JWA June All Hybrid Skill Tournament: Sim Results and Biggest Threats

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Explorers! It's the last weekend of the Ardentismaxima Tournament and they saved the best tournament for last. This is the one most people have been most excited about this month. It includes ALL hybrid creatures so it's a chance to play with some legendary and unique creatures that might not be high enough for your team quite yet. Since it's a skilled tournament, all creatures will be set to level 26 and there are plenty to choose from! So let's get into it. 

Tournament Rules

Before we go start with the Sim Results and Team Building Tips, here are the rules and rewards of the Tournament once again.

HC Skills Tournament Requirements


  • Creatures
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Unique
    • Hybrid Only
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to Tournament Level (26)
  • Stat Boosts
    • Disabled



The reward for this Tournament is Hard Cash, which will be very useful! You can buy coins, incubators and boosts with them, so there is no reason to not participate in this FREE Tournament!

Sim Results

As this is a Skilled Tournament, we have decided to use our Battle Simulator to give you a good insight on how each creature performs. But before we will show you the results, our usual disclaimer. 

Our Battle Simulator is a tool that was developed by the creator of the Jurassic World Alive Field Guide and it runs matchups for every combination we want it to. It runs 1v1 matchups for all creatures against all creatures, selecting the best move possible for each turn. It then calculates a win/loss/tie percentage and that is then compiled into a data sheet. 

Our Sim Results, therefore, are excellent in 1v1 matchups like the very start of the match. However, you should always keep in mind that the battles in JWA are a 4v4, and that it is very rarely a true 1v1. So while these numbers are very useful for seeing who wins the most, you should always keep in mind your own playstyle and possibly other uses that won't be seen as much in our Battle Sim, like Swap in Abilities or On Escape Abilities. 

Since this is such a large pool of creatures we went even further with these sim results. We ran ALL of the creatures against each other to get initial results. Then, we took the top 25 creatures and ran those through a separate sim directly against each other. So the image below is the 2nd iteration of the sims with the top 25 creatures against each other. 

But with that disclaimer out of the way, here are the results! To quickly explain the numbers: Green numbers are win percentages, red numbers are loss percentages and blue numbers are Swap out Percentages. If there is any situation where the added number isn't 100% there are probably some rounding issues involved.

To round out the rest of the top 25:

Name Win Percent` Loss Percent Swap Percent
Diorajasaur 24 53 18
Keratoporcus 24 66 9
Sarcorixis 22 64 7
Carnotarkus 22 66 13
Pterovexus 5 28 67

Biggest Threats and How to Counter Them

To start it all off, let’s talk about some big threats this Tournament. Looking at the top 5 creatures, you will probably see most of these on almost every top tournament team. 

First, we have Entelomoth. With Mutual Fury, Defense Shattering Rampage, immunity to stuns, and a swap out healing move this creature is hard to take down once it gets going. To counter this beast, Geminititan will be one of your best bets! Other great creatures to counter it will be Indoraptor G2 and Tenontorex! The key to defeating it is to be faster than it, and try to negate the damage it can do! Be very careful of the Mutual Fury though, as it will surprise you! Entelomoth becomes the fastest creature in the game with it, only rivaled by an Indoraptor G2 that has used Mutual Fury.

Next is Geminititan. This Immune Sauropod with 6000 Health and 1400 Attack, combined with a crazy versatile move set is a real threat that only a few creatures can challenge! Trykosaurus and Grypolyth are going to be your best bet against Gem, but they usually win with a very small health pool, leaving them in revenge kill range! Another creature that might work is Alloraptor, but this is a case of predictions! Predict wrong, and you will lose the fight against Geminititan. It’s all in predicting when Geminititan will throw out the Instant Distraction.

Mammolania is another you will probably see a lot of. With a big Attack stat, high Health and Armor rivaling Trykosaurus, Mammolania is a very powerful threat. It is immune to distract so the only way to stop it's big Definite Rampage is to stun it! It got a bit of a nerf last patch with the additional cooldown to Definite Rampage so it's best to use late game. Its biggest counters are Entelomoth and Gorgosuchus but swap in stunning creatures like Monostegotops and Phorusaura can also do well to slow it down. So can Grypolyth. Swap it in when Lania goes for the Persistant Ferocious Strike and then use immobilize next turn. It shouldn't be able to take you out with its rampage and you'll get a couple of counter-attacks on it. 

Fourth on the list is Indoraptor Gen 2. With Mutual Fury, Evasive Stance, Cautious Strike, and a hard-hitting Defense Shattering Rampage, you will need to bring in your slowing and definite creatures to take it down. If you do slow down Indo2 make sure you can take it out next hit because it can use MF to gain priority back and hit you with a big DSR. The best counters will be Geminititan, Ardentismaxima, and even Phorusaura if it's low on health and you can kill it with your Instant Rampage. 

Rounding out the top 5 is Ardentismaxima, the other Immune sauropod. While Ardentismaxima did get a Health nerf, it will still dish out lots of damage with its Decelerating and Defense Shattering attacks! Definite Strike will help with the dodgers running around. To counter Ardentismaxima, Tryostronix, Geminititan, Mammolania, Trykosaurus and Indominus Rex G2 will be your best bets. Take damage and dish it back out is the best tactic to go!

However, these 5 won’t be all you see. There are so many other options to round out your team of 8.

Additional Team Options

The 5 mentioned above are in no way required, but we feel they will be staples on most teams. Remember that picking the top 8 from the sims is never the best way to team build and it's always a good idea to think about team synergy. That's why creatures such as Monostegotops, Phorusaura, Smilonemys, Quetzorion, Trykosaurus, Diorajasaur and Grypolyth can make great teammates. They either have a swap in move or a counter-attack move that can help you avoid a takedown or clean up something with low health. 

Erlidominus, Magnapyritor, Indominus Rex Gen 2and Tryostronix are also great options for their immunity and high attack potential. Tryos in particular is great against the twin towers (Gem and Maxima), and Erlidominus is one of the fastest creatures available with a huge turn 1 rampage. Magna is an overall utility creature that can nullify, distract and break through shields. 

With all the creatures available, there is a ton of room to play around and experiment and find what works best for you. 

Parting Words

We are pretty excited about this tournament and it seems like the community has been looking forward to this one the most as well. Make sure you join our discord where we have a channel completely dedicated to tournament strategy and we hope to see you in there! 

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