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Since 2.1 dropped, there has been a ton of chatter on the forums, facebook, and discord about wether or not a boost reset would be coming. The reasoning being some of the big changes that were made to creatures in the latests update (namely Ardentismaxima). There are arguments regarding a boost reset on both sides (both for it and against it) that we won't get into here, but it seems like the majority of the players wanted something to make up for some of the nerfs to their creatures. It looks like Ludia finally listened to our feedback as they surprised us with a very exciting announcement last week. Starting on Friday, we will be getting a Boost Reshuffle Event! We'll go over what this means and how to make the most of this amazing opportunity. 

Boost Reshuffle Event

On Friday, there was an announcement on the forums regarding a Boost Reshuffle Event. Here are the details on it:

Hello DPG members!

Today we are announcing a special one-time event requested by the community! From October 16th 14:00 UTC to October 20th 13:00 UTC, all players will have the opportunity to rearrange their Boosts for free (Stat Boost refunds will no longer incur a 50% deduction penalty for the duration of this event). Be sure to shuffle your boost before this time-limited event ends!

Happy Shuffling!

They have since updated this announcement to extended the end date:

From October 16th 14:00 UTC to October 22nd 14:00 UTC, all players will have the opportunity to rearrange their Boosts for free (Stat Boost refunds will no longer incur a 50% deduction penalty for the duration of this event).

The Details

Unlike previous boost reset events, this is different because they will not automatically remove all the boosts on your creatures and add them to your inventory. Instead, you can choose to participate in this event by manually refunding boosts off of creatures that are already boosted. The difference is there will not be a 50% penalty to refund boosts during this time

The original post on the forum had UTC time for the start and end dates but to make it easy, we converted it to EST time as that is normally the time they use when referencing events. You can use this Time Zone Calculator to determine when it starts and ends in your time zone. 

  • Start Time: Friday, October 16th at 10:00 am EDT (normal reset time)
  • UPDATED End Time: Thursday, October 22nd at 10:00 am EDT (on hour before normal reset time)

During those  days you will be able to move boosts around at no cost as many times as you would like. It is extremely important you make sure you are aware of the ending of this event because after the event ends, the 50% penatly will once again be applied to any boosts that are refunded. If you remove any boosts and don't reapply them elsewhere they will go back in your inventory and stay there even after the event concludes. 

It is also important to note that boosts can not be added or removed to creatures in sanctuaries. Boosts can drastically improve the amount of time it take to level a sanctuary because of the higher sanctuary points boosted creatures give. That's a great opportunity for alliances to build sanctuaries faster, but make sure that a boosted creature you put in a sanctuary will return before the event is over, or that creature is one that you want to keep boosted. 

What about boosts we've already refunded?

Right after the reshuffle announcement came, there was the question on whether or not people would get back boosts they had refunded after the 2.1. Some people had completely stripped creatures of all boosts not long before the announcement for the event. We reached out to support to ask if it was a possibilty those boosts would be refunded and according to them, they will not be restoring any boosts that have been refunded prior to the event. Support also mentioned that they are unsure if this event will take place again in the future so make sure to keep that in mind as well. 

The Advantage Tournament

In addition to the boost reset event, there is an Advantage Tournament this weekend. That means boosts will be allowed and with the event, you will be able to freely move boosts between your tournament team and arena team.This means you should expect to see a lot of boosted creatures (many teams even fully boosted) this weekend. 

To avoid having to move boosts around too often try and block of certain times for arena and times for the tournament. Play in the arena for a while with your boosted team and then move everything over to your tournament team to try and grind for a little bit in there. Everyone will have a chance to use their boosts on their tournament teams so it is probably at your best interest to take advantage of that as well. 

Making the most out of this event

First and foremost, do not refund any boosts prior to the beginning of this event. Even if you are having a rough time in the arena right now, you will be able to move things around for free at the end of the week and the cost of making changes right now is not worth it. Also, treat this event as a one time event only. It would be great if we had this event several times a year, but that is not guaranteed so keep that in mind as you finalize your team. 

This event is one of the best events we have ever been given. Even better then the Boost Reset's of the past, this will give us an opportunity to actually play around with our team and move things around at will to find what works best for us. Take advantage of this opportunity and play around with your team as much as possible. Try out various team members and boost distributions. Also remember that others are doing the same so keep in mind that what you are facing in the arena over the weekend, might not be what you face after the event ends. 

Many people have decided to focus on Raid and Tournament creatures instead of the "meta" arena creatures. Others are going all out on their arena teams and finally getting rid of that one creature that they felt has been bringing them down. The beauty of boosts is there are many different ways to build the same creature. As you start building your team, make sure you are keeping in mind the different classifications that we now have and what type defeats each other. You want to try for balance as well as taking into consideration the amount of each type of boost you have to play with. Check out the article below for a general guide on building a balanced team. 

Just remember that boosts will stay where they are allocated after the event ends and you won't be able to refund freely once it is over. In fact, it might be smartest to shuffle things all weekend, make note of what builds you decided on and then refund everything back into your inventory. After the event, you will still be able to place those boosts from your inventory, but you don't have to worry about accidentally leaving boosts on a creature you didn't intend to keep boosted. Most importantly though, the 50% boost refund penalty will be applied once again as soon as the event is over. So it would behoove you to make all changes while the event is going on. 

Parting Words

I want to thank Ludia personally for giving us an event such as this. The opportunity to be able to move things around for several days with no penalty is exactly what we asked for. While they haven't told us it's something to expect again in the future, I hope they do take that into consideration. I also hope they actually tell us well in advance if they plan on implementing an event like this in the future so we know well in advance about it. 

It is important to note, however, that they do not have to give us a similar event in the future and you should always keep that in mind when refunding boosts. While I don't personally agree with the 50% penalty on a refund, that mechanic is part of the game and a risk you take when you choose to use it. At the same time, these events are beneifical to ALL of the playerbase as we get equal opportunity to really see what team will work best for our playstyle. There are a lot of people that feel like players don't "deserve" this reset because of their past choices but it is not up to Ludia or anyone else to determine how you decide to play the game. We should be thankful when these events are given to us and take advantage of the rare opportunity. 

Have fun playing around with different creatures and take your time changing around your team. We should all come out with our best team after this if we do it right and that should hopefully make the arena a much better experience for everyone. Make sure to join our discord where we have a dedicated boost advice channel and players from all levels of the game willing to help and discuss what will work best for you and your team! 

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