JWA Datamine 2.8: Massive Changes and New Creatures!

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Explorers! We’ve got the Datamine of this week ready! If you haven’t caught on, we’ve started posting our Datamine Updates in our Discord server! There, we share everything we find in the code, unless it’s something major like today! This time, we’ve revealed part of the Patch Notes that are coming soon, and Ludia has big plans for the upcoming Update! If you don’t want spoilers, this is your ONE chance to turn away! You have been warned!

Disclaimer: Just because any of these things are in this article, it does not automatically mean that they are coming into the game. GamePress shares this content with you on the basis of reporting news. Do not take this article as a 100% guarantee that the following things are coming into JWA for sure. Ludia can pull any of this out of the game at any point, so do not assume that it’s guaranteed to come into the game.

Still here? Good, let’s dive in!

Class Changes

Everyone has been complaining about how oppressive the Resilient creatures are, and it seems Ludia also took notice! We have found these pieces of text in the code that seem to hint towards Patch Notes, and it seems Ludia is overhauling Resilient creatures. Here are the pieces of text, as they explain it better than I am able to:

In this update, we revised the mechanics associated with Resilient class abilities. Resilient creatures have the potential to overly dominate the battlefield because they have access to slowing behaviours, which can take over the time-based battle system. In order to make this class more balanced with others in the class system, we replaced the slowing behaviours in Resilient class abilities with vulnerability-inducing behaviours. This makes sure that Resilient creatures remain a foil to Cunning creatures and also still pose a threat to Fierce creatures but are not predominant in the overall class meta-game.

Because we have put more focus on vulnerability in Resilient abilities, we needed to adjust several creatures’ vulnerable resistances.  We also updated some Resilient creatures’ abilities to make sure they have kept their original battle function. Finally, we took the opportunity to touch up a few creatures that were underperforming or overperforming based on our analytics and player feedback!

THIS. IS. BIG. This means that a giant portion of Resilient will lose its Deceleration abilities, while they will gain Vulnerability abilities. This means their damage output will increase, but the vast majority loses speed control. Creatures like Trykosaurus, Hadros Lux, Tenontorex and Diorajasaur won’t be able to Decelerate you anymore, but they will be able to inflict Vulnerability on you! Deceleration suddenly became a very rare treat to have!

To add to this, Ludia is going to update some Resilient creatures’ abilities to make sure they keep their original battle function. Maybe this means some Resilient Creatures will gain Decelerating abilities or Superiority abilities? Time will tell! They are also touching up old creatures that were not performing too well or were overperforming! If there is one thing that we want this update to come with this, it’s a BOOST RESET. After an entire class overhaul, the playerbase deserves a reset, as this will completely change the meta and what creatures we would pick.

New Creatures

There are also some new creatures incoming! Ludia has confirmed in the code that the new creatures Coelurosauravus, Archaeopteryx and the Legendary Coelhaast are coming into the game, and these tiny fliers will be FLOCKS! It seems Compsognathus and the Dodo will not be the only Flocks in the game anymore, and we’re excited to see these creatures come into JWA!

Furthermore, we’ve revealed a couple other creatures in the datamine in the form of either being a Raid Boss or having Incubators with their names attached! These (aside from Megalonyx) are not guaranteed to come into the game in this update, because they do not have anything special attached to them or a set date where it releases. They are the following creatures:

  • Megalonyx – Raid Boss, enters August 5th
  • Indotaurus Unique Incubator
  • Andrewtops Unique Incubator
  • Parasauthops Unique Incubator
  • Rinchicyon Legendary Incubator
  • Glyptoceras Legendary Incubator
  • Megalotops Epic Incubator
  • Argenteryx Epic Incubator

It seems Indotaurus has been selected from the community poll, and the fact that it’s a Unique either means that we need to level Carnotaurus and Indominus G2 to L20, or the Legendary Indominus Rex is getting a third hybrid! Either way, this is going to hurt our Carnotaurus stash, especially with all three Scorpius Rexes wanting it! Carnotaurus suddenly became very valuable DNA, and we hope Ludia switches up the Spawns, as the spawn pool is becoming incredibly diluted very quickly! It also seems like Rinchenia and Stegoceras are getting hybrids with Amphicyon and Glyptodon respectively, so we're excited to see what the Continentals bring to the table! It also seems either Argentinosaurus or Argentavis and Archaeopteryx will be fusing together to create Argenteryx, which we're excited to see! Unfortunately, we wouldn't have the slightest of clue what Andrewtops, Parasauthops or Megalotops could be, but we will inform you as soon as we know more!

Miscellaneous Finds

There are a few other finds that we’ve made, and we’d like to share them with you! Here they are all listed neatly.

  • New Achievement “No Harm no Fowl” Place Dodo in a Sanctuary 13 times.
  • France Care Items: Grab this Premium Care Offer with Guaranteed DNA and Coins!
  • France Premium: Grab this Premium Offer with guaranteed Coins, Cash and DNA!
  • France Epic Incubator: Grab this offer with guaranteed Compsognathus DNA!
  • Summer Sports Strike Events – Fencing, Jump, Marathon, Race, Relay, Swim, Wrestle. From the recent Summer Sports poll Ludia held.
  • AR Improvements – Smart Placement and Brightness features


Holy cow this is a major Datamine Update. The Resilient Class was already a very powerful class, and with change it feels like they’ve gone down a peg. If this change is confirmed by Ludia in the next Patch Notes, we will do a full analysis on the class system and share our thoughts on how we think the Class system is going to work. What are your thoughts on this Datamine Update? Do share your thoughts in our Discord server! It’s the best place to be for regular Datamine Updates, as we post our findings in there as soon as they’re available! We hope to see you on there!

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