JWA Datamine 2.8: Creature Changes and MORE!

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Explorers! We’ve got the Datamine of this week ready! If you haven’t caught on, we’ve started posting our Datamine Updates in our Discord server! There, we share everything we find in the code, unless it’s something major like today! This time, we’ve revealed another part of the Patch Notes that are coming soon, being some Creature Changes! If you don’t want spoilers, this is your ONE chance to turn away! You have been warned!

Disclaimer: Just because any of these things are in this article, it does not automatically mean that they are coming into the game. GamePress shares this content with you on the basis of reporting news. Do not take this article as a 100% guarantee that the following things are coming into JWA for sure. Ludia can pull any of this out of the game at any point, so do not assume that it’s guaranteed to come into the game. Do NOT change your team based on this news as nothing is guaranteed just yet.

Still here? Good, let’s dive in!

Creature Changes

Now, we all want to know what the Creature Changes will be. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a solid list of what creatures are getting changed. However, we do know some Move changes that are going to happen. We've listed them all for you below:

Creature unknown: Evasive Stance Changed to Evasive Wounding Strike 

Creature unknown: Fierce Impact Changed to Group Shattering Impact 

Creature unknown: Group Distracting Impact changed to Instant Group Distraction Impact 

Creature unknown: Group Shattering Rampage changed to Fierce Rampage 

Creature unknown: Definite Rampage changed to Revenge Definite Rampage 

Creature unknown: Distraction changed to Distracting Impact

Creature unknown: Rampage and Run changed to Delayed Rampage and Run

New Creature Battle Blurbs and/or Creature Descriptions

Battle Blurbs are the small pieces of text below the Patch Notes when a new creature is revealed. We have managed to find a couple of them, as well as the Creature Information pieces of multiple creatures that we haven't seen before! These are the pieces of text you find at the bottom of a creature bio when you're in the Laboratory selecting a creature. Here they are for you to read: 

Creature Descriptions

Indotaurus - The fierce Indotaurus is a fusion of Carnotaurus and Indominus rex, two predators who have hunted near the top of the Isla Nublar food chain! Could there be a new Isla Nublar alpha in our midst?

Megalonyx - This giant ground sloth only went extinct about 11,000 years ago! Early humans may have had something to do with it, since cut-marked bones of Megalonyx in Ohio indicate it was hunted by Ohioan Paleo-Americans!

Megalotops - Unlike other giant ground sloths, Megalotops lives alone in deeply wooded areas. Unique species of moss and algae grow in the under-fur of this mysterious creature, which blossoms into beautiful flowers once their seeds reach the forest floor.

Phorurex - Phorurex literally means "carrier king." DPG members have taken to nicknaming this armored Phorusaur something simpler: 'the Gryphon.' Both titles suit the territorial superhybrid, which carries its armor with it everywhere in the bony scutes around its skull and thick, lustrous feathers!

Rinchicyon - Ever heard of a wolf in sheep's clothing? The tricky predatory Rinchicyon uses its resemblance to its hybrid parent Rinchenia to infiltrate their flocks and prey upon weaker specimens! Fortunately Rinchenia can still outrun this dastardly hybrid!

Glyptoceras - Osteoderms like those of the Glyptodon cover the tail of this hybrid. Glyptoceras uses this armoured tail to shake the earth in jousting displays and mark trees at the edge of herd territory!

Battle Blurbs

Coelurosauravus - Coelurosauravus is a Cunning Hit & Runner. Use Coelurosauravus’ Absorb and Dodge to outlast high damage opponents!

Coelhaast - Coelhaast is a Wildcard Jack of all trades. Use Coelhaast’s Dodge, Absorb and Distraction to outlast high damage opponents, then use its Impact and Run to deal heavy damage and Swap out!

Archaeopteryx - Archaeopteryx is a Cunning Distraction Dodger. Use Archaeopteryx’s Absorb and Dodge to outlast high damage opponents. Archaeopteryx’s Cleansing abilities will also allow you to remove negative status effects.

Megalonyx - Megalonyx is a Cunning Damage Reducer. Use Megalonyx’s Camouflage abilities against fast or high damage opponents to increase your speed and chance to Dodge while dealing damage first. Megalonyx’s counter-attack will also make sure you deal damage on every attack Megalonyx receives and survives.

Other findings

We've found a couple other things that are worth mentioning in the Code. Here they are, neatly categorized:

New Seasonal Reward:

Haast Eagle will be the next Seasonal Reward! 

New Raid Bosses:

Megalotops, Megalonyx and Rinchicyon will become Raid Bosses!

New Titles:

  • Big Boa
  • Bossy
  • Damaging Over Time
  • Heart of Gold
  • Lazy Bones
  • Mother Lode
  • Neck and Neck
  • Out To Win
  • Party Animal
  • Stealing Thunder
  • Top Banana
  • Unique Specialist

Darts Changes

The Dart Inventory Limit has been increased from 140 to 350. Darts given in the Daily Free Incubator have been increased (by an unknown amount).

Vibration changes

An option to disable vibration for new creatures spawned on the Map has been added to the Settings.

Parting Words

These changes don't truly reveal everything guaranteed, but there are some very interesting changes mentioned! We don't know if this is everything that is coming next update, but we truly hope it is not! We revealed last datamine that Resilients are getting changed, and we did not find a mention of this yet. When we do we will keep you updated on either our Discord server or in here! We regularly post our Datamine findings in the Discord server if they are not worth an article, so be sure to join there if you haven't already!

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