JWA: Fast 5 Step Epic Strike Guide!

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Introduction and Step List

Explorers! Welcome to this Strike Guide! Today we’re getting a 5 step Epic Strike Event featuring creatures from the fast pool! These are all high levelled Speedy creatures, so they shouldn’t be underestimated! Let’s get into the Strike Guide by introducing the dinosaurs to you!

Step 1: Deinocheirus (18), Ornithomimus (19)

Step 2: Charlie (19), Darwinopterus (20)

Step 3: Delta (20), Blue (21)

Step 4: Delta (20), Proceratosaurus (21), Darwinopterus (22)

Step 5: Blue (21), Proceratosaurus (22), Darwinopterus (23)

As you can see there are quite a lot of steps and different dinosaurs. However, most of them have similar roles and do the same things. Therefore, I’ll be putting them in categories, highlighting the Strengths and weaknesses of all categories. Let’s get into them.

Raptor Pack, Deinocheirus and Proceratosaurus

I’m bundling these together because they function similarly: High damage on T1, and another powerful move afterwards. They’re all at 129+ Speed, so they are among the fastest dinosaurs in the game. They all have a high damage move on T1, with the raptors even being able to Distract you!

However, they’ve got a shared weakness: Superiority Strike/Slowing attacks. All of them will be crippled by them, especially the raptors. Their Distraction will be cleansed, and they get slowed in the process. Armor also hurts them, as they can’t pierce Armor. Finally, their low Health leaves them open to faster creatures with high Attack stats. Using a faster creature or a Slowing creature with Armor will help you out a lot!


Ornithomimus is a tricky one to deal with. Immunity and 131 Speed is quite the tough challenge, as well as the Evasive Strike it has. Impact and Run allows it to run away if it can use it, and it does some high damage in the process!

It’s low Health however lets it down a bit. So using anything that can do high damage and is faster than it will do well. Armored creatures will also do good against it due to Ornithomimus lacking Armor Piercing moves! Shields also do well against it! So bring Armored or Shielding creatures!


This one is in a group of its own. Darwinopterus specializes in DoT, and it’ll swap in with the Swap in Wound it has. It can also shatter Shields and pierce Armor thanks to the Defense Shattering Impact it has! It’s also quite quick at 129 Speed. Beware of this one!

However, anything with Immunity destroys Darwinopterus. It doesn’t have the damage to really hurt things besides using DoT, and that’s rendered useless thanks to Immunity. So use anything with Immunity against this thing!


Because of the variety this Strike offers, picking clear counters isn’t as easy. However, we think that we’ve got a solid list for you here for each group! Let’s get into them!

The Raptor Group:

  • Kentrosaurus, Wuerhosaurus: Every time a Raptor or any fast creature is in a Strike, these two make the list. They have that powerful Instant Distraction for the damage reduction on Pounce, Thagomizer and Superiority Strike. They both have high base damage and are great against raptors.
  • Stegosaurus: this Common creature has the same benefits as the aforementioned Kentrosaurus and Wuerhosaurus apart from the Instant Distraction. It can still hold its own against these raptors though!


  • Amargocephalus: This Epic Hybrid is severely underrated if you ask me. 40% Armor with a high Health stat makes this a very bulky creature. Instant Invincibility can be used against the Impact and Run, while it can continue to whittle down the opponent with two Impacts and its 0.5 counter.
  • Purrolyth: With its Shield, Ferocious Strike and Regeneration, Purrolyth can handle Ornithomimus really well. Make sure you’ll have the Shield activated for the Impact and Run!


  • Postimetrodon/Dimetrodon/Secodontosaurus: These three Immunes are really good against Darwinopterus. They all have enough bulk to withstand a hit or two and do good damage.


If you win this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with a Fast Epic Incubator! In it you’ll find loads of coins and DNA from the following DNA pool:

Common: Deinocheirus, Gallimimus, Phorusrhacos, Velociraptor

Rare: Charlie, Delta, Ornithomimus

Epic: Blue, Darwinopterus, Procerathomimus

This Strike Event is definitely worth a shot! It’s got good rewards and loads of coins in the process. Give it a go if you see it while darting the Epics this weekend! It’s up the whole weekend, so don’t worry about it disappearing soon! Did you win? Share how you did it in our Discord server! We’d love to see you on there!

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