JWA Early Info: November Daily Dino and Alliance Championship Information and More

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Explorers! We are so excited to bring you the Alliance Championship and Daily Dino Information for November! This information comes directly from Ludia, and they have provided the most recent information available at this time. Nothing is final and subject to change if necessary.

November Alliance Championship

We are back to basics with round two of Antarctovenator Alliance Championships.


The event will run from November 2 to December 6, 2021. This will be a FIVE WEEK series which means we will get HARD CASH in addition to Antarctopelta, Concavenator, and Diplocaulus Gen 2 DNA as rewards. Concave and Diplo2 can be found in the wild, but Pelta is Event Exclusive and always a pleasure for opportunity at that!

November Daily Mission Reward

We are rewarded DNA for a creature for every day we complete all of our daily missions. This month's creature isn't even exclusive but still highly valuable, it is Ankylosaurus!


Ankylosaurs fuses two Legendary hybrids (Ankyntrosaurus and Rajakylosaurus) which go on to create very strong Unique hybrids in Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur. Both have lost some steam in arena, but Dio is still very valuable in many raid strategies. Be sure to stock up on this creature while you're able to!

Next Week's Themes

We have also been provided information on next week's Featured Creatures. It will be a triple threat featuring Immune (Event Supply Drops), Lockdown (Strikes), and Debuff (Trials)! This event will run from November 1 to November 7, and the following creatures will be at our disposal:

Event Supply Drops

Event Supply Drops

Strike Towers

Strike Towers



Parting Words

We are really excited about November and hope the Seasonal Arena creature is just as good! If you are hyped about the coming rewards, make sure to head over to our discord and chat about it and keep an eye on our website for more exclusive JWA news! 

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