JWA Datamine: Patch 1.11

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Datamine Article Preface


Patch 1.11 is out in full force and as always we dove into the code to see if we could find anything valuable. And we definitely found some good stuff this time around! Huge shout out to OrigamiRobot for his help on this! 

As always, with datamined info, one has to keep in mind that the findings could be fully implemented, could be used in a much much later patch (looking at you Pachy) or could be never implemented in the game at all. Events can change anytime and it’s always possible Ludia makes a change we can’t see (like when Turtle was added to armor week without us knowing).

If you're new to JWA or don't like SPOILERS -- be sure to check out all our awesome guides below instead. I'll just link a bunch. That's your queue to check something else out instead of being spoiled!

Still here? Good!

Let's dive into the datamine!

Alliance Mission Updates

According to a recent forum post, we know alliance missions will be getting a significant change on December 9th in regards to player level. We were not able to find any data on what those changes will be but we will keep you posted as we know more. 

In the code, we also found information for 5 more mission tiers. That means the top tier will be Tier 10 in each area instead of just Tier 5. In addition to that, there will be 5 creatures in each mission as rewards instead of the current 3 we have. The only rewards we were able to find were the following:

Defense: Tanycolegreus, Lythronax, Marsupial Lion, Entelodon, Smilodon

Explore: Einiosaurus, Diplocaulus, Dracorex, Tuojiangosaurus, Armagocephalus

Boosts in Strike Events and Supply Drops

Ever since the introduction of boosts, there has been talk about how easy some of the strike events are for people now. That could change in the future as we found information that Boosted Strikes are coming. No strikes are currently boosted, but the files all have support for boosts added. This should make some of those epic strike events even more interesting and challenging and we can't wait to start strategizing on those again if this is actually implemented in the game. 

There are also hints that boosts will be available in Supply Drops. They have already added them to incubators and with the promise that players should be able to achieve 100 boosts in a week, this might be an additional solution to that. 

Next Month's Season Reward

We were able to get a peek at next month's season reward and it looks like we can look forward to a Stygimoloch tournament in January. We already expected this as it seems like they are going up in arenas with the featured exclusive DNA. If that is indeed the case, the pattern should continue as follows. 

January: Stgyimoloch

February: Purrusaurus

March: Phorusrachos

April: Irritator

May: Stygimoloch G2

June: Baryonyx G2

July: Galimimus

August: Pachycephalosaurus

Minor Changes to Allosaurus

As with any update, there are often changes that aren't highlighted in the patch notes that appear in the code. Usually in regards to changes in creature stats. Everything about the move changes and updates to creatures in the patch notes was correct, but it looks like Allosaurus (Gen 1) received a slight nerf in HP. It went from 4650 to 4620. Only 30 points and it probably doesn't make a HUGE difference to most people but it's worth noting that has changed (especially if you use it on your team). 

Direct Messaging?

We found a folder called "Reliable Direct Message" that didn't have anything in it.

We are hoping this means more alliance tools are coming such as allowing members or leaders to directly message other people in the alliance. The addition of showing last online was a small improvement to leader tools this patch and they mentioned they are continuing to work on more so this could be one of those tools we have been asking for. 


That's all we found for now, but you never know what additional updates we might have in the future. We'll keep looking at the code and bringing you the most up to date information as we find it. And make sure to join our discord to keep up with everything in the world of JWA! 

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