptor.

Tanycolagreus and Velociraptor – These two dinosaurs are faster than Pyroraptor and can deal big amounts of damage on T1. The best part is that they also both need to be at level 20 for their hybrids, so they are most likely levelled up a bit too!

Stegoceratops – With its Slowing and Stunning kit, Stegoceratops does really well against two of the three creatures here: Spinosaurus GEN 2 and Pyroraptor. It can also deal a big hit to Sinoceratops, but I’d probably not use Stegocera against it.

Kentrosaurus and Wuerhosaurus – Amazing counters to both Pyroraptor and Spinosaurus GEN 2. Instant Distract the big hits and Thagomizer/Superiority Strike on the weaker hits to fully utilize their offensive capability.

Rewards and Parting Words

If you beat this Strike Event, you’ll be rewarded with the Fireworks Incubator! In it you’ll find coins and DNA varying in numbers on your player level. The DNA pool looks like this:

  • Common: Dimetrodon GEN 2, Ankylosaurus GEN 2, Einiosaurus, Monolophosaurus GEN 2
  • Rare: Dracorex, Diplocaulus GEN 2, Gorgosaurus
  • Epic: Sinoceratops, Spinosaurus GEN 2, Pyroraptor

We hope you found this Strike Guide useful! If you did, please tune in for the next Strike Guide! We try and release them the moment the Strike Event goes live, so be on the lookout for those Epic Strike Events! If you haven’t, join our Discord server down below by clicking on the button! There’s over 6000 people on there to who you can chat about the game! We hope to see you on there!

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