JWA February Championship Reward, Season Reward & Tournament Formats

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Hello Explorers! 2.4 has been out for about a week now and we have had a lot of questions about a datamine article. To be completely honest, we really don't have one as there really wasn't enough to publish an entire article on. We do, however, have a dedicated channel on our discord we continually update when we find little things that aren't worth an entire article. Some of the information in this article is already in that channel, but we are especially excited to bring some new information that might help you determine what to level/boost for the tournament this weekend. So let's dive into what we know for the Alliance Champsionship, Season, and Tournament Information for the month of February. 

Season Rewards

The season rewards for next month will be Quetzalcoatlus. While this might seem disappointing to many people, we should point out that Quetz is an exclusive creature and while it's super-hybrid, Quetzorion isn't as present in the higher arenas, it is still an excellent option and a very strong hybrid. Even for those that have a max level Orion, levelling Quetz for sanctuaries or even levelling the Legendary Pteraquetzla could still be a good option. We know the arena is a bit of a mess right now with matchmaking and a variety of other factors so it could be a blessing in disguise if the reward isn't everything you hoped it would be. It could be a good chance to relax a little bit and just play for fun. 

February Alliance Championship

The Alliance Championship for the month of February will be Poukandactylus. This newer unique hybrid can definitely use some help in terms of viability in the arena, but it does have an exclusive component that should be the reward for one of the tournaments (we expect the 2x point tourney that's usually at the end of the month. Poukan is made up of the following ingredients:

Haast Eagle



So we can expect to have those as rewards for tournaments at the end of the month as well as the final incubator. Haast Eagle is an exclusive creature so you can never have enough of it. Poukan could also get a buff in the future so it's good to stock up on ingredients while you can. 

Tournament Formats

This information wasn't found in the code but was instead shared with us from an official Ludia source and we were given permission to share it with you! We are so excited to announce the formats of the tournaments for next month because as you will see, rare creatures can be used all next month as well and could help you make decisions on what to level/boost for the all rare advantage tournament this weekend (hint not hybrids if you don't have to)

February 5th

  • Skill Tournament
  • Common & Rare Creatures
  • no hybrids 

February 12th  

  • Advantage Tournament 
  • Common & Rare Creatures
  • no hybrids 

February 19th

  • Skill Tournament
  • Common, Rare & Epic Creatures
  • no hybrids 

February 26th 

  • Advantage Tournament 
  • Common, Rare & Epic Creatures
  • no hybrids 

We don't know what the exact rewards will be for each tournament but we can assume Coins for the first one, DNA for the second (we are predicting Deinonychus and Tupandactylus), Boosts for the third, and more DNA (Hasst Eagle prediction) for the last tournament. The final tourney should also be 2x alliance points if they follow the usual pattern. 

This weekend (January 29th) is the rare all advantage tournament and many people are trying to figure out what they should level and boosts. Since we know the formats for February, you can safely level and boost your rare creatures as they will still be very useful next month (especially in the first advantage tournament). While the hybrid rares will be good this weekend, you won't be able to use them next month so a non-hybrid rare will be a better choice.

We wanted to give a big shout out to Ludia for providing this information for us as it is a huge help in planning and where to spend our resources. 

    Closing Thoughts

    We are pretty excited about the rewards and tournaments for next month! People have been calling for a common tourney and the first couple of weeks should be fun and interesting with the creatures we'll have available to play with. As always, we will have Sim Guides for the skilled tournaments so keep an eye out for those. Make sure to also join our discord and check out our #datamine-updates channel where we will post anything new we find that might not be big enough for an article. 

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