JWA Hunting Achievements: Tricks and Tips

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New Achievements were introduced in patch 2.5 and players have been racing to complete as many as they can. While many of them are unachievable in the next couple of months (like open 300 Daily Battle Incubators), the hunting achievements are a fun challenge as it makes you get out and really play the game looking for creatures. You can see the breakdown of all of the achievements and what you have to do to complete all of them but we are going to be focusing on the achievements involving hunting and even more specifically those that require you to find a specific number of different creatures. 

Hunting Achievement Tips

There are progressive achievements that require you to dart a certain number of common, rare, epic, and over all creatures. No longer will you ignore that Amargacephalus and you will jump for joy when you get a Suchotator on a scent when you are trying to accomplish these tasks. It seems easy at first until you realize how many creatures there are in the game and how many are actually huntable. . So here are some tips and tricks to make the most of these achievements. 

Know what creatures are where

This seems like an obvious one, but make sure you look at the spawn guide and really plan out your hunting trips. When you get to the higher level achievements you are going to want to dart every possible creature you can so you are going to want to plan accordingly. Plan both day and night hunting in all of the locals and if you can use scents that's even better. Don't forget about those daily creatures either. You might have 100,000 Ankylosaurus Gen 2 DNA, but make sure and get out and dart at least one on that particular day. Daily creatures can't be scented so you'll need to get out and find them in the wild. The first few levels of the hunting achievements can be done with wild creatures alone so focus on those first before you start using scents or events. 

Make use of Event Creatures and Themed scents

There are many exclusive creatures that show up in events so make sure you read our weekly event article to see what you can expect and plan accordingly. If there is more than one exclusive creature in a given rarity, try and dart at least one of each of them. Exclusive creatures cannot be found in the wild so it's best to dart them while you can. Legendary and Unique creatures aren't found in events as often, but those are a great way to finish off some of the higher level hunting achievements. 

Similar to Event Creatures, make smart use of your themed scents. Many of them include exclusive creatures and there is often a chance to snag an elusive epic creature as well. There is a themed scent in the store every week so it probably wouldn't hurt to purchase one with 200 HC if you have it. That one scent might help you finish out your achievements.

Keep track of what you have darted

This one is kind of tough but hopefully, our handy images can help you with this. Once you start getting into the darting of over 100 creatures you will forget what you have already darted. I've gotten into the habit of just darting everything I see, but it's good to know what you have left so you can target specific areas. Also, remember after you complete an achievement it resets. So if you dart an Ankylosaurus to finish the achievement to dart 30 different epics, you can dart another Anky for the next level of that achievement (dart 40 different epics). Use the images in the next section or simply print out a list of all of the creatures and cross them off as you go along.


To help you keep track of all of the creatures, we have created some images. We have an image for each rarity of creatures that includes the zone it can be found in as well as whether or not it is wild or exclusive. We also have an image with all of the common, rare, epic, and one legendary that are either in the wild or event exclusive. We did not include any other legendary or unique creatures as they aren't featured as often, but you can definitely count those towards achievements if we do get them in an event. 

Parting Words

I know I have had fun with these new achievements and it has brought back some of the joy I once had in the game. They are challenging and it is fun to complete some of the more difficult ones especially. Hopefully, these tips on hunting achievements will help you as well. If you are stuck on a specific achievement and aren't sure what to do, make sure to head over to our discord where we have a whole channel dedicated to them. Happy Hunting! 

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