JWA Early Info: July Daily Dino and Alliance Championship Information

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Explorers! We are so excited to bring you the Alliance Championship and Daily Dino Information for July! We already received some early info about Patch 2.17 and we know that we should get notes next week, with the update going live the following week. Here is everything we've been told about the Alliance Championship and Daily Creature. 

Ludia provided the most recent information available at the time. They are not final and subject to change if necessary.

July Alliance Championship

The creature that will be featured in the  July Alliance Championship got a very recent buff this week and it's one of the newest unique creatures in the game. Since it has an exclusive ingredient, we don't see many in the arena, but we expect to see much more next month! The July Alliance Championship will feature Giganyx!


The event will run from July 6th, 2022 to August 1st, 2022. That means we will be getting Dimetrodon, Postosuchus, Baryonyx, and Giganotosaurus as rewards in the tournaments! While Dimetrodon, Postosuchus, and Baryonyx are all available on the map, Giganotosaurus is exclusive so we are excited to see more of that DNA. We're happy to see some of the newer creatures being featured in Alliance Championships and we hope that trend continues. 

July Daily Mission Reward

You get DNA for a creature for every day you complete all of your daily missions. While the daily mission creature isn't exclusive, it is fairly new to the game and has a hybrid as well. For the month of July, we are super excited to see Lystrosaurus as a reward! 


These cute little guys fuse with Einasaurus to make a legendary flock. They aren't the best flock in the game, but can hold their own in tournaments so it doesn't hurt to stock up on the DNA!

Fierce Event

In addition to the August AC and Daily Dino, they also gave us a glimpse at the event next week.

Fierce Week! This week will feature creatures with fierce abilities! The event will run July 6th to July 12th. Stay tuned for the weekly event calendar on the official social pages for more details! 

The Creatures Featured in this event are:

Fierce Event

We are very excited about the creatures in this week as there are several exclusive. We will do a full write-up on the weekly event as we always do when it is officially announced so make sure to keep an eye out for that article next week. 

Parting Words

We are really excited about next month and hope the seasonal creature is just as good. If you are hyped about July's rewards, make sure to head over to our discord and chat about it and make sure to keep an eye on our website for more exclusive JWA content! 

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