Jurassic World Alive GamePress Giveaway

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Jurassic World Alive GamePress Giveaway


We've got an exciting event for you this week. All week long (Monday-Friday) we're going to be giving away Apple Store and Google Play Store gift cards for the lucky explorers who can find the secret password hidden somewhere in our GamePress Jurassic World Alive pages. 

They could be hidden in the dinodex, in the tier list, in one of our guides, or right on the main page. All you need to do is find it first, and send a message to me (MNBrian#6346) on Discord before anyone else.

What You Need To Do

Here's how you can get the best possible chance to win.

  1. First and foremost, join our Discord server so you can quickly send me a message. You need to be in our discord server to send me a message and win.
  2. Between 1PM and 6PM EST the password will be hidden and you can explore our GamePress articles and pages to see if you can find the password. 
  3. Find the password (it might look like the example image below) and private message me on discord. First person to find it and message me wins!

Again, the below is just an example of what the password might look like, not the actual password. ;)

If you're following us on ALL our social media platforms, you'll get an even better edge because we may or may not be dropping some hints here and there. So if you're not following our TwitterYouTube, and Facebook page, you should do that now. The links are also at the top of every page on our Jurassic World Alive GamePress so they're easy to find.

We're so excited to share the latest news and guides on Jurassic World Alive, and we're working hard on the next tier list, Sanctuary guide, and a bunch of other helpful tools, so keep checking back for more.

Remember, for the best chance to win, follow us on TwitterYouTube, and Facebook page, and join our Discord to jump in the conversation!

BONUS Giveaway

But wait, there's MORE!

Even if you weren't the fastest, we're taking the top 10 (who didn't win) each day and on Friday, we'll draw one of those 50 names for yet another $20 reward!

(Note: A winner cannot win multiple times, so even if Fogsonite is some kind of mastermind genius password finder, s/he can only win once. You can, however, be entered into the final drawing MORE than once - if you are one of the top 10 each day. If you were a runner up and you win a different day, your name will be removed from the drawing because you already won $20)

Fine Print

The only stipulations for winning are as follows:

  • Winner provides email address, name, and what device they use so we can send the code for Apple Store credit or Google Play Store credit.
  • No staff at GamePress or on the JWA server are eligible to win the giveaway.
  • Winners from previous days cannot win a second time. 

Day 1 Winners

The winner from day 1 of the GamePress Giveaway is @Fogsonite - Big congrats!!!

The runners up for day 1 (who will be entered into Friday's bonus drawing) are:


Congrats to everyone who played! See you tomorrow, same time same place!

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