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We got an official teaser for Patch 2.20 from Ludia this week and we know we are going to be getting notes this Thursday as long as there aren't any last-minute changes. As usual,  we waited in anticipation for what the datamine might reveal as well today and it did not disappoint. It looks like we have a lot more information on what we might be able to expect from the upcoming notes. Thank you so much to our dataminers ColoMtn and Jimbohi!

Disclaimer: Datamine information is not official information directly from Ludia. They can scrap anything found in the code at any time. Please share this information responsibly. 

The Isla Event Feature

This update is being called the "Isla Event Update" and we found some more information about the new feature. 

New Feature

New Feature: Isla Events!

 There’s a new way to battle on Isla Nublar!

 Players level 3 and up can find the new ‘Isla Event’ tab inside the battle menu, where battle tracks with special opponents will appear for a limited time. Defeat these opponents using a team of creatures found in ongoing events on the Map to win Isla Event exclusive rewards!

Fight wisely, because creatures can’t be brought back into battle once they’re defeated on these tracks! Plus, both your creatures and opponent creatures retain all damage taken for the duration of the event.

Can your team make it to the end of the track to win the top prize before time runs out?

This sounds like a fun addition to the campaign and we are excited to see what challenges it brings. 

New Creatures

Panthera is a Wildcard, Revenge Attacker

Panthera blytheae is a Cunning Cannon

Spinoceratops is a Fierce and Resilient Anti-tank Tank.

Atrocodistis is a Cunning & Resilient Distractor."

Pyrorixis is a Cunning and Fierce Nullifying Dodger

Geminideus is an Anti-Flock Tank.

New Moves

New Moves

Team Cleanse:
Team: Cleanse.Target all opponents: remove speed increases. Attack , bypassing dodge.

Team Fortification
Team: increase shields 50% 4 attacks, 1 turn and damage 25% 4 Attacks, 2 turns.Target all opponents: remove shields, reduce speed 50% 2 turns. Cooldown: .

Accelerating Ferocious Strike:|
Self: increase speed 10% 2 turns and damage 25% 4 attacks, 2 turns. Target lowest HP: attack .

Wild triple strike:
Target opponent with most positive status effects: reduce damage 50% 4 attacks, 1 turn. Remove Shields. Attack  3 times, bypassing Armor on second Strike and Dodge on third. Cooldown: . Delay:.

No escape rend:
Target escapee: cannot Swap 1 turn. Deal .25x of target's max HP as Armor piercing damage.

Cautious retreat:
Priority.Self: Cleanse. 100% chance to Dodge 66% of damage. Automatic Swap.

Priority.Self: Cleanse. 66% chance to Dodge 66% of damage. Increase Speed 50% 2 attacks, 1 turn.Target opponent with most positive status effects: Nullify.Cooldown: . Delay:.

Decelerating Group Heal:
Self: Cleanse. Heal 40% of max HP. Target fastest opponent: decrease Speed 50% 1 turn.Cooldown: .

Instant Stunning Impact:
Priority.Target highest damage opponent: 75% chance to Stun 1 turn. Attack .Cooldown: . Delay:.

Cautious Double Impact :
Self: 75% chance to Dodge 66% of damage 1 attack, 1 turn. Increase Speed 10% 2 attacks, 1 turn. Target highest damage opponent: reduce damage 50% 2 attacks, 1 turn. Attack  twice, bypassing Dodge.Cooldown: . Delay:.

Piercing Counter Nullification:
Attack  bypassing Armor. Nullify.

Decelerating Shield Advantage:
Self: Increase Shield 50% 1 attack, 1 turn.Target fastest opponent: reduce Speed 50% 1 attack, 1 turn. Attack  bypassing Armor.

Revenge Camouflage Off:
Priority.Self: 75% chance to Dodge 66% of damage. Increase Speed 30% 2 attacks, 2 turns.Target highest damage opponent: reduce damage 50% 2 attacks, 1 turn.

Revenge Camouflage On:
Priority.Self: 100% chance to Dodge 66% of damage. Increase Speed 50% 2 attacks, 2 turns.Target highest damage opponent: reduce damage 75% 2 attacks, 1 turn.

Stifling Rampage:
Target highest damage opponent: Attack . Reduce damage, Critical and Speed increases. Reduce Speed 75% 2 attacks, 1 turn. Vulnerable 1 attack, 2 turns. Cooldown: . Delay:.

Decelerating Wound:
Target highest HP opponent: reduce Speed 50% 2 turns. Attack . DoT 34% target's max HP, 2 turns. Cooldown: . Delay:.

Distracting Triple Strike 2:
Target highest HP opponent: reduce damage 50% 2 attacks, 1 turn. Attack  3 times.

Vulnerable Triple Strike:
Target highest HP opponent: attack  3 times. Vulnerable 4 attacks, 2 turns.

Piercing Distraction Impact:
Target highest HP opponent: reduce damage 50% 4 attacks, 2 turns. Attack , bypassing Armor. Cooldown: .

Dominant Pounce:
Target highest damage opponent: reduce damage 100% 2 attacks, 1 turn and Critical Chance 100% 4 attacks, 2 turns. Attack , bypassing Dodge. Cooldown: .

Targeted Nullifying Strike:
Target opponent with most positive effects: attack . Nullify.

Deadly Claws:
Target highest HP opponent: remove Shields. Deal .8x of target's max HP as Armor piercing damage.Cooldown: .

Shredding Claws:
Priority. Target highest HP opponent: attack , bypassing Armor. 100% Chance to Dodge 66% of damage 2 attacks, 1 turn. Cooldown: .

Shielding Strength:
Self: Increase Shield 50% 8 attacks, 2 turns and damage 50% 4 attacks, 2 turns.

Taxing Strike: "Self: Cleanse reduced damage and Vulnerability. Target lowest HP opponent: attack , bypassing Dodge. Remove speed increase.

We already knew we were getting 30 new moves and many of these look pretty extensive. We'll have a more in-depth article about each move when the official notes go live later this week. 

New Battle Effect

New battle effect "

New Battle Behavior: Armor Effects!

A new effect in battle is here: Armor Increase and Armor Decrease! This new mechanic allows abilities to reduce opponent’s Armor Stat or increase your own. Armor cannot be increased past 100% or decreased past 0%. With these Armor effects, Armor reduction resistance is also being released! Check out the icons for this new Status effect below!

Amor Effects will be added to some creatures released in 2.20. Over time, these effects will spread to more new and familiar creatures. Watch out for more and don’t hesitate to give your thoughts on these new effects on Discord!

This is an interesting addition to the arena and PVP. The ability to remove armor from an opponent could make for some interesting matchups. 

New Achievements and Creature Rotations

New Achievements 

Have this creature at level 25 or more in your collection: Spinoceratops.

 Fuse to create 500 or more DNA for this hybrid: Atrocodistis.

Win 1 PVP battle with Pyrorixis as your final creature.

Feed this creature 10 times in Sanctuaries: Panthera.

Defeat 30 creatures with Panthera Blythea.

Creature rotation

Haast Eagle has moved out of the Battle reward rotation and onto the Map. Explore your Map to find this high flyer, along with Panthera!

 Find Red DNA as a reward in Battle Incubators, and Panthera blytheae in Special Events in the Map and Market!

Fuse Pyrorixis, Atrocodistis and Spinoceratops DNA from hybrid component creatures, or find their DNA in Special Events!

Collect Geminideus DNA in Apex Events and Offers!

We are excited to see more exclusive creatures coming out into the wild. Make sure you stock up on Red DNA as it looks like it will be moving off the map. 

Dino Changes

Dino changes

Our analytics showed this predator was underperforming in Rare tournaments relative to its hybrid status. We’re improving some Stats and abilities to help Majundasuchus serve better as a strong starter creature!

 If you can’t get a hybrid, might as well get a rework, right? Dimodactylus now has more tools to take down damage-resistant creatures, and higher health to stay in the fight longer!

Alloraptor and other Cunning Legendaries are falling behind relative to other creatures of their rarity. We are bringing these swift creatures back to the front of the pack, starting with some ability and Stat updates for Alloraptor.

The continued rebalancing of familiar unique creatures brings us to Mammolania in 2.20. We are adding some newer abilities to this herbivore’s kit to bring it back to its proper place.

Recent rebalances of Cunning creatures continues with updates to this Unique charger. We are upping its Stats and replacing a few of its abilities with more modern counterparts!

Our analytics showed the bear king needed a bit more power to fully fit its Apex throne. We are adjusting its Stats and one ability to bring this Apex creature to its proper place in the meta.

  • Alert Arctic Blast gains 30% Armor reduction in its Threatened State.

Wow these look like some great changes to some older creatures! We can't wait to see how it helps with the meta and we hope it brings back some of the creatures we used to love. 

Championship, Pass, and Season




While this could always change, these are the creatures we expect to see in the next AC and Season as well as the name of the next pass. 

Parting Words

And that’s it for this datamine! Thank you ColoMtn and Jimbohi for datamining for us, and we want to know what you guys think of this datamine! What did you think? Let us know on our Discord server!

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