JWA Datamine version 1.9.34 - Small update with BIG changes

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Datamine Article Preface


There was apparently another "soft update" on September 19th for Jurassic World Alive and once again we delved into the code to see what we could find. And while this update was "small" we found some pretty big and exciting things! Huge shout out to OrigamiRobot on our discord for his help with this. 

As always, with datamined info, one has to keep in mind that the findings could be fully implemented, could be used in a much much later patch (looking at you Pachy) or could be never implemented in the game at all. Events can change anytime and it’s always possible Ludia makes a change we can’t see.

If you're new to JWA or don't like SPOILERS -- be sure to check out all our awesome guides below instead. I'll just link a bunch. That's your queue to check something else out instead of being spoiled!

Still here? Good!

Let's dive into the datamine!

New Scent

There is a new scent in the code and it is called Fisher Theropods and it includes the following creatures:

Irritator Gen 2
Baryonyx Gen 2
Spinosaurus Gen2

Yes. You read that right. We are getting an Irritator and Bary2 scent!!

Of course with any rare scent, you are only guaranteed one rare creature so there is a chance you might only see Spinosaurus, but even the chance to dart Irritator doesn't come often so this is exciting news for sure. We also don't know if this will be available in the shop or will be a themed scent strike tower, but I for sure will be saving up some HC just in case it is available to buy sometime in the future. 

Changes to Mutual Fury

So this one is pretty big. And while it isn't in the game yet, it does speak to a possibility of the future of the move. Right now the Mutual Fury move does the following:

Cleanse. Increase Damage 50% for 1 opponent turn, 2 turns for self. Increase speed 10% for 2 turns

In the new code we found that Mutual Fury could increase damage for 3 turns for self. With the designers note stating that mutual fury should be used before you can finish off an opponent, this can make that creature even more of a threat to the next dino your opponent brings in. This is especially scary on dinos like Indoraptor Gen 2 that already has a fast base speed and that crazy Cautious Strike move. 

Next Month's Season Reward

This season's reward in Miragaia was disappointing to say the least (we still have a small hope they decide to change it but we aren't holding our breaths about it). We were able to get a peek at next month's season reward and it looks like we can look forward to a Proceratosaurus tournament in October.

This could be good or bad depending on your views of Procerathomimus (or Yoshi as we like to call it). Proceratosaurus is an exclusive creature so the DNA is only available in arena incubators. This is often the bottleneck people have for leveling up this most likely Tyrant class epic hybrid. And with the recent buff to Yoshi's health this last patch it has become even more formidable in the arenas. So if you run Yoshi this could be your chance to get it levelled up some more. If you don't run it....well you might want to start working on the counters for it so you are ready once tournament rewards come out. 

Of course they could always decide to change the rewards and they have not been officially announced yet, but that is what we are expecting for next month. 


That's all we found for now, but you never know what additional updates we might have in the future. We'll keep looking at the code and bringing you the most up to date information as we find it. And make sure to join our discord to keep up with everything in the world of JWA! 

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