JWA Epic, Rare and Common Skill Tournament: Top Dinos in the Sims

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Huge Shout out to Mathew on our Discord for writing this article! You might also recognize his game name, Dimodacthew, high on the skills tournament leaderboard every week. 

Explorers! Welcome to the Epic, Rare and Common Hybrid Skill Tournament Guide! This is the third week of the Tenontorex Championship and it features a very interesting skill tournament. This skill tournament will be based on the first three rarities, the epics will be by end-game players, mid players will be using rares, and beginners will be used by commons! With the rewards being lots of stat boosts! Stat boosts are essential when playing this game so you're gonna want to think smart because these rewards are essential in the battle arena!

Battle Sim Results

As this is a Skill Tournament, we have decided to use our battle Simulator to give you a good insight into how each creature performs. But before we will show you the results, we feel like we need to share some info on it.

Our battle simulator is a tool that was developed by the creator of the Jurassic World Alive Field Guide and it runs matchups for every combination we want it to. It runs 1v1 matchups for all creatures against all creatures, selecting the best move possible for each turn. It then calculates a win, lose, and swap percentage, and that is then compiled into a data sheet.

Our Sim Results, therefore, are excellent 1v1 matchups like the very start of the match. However, you should always keep in mind that the battles in JWA are a 4v4, and that it is very rarely a true 1v1, especially if you or your opponent has drawn a creature with a swap in ability, making either you or your opponent want to swap even further. That also means that swap heavy creatures (with swap in and swap out moves) often aren't accurately represented in the sims, but could absolutely be viable in the tournament. 

We went even further with the results this time to give you a more accurate representation of the data. The sims are originally run with ALL creatures against ALL other creatures. But that can make win rates looks really good for the top-performing creatures as some of that win percentage is against much lower-ranked creatures. So this time we took the top 20 creatures of the overall sims and then ran those creatures against each other since those are the ones we will most likely be seeing in the tournament. The image below is the results of the simulation run on the top 20 creatures. 

But with that disclaimer out of the way, here are the results! To quickly explain the numbers: the numbers in green are win percentages, red means loss percentage, and blue are swap out percentages. If there is any situation where the added number isn’t 100% there are probably some rounding issues involved.

Building your team

First of all, don’t just pick the top 8 and go with those. As we mentioned, the sim results are head-to-head situations, and that alone will not build a good team. You will need to create synergy within your team, and most of all: counter the top threats, while making sure you own threats will get their counters removed. Therefore, the Sim Results alone should NOT be the sole point of focus when building a team.

With that mentioned, we would normally go to the team building section of the article. This is where the tricky part of this tournament comes in: Most top players will be using all the best epic hybrids, while lower players will go with rare and common creatures. With the occasional Epic. We can’t do every single creature justice like we always try to, so instead of going into several creatures in detail, explaining their roles, we will be using a different approach to help both advanced and beginning players. We will be listing a couple of top threats and your best shots at countering them.

Epic Creatures

The 3 biggest threats in this tournament will be Procerathomimus, Sarcorixis, Indominus Rex Gen 2 and the new Entelochops! Without question, you will need at least a couple of counters for these three:


Ah, Yoshi. This green chicken is a force to be reckoned with, being the fastest epic being tied with Blue, you're going to want to bring in some armor and nullification creatures to deal with this creature. The new Majundaboa will be a great counter to it, having access to Raking Counter and Shielded Decelerating Strike, you are for sure to beat this green chicken with that scary snake if it doesn’t have a distracting rampage ready! You can also use Indominus Rex Gen 2 to counter it, unfortunately, the second round will be a guessing game. You are going to have to predict whether your opponent will be using Nullifying Strike or Distracting Rampage if you go for Cloak but they use Nullifying strike, you’ll lose, if you go Armor Piercing Rampage but they use Distracting Rampage, you will lose. Keep in mind that it probably wouldn’t matter since Procerathomimus has a 25% chance to bypass Indominus rex Gen 2’s Cloak with Distracting Rampage.


This crocodilian will be a nightmare as well, with Ferocious Impact it can do a whopping 2925 Damage and it also has immobilize to wait out that delay on Greater Stunning Strike. Keep in mind to never swap out on if you are not immune to swap prevention since this crocodile has No Escape, allowing it to keep its opponent at bay. To counter this crocodile, you will want something immune to stuns and have nullification, like Procerathomimus and Indominus Rex Gen 2. When using Procerathomimus, you would want to go for Evasive Stance to dodge those heavy attacks and then go for Distracting Rampage to minimize the damage, better yet, you can use Distracting Rampage and Nullifying Strike to minimize the damage and remove the ferocity.

Now for the Indominus Rex Gen 2, there are 2 options you can do, each with their own pros and cons, you can either go for Cloak or Mutual Fury.

Pros of using Mutual Fury: 

  1. You will get that guaranteed kill.
  2. Has a shorter cooldown than cloak
  3. Lasts for 2 turns so after you use APR you can also land a Ferocious Definite Strike.

Cons of using Mutal Fury:

  1. You will be eating a full out Ferocious Impact
  2. Your opponent may swap into something faster, even though you used Mutual Fury to increase speed, you will still be slower against things like Procerathomimus and Megalogaia, giving them a free ferocious move.

Pros of using Cloak:

  1. Have a chance to suffer less damage than Mutual Fury by dodging.

Cons of using Cloak:

  1. If you're super unlucky, Sarcorixis can hit through your cloak twice and then basically get a free kill without taking any damage.
  2. Cloak has a longer cooldown.

We recommend going for Mutual Fury because at least you will be getting that guaranteed kill, unlike cloak where you have a chance for your Indominus Rex Gen 2 to do absolutely nothing.

Indominus Rex Gen 2 

The Indominus Rex Gen 2 is incredibly strong, having access to Mutual Fury and Cloak with immunity makes this Jurassic World Star Gen 2 a powerful creature! Combining the Ferocity of Mutual Fury and the effect on Cloak and the Rampage will make this creature do a whopping 9600 Damage! That’s enough to 1 shot a level 30 Apatosaurus with Tier 13 Health! Like I said earlier, Procerathomimus and Indominus Rex Gen 2 can counter each other with a little guessing, Megalogaia can also do fairly well against Indominus rex gen 2, being faster than it even if it Mutual Furied and it can spam Shielded Decelerating Strike as well as using that counter for extra damage, it can also use Dig in to heal 25% of HP when needed!

Epic Honorable Mentions


This ceratopsian has gotten a rework in the 1.9 update, with access to swap in stunning strike and losing greater stunning impact for dig in, this ceratopsian hybrid is probably more annoying now. If you can land the stun on the swap in, you're basically coming in unharmed and can dig in to cleanse that bound and get out!

Erlikogamma: Don’t underestimate this beautiful creature, while it’s beautiful, it is deadly. It can use minimal speedup strike to speedup and can use Precise pounce to distract your opponent and can bypass evasive effects. Combine precise pounce with the powerful debilitating distraction and you can make your opponent do no damage to you in 1 turn! Are you in an awful matchup? Just use rampage and run and get out! No need to worry to no escape since this creature is immune to swap prevention!

Pro tip: If you're faced against Indominus Rex Gen 2 and you use Gamma and have Dracorex Gen 1 beside you, you can use Precise Pounce and then Rampage and Run into Dracorex and Suffer no damage at all!


While it may be new, it can do pretty good in this tournament! It has access to Superiority strike which can cleanse distraction and gain speed-control, Mutual Fury which can make it faster than anything unless if the Erlikogamma uses MSS. When it is Mutual Furied, it can do a massive 3,300 Damage with Revenge shattering rampage and it can also do 2475 on revenge decelerating impact, doing a massive 5,775 damage! I was thinking of adding it to the top threats but because it’s new, we would want to see how well it does in these tourneys before we make a final conclusion. Remember that two of the moves are REVENGE, so you may want to wait for a while before bringing it in. It is also scary by its two immunities (stun and deceleration) so no stunning Entelochops and don’t try to gain the speed advantage with deceleration!


Ah, Ludia knew we had a nightmare from Miragaia and Megaloceros from past skill tournaments and to scare us more, they made a hybrid out of the two! This hybrid can be very annoying since it has access to dig in and it can spam Shielded Decelerating Strike with a counter attack. Our best bets is to stun megalogaia and try to do as much damage as we can while it is stunned, we would also want to consider some defense shattering creatures to deal with megalogaia, so things like Allosaurus Gen 2 can shine here since it has access to defense shattering impact and Rending Takedown.


Good ol Purutaurus, with access to Long Protection and instant Distraction, it can survive long to have it’s counter attack take action! Don’t try bleeding this critter out since it has access to Cleansing strike and try not to dodge your way either since it has precise rampage, to counter this fella, you would want something that can’t touch it but can still do damage with the counter since that greater rending counter will hurt! So Megalogaia would shine here, ideally you would not want to go for Decelerating Impact or Shielding Decelerating strike because then you will trigger that counter attack. The best way is to first bellow, knowing that the opponent will most likely go for long protection that turn to also absorb some damage from that counter attack. Now here’s a guessing game, you would want a shield up when it goes for it’s rampage so the first turn will be debating an instant distraction or a Precise Rampage. If you think they will Instant distract, go for a fake swap, if you think they will precisely rampage, go for Dig in. After the second turn you should be good since they won't have both moves available at the same time after the second turn.

Postimetrodon and Gorgosuchus

Ah, the two setter uppers. These two long leg crocodiles will be great at setting up their ferocity moves. Both are great creatures to use, you can use both if you want but if you want to use either one, I’d prefer postimetrodon since it is immune to all negative effects and I find Regeneration better than cleansing impact, but don’t underestimate gorgosuchus, it is a powerhouse when setted up, it can go for a mighty defense shattering rampage dealing 4,320 Damage or 5400 damage if you can get a crit, it would be a perfect setterupping counter against Sarcorixis!


Ever Since the change it got this patch (Definite Rampage changing to Definite Impact) people probably don’t find it as strong, but I view this change more a buff because Definite Rampage now has cooldown 2 so I think this change is actually a buff. It has access to Long defensive strike to survive longer, Definite Impact to bypass defenses and evasion, Rending Strike to remove 40% of your opponent’s HP and Decelerating Rampage to slow down your opponent! It is still a solid tank so you may want to consider this epic rhino since it can still cycle with Decelerating rampage and Definite impact. To counter this rhino, you will want to consider defense shattering creatures, DoT or Rending. Ideally I would use Marsupial Lion since it is immune to deceleration and it can kill almost anything that doesn’t have evasion or Distraction in 2 turns with minor rending strike and rending takedown with that 40% crit.

For those who don’t have Epic Hybrids

Not to worry, there are some non-hybrids that can also do very strong, from the mighty Allosaurus Gen 2 to the Agile Pyroraptor, let’s take a look:

Allosaurus Gen 2 and Tyrannosaurus

These two apex predators are a force to be reckoned with, having access to moves that can shatter defenses and while one of them can cleanse, your going to want to use either creatures that can distract or Dodge, luckily we have pyroraptor and Monolophosaurus that can reduce damage to 0! We can also use Ornithomimus and Kelenken to dodge the attacks just incase allosaurus gen 2 will use cleansing strike

Pyroraptor and Monolophosaurus

These two agile dinos can be a pest if you don’t have any creatures that can cleanse, like I said at the top, they can reduce damage to 0, so such things like Carbonemys and kentrosaurus can make big work on those two critters!

Carbonemys and Meiolania

These turtles can be a great counter against Procerathomimus, having that high armor which can pummel creatures who don’t have armor piercing can be very underwhelming, better yet, they can pummel them even more with dig in and regeneration! Remember that superior vulnerability + Devastation combo that both contain can be deadly!


Ah, that high damage immune creature. This creature is immune to every negative effect and it has access to Critical Impact and Defense shattering rampage, because of it’s high damage, it can deal 2,813 in 1 turn and 3,000 damage in the second turn, making it deal a massive 5,813 damage, that’s almost enough to 2 shot a diplodocus!


This snake is a slithering predator! With access to Decelerating impact to maintain speed control and precise rampage to bypass evasion! Try not to swap because this snake will give out a deadly rampage if you go away with on escape rampage! Don’t distract it as it is immune to distraction, the best bet is to use creatures that are faster than it and can’t be decelerated. Ideally Megaloceros and Eucladoceros since they are immune to deceleration and can put up a shield until the snake is at decelerating impact range!

The two Woolly's:

Ah, the woolly mammoth and the woolly rhino, these two creatures can be very good, 1 which can do a Impact T1 and spamming the base move will give you a rampage, or a armor piercing devastation! The other 1 can do some nice bleed damage and can go for a definite rampage to bypass protection and evasion. To counter the Mammoth, you will want to stun it to make it lose its ferocity and try to have something faster than it, ideally Marsupial Lion can beat a mammoth. When countering a woolly Rhino, you would want something immune to bleed damage and deceleration, the perfect counter to this rhino would be the secodontosaurus! Remember to not bleed as both of them are immune to damage over time!

Marsupial Lion

This feline is a killing machine! Having access to minor rending strike and rending takedown which can 2 shot a creature if it crits on one of the moves! The best matchups for Marsupial Lion would be tanks and sauropods because it has rending moves which can bypass armor and it has a 40% crit rate. To counter this feline, you would want some distracting creatures and Evasive creatures to distract those rending moves or dodge them!

Ornithomimus and Kelenken

These two dodging birds are fast and can dodge! One of them is immune and can get out of a bad situation and one can go through an evasive situation with a massive raking claws! These creatures are best off against creatures that don’t have nullification, precise or definite moves. Such creatures like the Titanoboa and it’s gen 2 conponent can make work on these birds since both can bypass evasive effects!

Parting Words

We are very excited about this Tournament. This should give players some chances to use the newer creatures like Entelochops Scutosaurus but also use some creatures they otherwise would not use! We hope that this article gave you some inspiration for your team. Try to have some distracting creatures, immune creatures, and Armored creatures when entering the tournament, you don’t want to have 1 element be too strong since that will leave you vulnerable for other elements, good luck!

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