JWA Datamine: Patch 1.12

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Datamine Article Preface


Patch 1.12 is out in full force and as always we dove into the code to see if we could find anything valuable. And we definitely found some good stuff this time around! Huge shout out to OrigamiRobot for his help on this! 

As always, with datamined info, one has to keep in mind that the findings could be fully implemented, could be used in a much much later patch (looking at you Pachy) or could be never implemented in the game at all. Events can change anytime and it’s always possible Ludia makes a change we can’t see (like when Turtle was added to armor week without us knowing).

If you're new to JWA or don't like SPOILERS -- be sure to check out all our awesome guides below instead. I'll just link a bunch. That's your queue to check something else out instead of being spoiled!

Still here? Good!

Let's dive into the datamine!

New Scents

We found some new scents in the code, but unfortunately, we don't know what exactly is in those scents. But the following themes were found: 

  • Chinese New Year
  • Easter
  • Goat 
  • Hybrid
  • JWA Anniversary
  • Legendary
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Unique
  • Valentine

So it looks like they are continuing the trend of themed scents to go with specific themed weeks and we are really excited about that idea! More chances to possibly get creatures we need. The Legendary and Unique descriptions are also particularly interesting. We don't think they'll actually spawn Legendary or Unique creatures but that's always a possibility and we can't wait to see what that actually consists of. It also looks like the St. Patrick's Day and Valentines themed weeks will be returning and we can't wait to see what creatures we get! 

Updated AI

The AI that the game uses for bots in battles, as well as strike towers, has already received one revamp, but it looks like it might have received another re-work. Specifically, the AI in many strikes have been replaced by the same AI used in the final missions of the campaign (minus the boosts). Now there is a boost option for strike tower creatures that we datamined last patch, but those have not been implemented yet.

So what does this mean? If anyone has completed (or even attempted to complete) the last few levels of the campaign, you'll know that the AI often predicted your starter dino and always had the exact counter for it. I remember starting Rinex and they would have Magna, I would try Erlidominus and they would start Tryko. We think strikes might start having this same "smarter" AI, which will make it even harder to plan for but we'll see. 

Map Changes - Specifically to Green Supply Drops

The map changes have been a big deal to a lot of people since they made a sweeping change to it at Halloween. Many posts have been made about the green stops getting progressively less and less visible on the map. We still don't know exactly what changes they have made with the map, but it looks like there have been some changes to green stops in particular. We are hoping it means they will be available in more places on the map so everyone can easily complete their weekly attempts on the featured creatures. 


This datamine wasn't super interesting compared to the past few we have had. It seems they are keeping things pretty close and not sending a lot of information through the APK right now. We are interested to see what happens with those scents and we have a Valentine's Day event soon that we can't wait for! We are also working on the tier list already and hope to have that out soon (no, really we are!). Make sure to join our discord for more discussion and all the up to date news in the world of JWA! 

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