JWA Exclusive Update 2.10 Teaser: The Creature Markers Update

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Explorers, we've got some exciting news for you! Ludia has provided GamePress with information on the 2.10 Update! The so called 'Creature Marker Update' will be dropped in September, and has some very exciting features and creatures in store for us! You will see the full Release Notes being released on Friday September 3, however, Ludia has given us permission to share some teasers with you all now! So let's see what we have to look forward to. 

Note: Ludia provided the most recent information available at the time. They are not final and are subject to change if necessary.

New Creatures and Raid Bosses

  • We are introducing 7 (!) new creatures in this update… ALL HYBRIDS!!
  • There are 2 epic hybrids, 2 legendary hybrids, and 3 NEW Unique Hybrids!
  • Update 2.10 also brings 6 new Raid Bosses! All 6 of these new bosses will replace others, so be sure to take advantage of theoutgoing raid bosses while you can. No Apexes are being replaced, but 2 epics, 2 legendaries, and 2 uniques are being replaced!

More Unique hybrids sound pretty exciting as do more epic and legendary. We can only hope that the ingredients can be hunted so we have something to work for after the update is released! 

New Features, New Abilities, and Creature Updates

  • This is being hailed as… The Creature Markers Update! As such, we are introducing a new feature called Creature Markers. This feature was top-voted in the Community survey, and it will allow players to apply different markers to the creatures in their Dinodex, which will appear in different parts of the game!
  • No less than 19 New Abilities are being introduced in this update! Some of these look amazing! You are going to love them. One of the new featured abilities is Lethal Rampage and Run, which will be an ability to be used by one of the new unique hybrids!
  • Only 4 Creatures are going to be changed with this update.

GamePress is particularly happy about only 4 creature changes. We are already behind on the 2.9 Tier List and will do everything we can to get 2.10 out in a timely matter after the new update is released. We do find it slightly hard to believe that the creature markers are the feature that the community voted for, but that's what we are getting. We do hope some of the other features that were in the survey make their way into the game at some point. It also sounds like some exciting new abilities we can look forward to as well. Hopefully, they will help tame the deer! 

Parting Words

This is some exciting information and we're glad that Ludia has allowed GamePress to share this information on their behalf! What is your favorite part of this teaser? Let us know in the comments or in our Discord server! 

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