JWA Rare, Epic and Legendary Tournament: Best Creatures in the Sims!

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Explorers! We’ve got another Skill Tournament this weekend. After the Open Tournament last week we now have something truly special: A tournament with BOOSTS as the reward! With the eligible creature pool being quite large, this will be a great Tournament diversity-wise! Let’s quickly look at the information Ludia has given us on this Tournament:

Tournament info

So this is a FREE tournament gives out boosts. The top prize is 400 Attack and Health boosts and 200 Speed boosts, which doesn’t sound much, but if you look at the Store and see how expensive these boosts are, oooh boy do you want to get them! These boosts have a total value of 20.000 HC! I repeat: 20.000 HC! So do your best to get on top of everyone this Tournament and claim those boosts!

So which Creatures are the Best?

To answer that we went back to our Battle Simulator tool and did a simulation of all Rare, Epic and Legendary creatures against each other.

Before we reveal the results though, our usual disclaimer. This tool is a great way for us to see how creatures do in a 1v1 situation, but keep in mind we play with a 4 creature team. This is a new and updated simulator that we hope will bring more accurate results to our analysis. However, this is still a simulator, and it sometimes has its flaws. However, we feel like this will still give a solid matchup overview for all creatures involved.

So without further ado, let’s get to the Sim results! Here you have the top 20 best creatures in this pool according to our Simulators!

Sim results

As you can see, there are some pretty powerful creatures on the top! Entelomoth, Indoraptor G2, Mammotherium; you name some powerful creatures, they’re there! So let’s go over some creatures that we think are going to be staples this tournament, and maybe find out a way to counter/check them!

Top Performers

Disclaimer: Don’t just pick the top 8 creatures from our Sims. The Sims are head to head matchups, so generally they don’t show how they work on a TEAM. You’ll need to create proper synergy within your team and most importantly make a team that fits your playstyle. Ideally, you’ll want a mixture between Bulk, Speed and Attack, but experiment with some Friends and see what team and creatures work best for you. We will show you some top performers in the sims here, and what you can maybe do to at least counter/check them!


Entelomoth being at the top of the pool comes to no-ones surprise, seeing how good it is at dishing out tons of damage! Persistent Ferocious Strike, Mutual Fury and Defense Shattering Rampage coming off a 1500 Attack stat will hurt a LOT of creatures. Pair that with its 4500 Health pool and 20% Armor and you’ve got one incredibly dangerous creature! There are almost no creatures that will directly stand up to Entelomoth, but if you want to get your best shot, Indoraptor G2 and Phorusaura will be some of the better ones out there! And if you are willing to go by chance, you can always try to at least dent it with the Indominus duo and their Cloaked Armor Piercing Rampages! This one will be a staple on everyone’s team!

Indoraptor G2

This will be another one where people are going to struggle with. Indoraptor G2’s basic move Cautious Strike has been the bane of many people’s existence, and it will continue to be used here. That being said, Indoraptor G2 might be even more difficult to counter than Entelomoth! The best way of countering it 1v1 will be Ardontosaurus, but otherwise you might want to rely on some Swap in Abilities like Swap in Stunning Strike or Swap in Savagery to counter it!

If you haven’t checked out our article about Mutual Fury yet, be sure to do so! You’ll be seeing it a lot this tournament!


The second Mammoth hybrid is also going to be a powerhouse. With massive bulk and offense, this creature will also be a top contender. Definite Rampage will also give your Dodgers and Cloakers lots of trouble, so don’t use those against it! Your best bet on taking it out will be creatures like Entelomoth, Indoraptor G2, Smilocephalosaurus and Gorgosuchus. Be sure to bring at least one check to this behemoth of a creature!

Other Honourable Mentions

Besides these three there will be a lot of other powerful creatures running around. Procerathomimus, Indominus Rex G2 and Sarcorixis make the top 3 for the Epic creatures, all being in the top 25 overall, with Sarcorixis just missing out on that 10th spot. Dsungaia and Carnotarkus will be the most used Stegosaurs, with Slowing and Rending as their Counter specialties respectively. Phorusaura will be a pain to deal with with its high damage and Instant Rampage, so be sure to prepare for it! Finally, there will be a lot of Armor and Health busters running around, like Tryostronix, Alloraptor and Allosinosaurus! And with regular creatures also being allowed, be sure to prepare for those as well! Carbonemys, Allosaurus G2 and Diplodocus are all very powerful non-hybrids, so chances are you’ll be seeing those as well! Overall, a lot to keep in mind while building your team, and even though you can’t prepare for everything, variety is key in this tournament!

Parting Words

And that’s basically it! With lots of creatures allowed in this Tournament, we expect lots of fun matches and variety! Some creatures will probably end up dominating the Tournament like the Mammoth hybrids and Indoraptor G2, but even then, they have their counters. So be sure to enter this Tournament, and get your hands on some FREE boosts! We will be battling alongside you!

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